The Pentecostal Papers
And the tongues come tumbling down

by Dedric Hubbard
May 25, 2010

As I entered the office this evening I see God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the spirit of wisdom; from now on they told me to call them the "wrecking crew." As I laughed it was then I realized that if I had not one soul in the world I had them. As I stood by the door they were blocking the window that was shown me earlier for this is their home and I dare not tell them what to do. So as I turned my chair around I seen a book in the seat. It was like a child's book shaped like a key and they yelled "happy birthday" so I laughed and said "thanks." They then moved and the window I saw earlier had a door in the middle and I remembered it was the one God used to exit when he was passing by, saying "not yet son." So they said "come see" and wisdom opened the door and the hanging gardens had angels on each side but they were beneath the garden as if holding them up but it was waist high to them. As I followed them across the garden I saw a house on the hill. As we came to it I noticed God had left but I felt his presence so we get to the house and they each asked me to look at my gift. For some reason I couldn't open it and then wisdom said "use your head," so I pondered how to open it turning it all kinds of ways. God said "look at the door" and as I looked I remembered the encounter where he placed a star on my forehead. It was then I looked up when I heard his voice and there was a space on the door the size of the book. It was then I turned to ask for help for I could not reach it and everyone was gone, but an angel said "here I will help you" and left his post. I said "wait" and God said "give it to him" before I even asked the question. It was then I gave him the key and when he placed it in the hole a light shone and the door opened and God touched me and I was inside. As I sat at the table wisdom brought me a book and as he opened it he said "it's time, read." It is with that experience that I release the following revelation: God states that he is releasing his remnant but before he does they must be on one accord. Therefore, he told me to release remnant revelations and they are as follows:

1. Deut 18:22 - You may say to yourselves, "How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?"


In this season because of the hardness of man's heart and the nature of his work, God is sending forth his best: a highly-trained sophisticated and powerful company of prophets called the Elijah Company. To recognize and identify the real apart from the fake, God has in place a system of checks and balances to ward those off. When God is planning a major move on the earth he always puts someone in authority. If a person is an end-times prophet, God will speak to them specifically in details and specifications as to 'what' and 'how' he wants things done. If a prophet/apostle says God is "up to something," "doing something," etc., they are not a part of this. When God built the ark, temple etc., he gave someone the blueprint which carried detailed instructions. No instructions means no authority. There are prophets who will speak of other things the remnant needs but they will speak in details and specifics. There are no "I believe" or "I think" words, none whatsoever.
2. Mark 1:6 And John was clothed with camel's hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loins; and he did eat locusts and wild honey;


1.Camel's hair - signifies they have been stripped so low in humility, obedience, and sacrifice before God and man the only thing left is the hair on their skin. 2. Also signifies they are lower than a snake and recognize the attacks of the enemy. 3. They are so sensitive to the spirit the slightest move they feel it.

3. Girdle of skin - signifies they have a God given covenant to do whatever it takes. They are born warriors.

4. Locust - They will eat anything that strips the Lord of his Glory or harms his sheep. Anything that harms God remnant is their target.

5. Wild Honey - They are after any man-made doctrine, tradition, religion, or theology that you have mixed with his word and called it "God," which some leaders have been feeding God's sheep.

This will be the fore-runner spirit of Elijah. God says that because the people have become accustomed to show and flesh he foresaw that and had Elijah taken up because it was his gift for standing and declaring. When you see Elijah in this season do not be amazed by the way he arrives in a show of flesh (to be explained later).
2 Thess. 2:3 Don't let anyone deceive you about this in any way. [That day cannot come unless] a revolt takes place first, and the man of sin, the man of destruction, is revealed

Rev. 13;18 This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.


So who is the man of sin? Glad you asked, the man of sin is the CHURCH. The three sixes refers to the three men who God sent to move the church to operate in unity so they could change the world. The prophets we killed, the apostles you killed, and Jesus they killed. The prophets, although separate, should sound the same. The Apostles we killed because they disagreed on order when Jesus left. Jesus walked in order and authority and was still killed. The cycle of church operating independent of each other kills the spirit of Jesus. The seven churches were all churches that the apostle started and were split over doctrine. Jesus was trying to get them to work together in unity. The excellence spirit has caused a competition spirit which is killing the church as a whole and man as an individual unless they walk in unity as a body. In each church is carried a certain spirit, thus the members of that church release the spirit in the world because everyone is all for themselves. The remnant must separate unto themselves for detailed instructions so they may be on one accord.

Psalms 133: 1 How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!


1. It all starts with unity. The Bible is all about unity!! If the remnant cannot find unity among themselves they have failed and lost two generations. When Adam and Eve fell, not only where they lost but their first seeds (firstfruits) were also, meaning that there were 4 people lost. God sent someone at a certain time through 42 generations to recover that which is lost. This means for whoever he sends, it's between him, she, or them and God what they do; they are running a course to save 40 of their generations. Jesus had to come to show us how it's done because the persecution came from his own. Therefore many that are in the 40-year age range, you are your line's kinsman redeemer and not only that, but also for your children's children. You have unknowingly become the mediator not only of your own line, but of the world. The cloud of witnesses sits inside the office of the prophets to the left and below the elders, but facing God a courtroom. When you dispute, rebuke, criticize, doubt, or speak harshly to someone in spiritual authority by God, your generation that hasn't made it to the mansions yet will stand before Jesus, your accuser, and God and have to explain why they didn't leave that inheritance. The devil is operating (presenting himself in whichever spirit he used you in) as an angel of light. You on earth suffer for what you were not taught (as it is in heaven....on earth). It's your responsibility at that point to right the wrongs you were not taught, meaning you have to access the key on earth to open the door in heaven for them to enter across to the other side.

You are in a season that when a person speaks take heed not to listen to vain words, but to truth. Wisdom from above is first pure.... so you keep on with your judgmental attitudes because of your shortcomings, failure to ask questions, seek help, info etc.

2. This means the remnant has to get it together as a church to work as a single unit (the body), the gifts in the church has to work as a single unit (the body) which means if the church is on one accord with the correct foundation in place led by the Holy Spirit, coming from the throne in heaven, everyone should be speaking the same language,.... echoing heaven. Until then the church is out of order.

3. Some of the remnant are connecting. Once the correct leadership is found, God will release his directions to mark individuals and churches over into the promised land. Nothing is released until everything is completed.

4. There are certain individuals in place who God wants and intends to use mightily but cannot. Because of their current state of mind seeking after worldly wisdom for Godly experiences they are out of line. To experience heaven you must come to heaven as naked and you know how those that claim to hold such positions cannot and will not have the answer you seek, for the spirit that they operate in is about to be exposed. Therefore, to justify their position they talk down, try to discredit, judge, and criticize another person's encounters. Do not read your Bible, listen to it; for it is speaking to you this season. God never talked down to Adam, he came down. Rule 1: A man/woman never tries to make another man look weak, that is fleshly behavior; comparing and attempting to making yourself look bigger (idol status).

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