A Prophet to the Nations
watch your step

by Dedric Hubbard
July 22, 2010

Well they got my spirit all over the heavens today walking with Jesus in the fourth level of heaven. He wishes to convey that many have and are being called to the office of the prophet as well as to the nations to show the power of his Elijah army he is about to release. Jesus states that before you are allowed to enter the office you must have knowledge of who you are, what you are called to be, and be operating against the grain of the church. If you are a part of a religious structure you will not receive his blessings nor his seal of approval for the task at hand. And therefore, you will operate as a prophet to the people and not to God. The Elijah prophets Jesus states, are simple in form but highly complex in the spirit, meaning they have endured the process and the anointing is self contained. Only the spirit of God will let you enter into the flow of their anointing because it is pure and undefiled before the throne. Their anointed is unlimited and their out-of-body experiences are constant. Because of the nature of their work in the heavens they have access to power and knowledge the world has never seen because it was reserved for the last work which should have been the first work: equipping the saints.

With that said many will be a prophet to the nations and some to the world. A prophet to the nations Jesus states is one whom he has called to travel to a particular region for a particular people who have lived similar lives. Jesus says if he calls you in the south your nation called is in the south. If you go outside the south you have no grace because there is one called to that region. If you happen to get a call to go to another region you should contact your spiritual connections or they may call you and warn you of the danger. Many will be excited to get the chance to preach over many states, but never forget your first work which is souls. An Elijah prophet is not allowed to negotiate any monetary amounts. Jesus states follow his example: a place to stay, eat, and transportation if necessary. Your anointing is your meal ticket. In times past prophets have requested speaking fees; this is a balaam spirit. When a person or ministry sends for you they are required to give you something but if they are not able in money the basics will be good enough for Elijah is after souls and not money. Proceed with caution because the anti-christ spirit is looking for a way in, but the Elijah anointing is foolproof because it is protected by God himself. Good Luck.

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