The Bride's Ring
Being Released Immature Destroys Everything

by Dedric Hubbard
July 2, 2010

One can only hope and appreciate the need for the fresh anointing God is pouring out and yet many are resisting, removing, and separating themselves from the people who are bold enough to speak the bare truth. Then you have those who sit, watch, and observe the revelation, nature, and character of the individuals who are releasing these words in season. Then you have those who are in a wait-and-see mode and whichever way the anointing flows they run to it and try to mimic and/or counterfeit this God-ordained movement. One thing about the people involved with this massive show of force is that they have been tested, proved, and have God's seal of approval on them so they do not fear being black-balled, ridiculed, called crazy, ignorant etc. They understand that part of their life so anything else a man throws at them is a piece of cake. So how did these individuals come to be? What is their background? Who controls when and how they release impartations, anointing, and revelations? Quite simple, everything they are and will be points to their relationship with God and therefore, they are kings kids and they are ten times smarter than any person preaching the Gospel, prophesying, and healing. I say this with boldness, being confident in what I know them to be. They mirror they very image, person, and spirit of the living God. Even those who don't recognize it yet, I even will go as far as to call those who consider themselves the religious leaders of this day and age, to come forth and make yourself known at Mt. Carmel in your assigned place in ministry; you can then witness the power of these individuals. But in all fairness, you must know that they do wear the bride's ring.

They sit, walk, converse, and are taught in the secret place while they feed in the marketplace. They are equipped with the latest and the best in false teaching radar and have been known to detect a phony around the world. I heard the Lord refer to them as his navy seals. They will go into a hostage situation and lead the people out of bondage, which is where the problem lies. The church loves to be in bondage and you have the Joshuas crying out to come out and see what we see, experience what we experience; but religion has you bound with its ring, therefore you love an earthly master and not a spiritual one. You have been taught to walk as a body of religious zombies and not a body of spiritual believers because the people that you have looked up to for spiritual guidance were released immature, not giving or receiving the full revelation of who they are. Therefore, you are merely the blind leading the blind, following other people's anointing, ministries, and revelations to a living God that they only have experienced in word and revelation knowledge and not as a person. They have not reached perfection because they are hiding behind imperfections, past hurt, grief and relationships and really haven't forgiven themselves. Inadequate people release inadequate revelations and anointings. People are teaching you with a spirit of excellence in mind while they are still short themselves and therefore you are faced with having to prove yourself to leaders who really haven't proven themselves to God; all for a piece of paper that says I have been ordained or licensed to preach in the flesh. You will find that many are not licensed to preach in the spirit and that’s where it counts. It happens because many of the prophets/apostles assigned to release and impart these gifts into your life are holding you hostage because they want to be the top dog. They woo you with threats, gifts, and revelation that may look spiritual but is as fleshly as the dog that they receive these revelations from.

And they hold you hostage for years sowing, serving, and trying to prove to them that you are who God says you are while they are spiritually raping and draining you of every gift God has given you, requiring you to prove yourself to someone who is controlling you through a spirit of fear, but you think it's God. Now everyone may not have these kinds of people leading them so hear the heart of the revelation for they may just be ignorant of the knowledge that's available and they have been taught by man to ask other people in their circle for advice or their so-called "covering." This is the biggest scheme in the church that is about to be stripped naked when most of the people who practice it realize their coverings are merely men assigned to hold their spiritual potential at a level beneath their own. So how do we know when we are being duped? When you have to prove what you are called to do or say to one man and he is the one that decides your fate. No one, but no one has this authority except God. That is why he stated a foundation of apostles and prophets to prove this, but you have allowed the gift of pastor to decide the fate and the direction of a whole body of believers who represent a church. God says this is unacceptable and in the coming end-time season anyone that hold this position will fall under the mighty hand of God and will either be raised higher or moved lower according to their standing with God's end-time revelation.

We have to go to John 21:15-18 to get the foundation and knowledge most pastor use to signify and use to acknowledge their lordship over a congregation. It is when that context because many do not have spiritual eyes they don't understand the spirit in which Jesus was speaking to Peter. So Jesus said first, “Peter feed my lambs.” Anyone with a third grade education should know a lamb’s significance with what Jesus was speaking. A lamb is a sheep that is 12 years or less in age we understand 12 is spiritual authority and anything less is limited authority. We understand Jesus said sheep twice meaning spiritual authority, but Peter was grieved the third time in which Jesus asked the question. So what is God saying to Peter? He was saying “Peter you didn't understand why you were created before I came into your life and you will have to govern your earthly emotions and habits before you are able to operate in the heavenly things, but because you really don't understand what I am saying and doing in you and you are afraid to ask me because you are still grieved about denying me, your walk on this world will be short.” If when you reach a level of understanding of what you were called to do and you are pastoring people and don't understand what they are called to be and you are afraid or intimidated to ask that person for help, your ministry will be short-lived as well as your life. Jesus was speaking in the spirit but yet teaching in the natural and because Peter was still grieved when Jesus came to him, the only thing he could identify with was his failure in which he denied Jesus. This means he knew Jesus was anointed and heard him speak, but could not connect with him spiritually because he hadn't forgiven himself (I can't finish it because we understand people will try to preach and teach this in a prideful attitude and will not reveal the nature in which God was speaking).

But what you have to understand is that Peter's spirit was young, that is why Jesus said 'lamb.' His faith was strong, that is why he said 'sheep.' His flesh was strong, that is why he said 'sheep' and Peter grieved. Anytime a word of God comes and it hits your spirit the reaction you get from it will either heal or hurt so no, the pastor’s job is not to feed the sheep as they say, his job is to get in line with the rest of the foundational gifts. When the prophet identifies the strength and weakness of the congregation he tells the prophet. They then make the decision as to who will bring the revelation of what God is bringing to the congregation. In the event of absences of the apostle and prophet, the apostle will give the pastor the vision of what to preach or say depending on the length the foundations are gone. If it needs to be more in-depth than the teacher will get the vision. If it needs deliverance, miracles, etc., then the evangelist gets the call. Well, why is the church not operating like this? Because everyone knew the scripture, but yet they didn't want to give up their so-called position. It's not a position but a foundation to build and equip the church. Why is the church struggling? It’s because everyone wants to lead when the church is meant to be followers. No one will run a church in the end-times but the Holy Spirit. If you attempt to say you are more than anybody in the spirit or out of your mouth, your days will be number as was Peter’s. God states the reason Peter was crucified upside down is because when Jesus was in human form he showed we are all equal, no matter how anointed he was. This means he was not thinking in the spirit because he was not connected in the spirit. So he felt inadequate as the dust of the ground and thus that was his thinking. His death symbolized his thinking head-first “I am nothing,” when he should have been proud to be crucified like his brother Jesus. So what are you saying prophet? Anyone with a ministry that is the only sole creator, decision maker, or whatever, you are being judged as a god because everything ends and starts with you, and if you continue to do so when Jesus comes back, I have permission to illustrate your death. There’s an object in the sky called the son and because you think that the light, knowledge, prophecy or anything related to Christ begins and end with you. God has reserved you a seat right in the middle of the sun and that is your spiritual resting place whenever you leave this place. And this is the good part, when they bury you God says he will keep your flesh intact and you will feel it all because you choose to stay in the flesh rather than humble yourself and ask the end-times prophets for assistance, and not the ones you think may know but the ones that you have been intimidated by, misused, or couldn't figure out. These are the ones that carry some of your ministries, revelation, anointings, and gifts. Now some ministries are just hungry for God and are not a part of all this and all you need is help. This is really for the ones who are prideful, arrogant, etc you know who you are.

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