If a Prophet is Not Allowed then God is Not Allowed

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 7, 2010

"I thought everything was all settled. I just got the flyers printed ready to go advertise ...and then we received the news that the nature of our event, the "Gathering of True Worshipers" with a "Prophet" as one of the speakers does not fit the "spiritual climate of those we affiliate with"

- (a quote from the pastor of the Baptist Church that was supposed to be our venue).


As I read this quote I understood that I had to reintroduce my foundation in God not as being that which needs to be known but one that has taken time to understand the fury and the power in which God will begin to judge the earth, church, and people. So coming back from seeing my blessed assurance and understanding the magnitude of my objective in being a true voice for the Lord I make no apologies and care for no prayers and won't be surprised by the hidden emails (for I read those too) and with that this disclaimer I make the following comment with a fury that if I had the chance to see these people face to face many would witness something that they never would see a human could do. So my response since it seems many won't voice their opinion: How can a person say that a prophet doesn’t fit the spiritual climate of an event and yet in plain English it states that the apostles and prophets should be the foundation of the church? These people are an insult to the gospel and should not be allowed to preach in anyone’s ministry. How foolish can you be and you don't understand that God himself is a prophet so you didn't insult a person you have insulted, defamed, and basically told God he is not invited in your building. I therefore consider you not a man of the gospel but a demon in disguise and yet although I am calm, I feel the fury of the lord upon your life and ministry if you fear God you simple-minded, theology driven demon I would seek the face of the Lord if I was you and make an offering not only to the conference but to everyone involved. How can you be so foolish to preach a gospel and say it's a God-given revelation and yet say a prophet doesn't fit the climate?

You my wayward friend, may as well get your affairs in order for you have an assigned seat in a place that you preach people to stay away from and don't worry about me saying who is he talking to, for your anointing was lifted when you denied a mouthpiece of God from speaking. Not only that, this is a God-ordained conference that was planned by God himself because of the significance of the year and the spiritual changes that are being made from behind the scenes that are watched by those who possess a priestly anointing. How could one be so foolish to make a comment of the sort? But yet in the future might I suggest for those who planned that you make sure that every conference is balanced among gifts for there are prophets that operate in power, those that operate in knowledge, those that operate in power and knowledge, those that see and those that don't and this would have been avoided, for when it is balanced the true power of God is shown even before the event arrives and yet this happened to show the world the foolishness and the power the church has given one person because the foundation of God was not in place. If this event should impact the world as God intended then it should have modelled the bride for that is what it was designed to usher in as I studied it more intently from the father's throne, meaning all gifts should be represented in their respective format. Yet it will have an impact on all those who attend for God has his hands on this event and I refuse to see some traditional baptist preacher who can't see beyond his eyes say a prophet is not welcome in your atmosphere. What they were afraid of is that they would be rebuked in that atmosphere. So to that person who made that narrow-minded, self-centered, prideful comment your message from heaven to earth is that God says you are not welcome in his atmosphere so when you leave this place if you haven't repented fully for this blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (which is what I suggested he should call it) you should know where your place will be. And to prove that you will now be judged by God alone, every time you grab a microphone and preach you will lose your breath and with that you will wonder “is this the night God takes my breath for using a gift from God to say such a dreadful thing?” And just think I have the answer for what and how you must repent for this act.  

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