Are you ready to be served?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 8, 2010

Earlier in the week I had a vision of the front half of a bicycle in which the seat had the wings of an eagle and the pedals were the claws of an eagle the front wheel was like a globe; it was moving straight, but at the same time turning in all directions. Understanding the nature of this vision I understood that God is about to do a massive surgery on what we have become comfortable with as church. It's like having pain in a certain area of your body and you go along with it until it becomes unbearable. You go from doctor to doctor until someone recommends a specialist who may or may not be in your hometown. But because of their specialty in your area you have no choice but to listen to their instructions and if you agree then go ahead with the surgery. Most of the times because of the risk we may or may not have the surgery, have the baby etc., because it doesn't feel right.

Last night had an encounter in which my spirit was summoned before the Lord. I saw me and three others sitting at a very long dinner table (in which we were in my opinion strategically seated). We were all children sitting eagerly expecting something and although I had never previously seen the other three we were communicating as we have known each other for a while. The angels standing around the table were placing name tags as well as paper trimmed in gold on the empty seats. I then had an overhead view in which I saw that from above I was placed among a corner end of the table. Then He spoke to us from below “you are strategically placed here as you have answered among yourselves, but from above you are right on point. Stay humble to stay high.” Then we were sitting back at the table but this time there were more children; some I recognized as a child and some I did not, but for some reason we couldn’t communicate with these as with the others. Then He spoke again “they are asleep and unable to communicate the dinner language.” That is when the angels stood behind us and placed a silver necklace with gold keys around our necks with the words Grace, Humility, Obedience, Faith, and Honor. The clasp had Holy on the left side and Spirit on the right. It was screwed together around our necks causing the word “Holy Spirit” to line up.

Then we were taken to a room with numerous farm equipment. The angel came forth out of a back room and handed us a hammer and a globe of the world and said “try this.” We took the hammer and with one blow cracked the globe. Inside the globe was a circle of fire; the angel said “grab it.” Hesitating at first, I realized where I was and reached in and for some reason with my left although I am right handed. I grabbed something in the fire and as I pulled it out it was the word (words) and although the fire looked and seemed hot it did not burn. The others reached in and pulled out Pain, Humiliation, and Manipulation. He spoke again and stated “the word curses that have been spoken over my people lives son I keep them here. The pain that afflicts my people son I keep them here, the humiliation that my people go through son I keep them here, the manipulation my people go through son I keep them here. For the earth has become cruel unto them that dwell in my house for they are deceivers that have built there kingdom upon wood and the fire that I will send forth shall burn them to crisp. Ask them have they ever seen the glory of the Lord in person and full of fire? Ask them have they ever seen the meadows in which my prophets learn? Ask them have they ever seen their soul burn in front of their face? Ask them how many languages are there in which the Holy Spirit speaks? Ask them who told them to lie and use my name or question what I do because they are not part of the game?“

“Tell me my children “how did you reach in the fire and not get burned, was it of man or was it of God?” I am glad you answered correctly, now here is the clue. There are those who are coming and are already here. Their mission is simple and they have no fear. I the Lord will give you the chance to correct and make right you have wrong. Pay attention because I sing a different song. The note is off key because I am blowing the horn. Who has the trumpet and what tune are they playing? It's called "alignment of the spirit," so who are you connected to? The questions my son could go on for days, the time has come for me to take charge. The Lord is coming to town to change all smiles to frowns. At the end of days it will be worth it all if you make it to see my son touch the ground.”

After this we were given specifics and sat at the table and another angel appeared and in our right hand he placed the ball of fire from the globe and in our left hand he placed a sword. It was at this point we were instructed to place the sword in the fire and then there was a Bible placed on the plate. We were then instructed to place the flaming sword on the Bible. Immediately they became one and then He spoke again and said “eat.” It was at that point at which time the sword touched my tongue that I awakened. It is with that vision and encounter that we must take heed that a change has come and power is being dispensed. Who have we spoken word curses, manipulated, lied on and humiliated on our way to the top? In the same thought, which ones of us have been lied on, mistreated, talked about, and humiliated straight out of the church doors. These are the ones who held on and didn't whisper a mumbling word. I have been released by the Lord to tell you it your time. Now I must pray and see who had this same encounter for they are a part of my destiny.

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