Elijah Speaks:
Find your city that will sit on the hill

by Dedric Hubbard
Monday, December 20, 2010

As I write this revelation I have changed positions to lying while standing in a standing position of authority in which I see the effects of what church has done to God's people. Instead of teaching them God's authority, they teach man's authority. Instead of teaching how to be covered in the blood of Jesus, they have taught them how to be under the covering of a man. Instead of teaching them how to separate from the world, they teach how to hide in the world. And thus my God's Gospel has been contaminated, ridiculed, watered-down, preached without conviction, and thus only the Elijah Prophets know the church has offended God and have disallowed the birth of Christ by not allowing, teaching, and perfecting the foundational gifts he left for the church. Therefore, I change position to connect to the vine as not to waste my wine as I begin to pour into that which is empty. It's here God specifically states that anyone who preaches or teaches on the birth of Jesus has condemned him to the natural man and thus makes his birth as a mockery to men in which the heathens ridicule the church. To celebrate Jesus birth you have to have the fruit of the Spirit as well as the gifts of the Spirit. In that I bring it into the flesh to make known the mysteries of God in which he means that if you don't have the foundation of his son, how can you acknowledge his son? What you have proven is that your gospel is tainted with traditions of the world and thus you words have been the words of mere men. How can you love a Jesus you haven't seen if you don't allow his gifts that you do see? In that with the authority invested in me to separate myself from the tares we call every Christmas play, Sunday School Books, pastor, prophet, apostles and adults who understand and acknowledge a higher call on their life in the spirit and yet let men hinder them in the natural, into alignment with the Holy Spirit. Those with a heart for the things of God will rise above the traditions in which they are controlled by teachings geared toward seasons and move toward teachings by the spirit.

The Spirit realm is an amazing thing if you have spiritual vision and angelic assistance. I now understand the wisdom in which Enoch moved through the maze of heaven and as I now confirm for this generation, it's real and it's perfect. And as I stand on the 16th kingdom in the 2nd level of Heaven facing north I see a whirlwind coming to the first state in which the judgment of God is in this whirlwind for the state of Alabama. As I see in the Spirit the fire of God is engulfing this state for they will encounter four levels of judgment according to the grace of God; I am reminded of Ezekiel 1:4. In this spiritual encounter as I see the Spirit of God hiding this church as a dark cloud to those who have no spiritual vision but a bright cloud to those who do have spiritual vision. It's the first wheel in the wheel for I see a church moving within a church which will produce a Bride the heat is rising inside as it takes on the color of amber in which the anointing varies according to the attack. I see two generals standing at the door in which the people entering are spiritually aligned by The Holy Ghost and prophetic wisdom is their weapon of choice. The formation of this church is spiritual gifts being aligned according to the fruit of the spirit in these two generals. I see apostolic authority being formed for one person has the anointing of this becoming visually held hostage in which there is hurt in that vessel but as I continue to see the formation of this working of God it's evident he will heal from that hurt. I look into the eyes of obedience and without a shadow of a doubt if this church does what I see, the standard of church as well as the practices will be set by this church. If others don't conform, this will be the plumb-line God will use to judge every church in the world. The first church I see being judged is led by a woman and by reason of deception has violated the law of God, thus the congregation is held hostage. These 5 women frustrate the grace of God. I see them as one because of the Jezebel spirit attached to their ministry so they teach as one for they are drinking the blood of the saints in spiritual fornication. If they heed the voice of the Holy Spirit one will save the rest in which this is God's last time trying to get them to turn from their wicked ways.

If they don't repent they will reign in deception until they see the second judgment of God in which he takes that which is dear to their hearts for taking that which is dear to his heart (except his heart will survive). The basic needs of their spiritual strength is in that which was promised is here and that which has been far off has come and they that dwelleth in the secret place become those of none. Do we pretend that we have not fallen to that which has weakened us? Or do we march toward that we see for the unknown is a reality and the known is dung in that we hear it's time for the world to see.  

In this move of God the seven churches of Revelation are the seven individual cycles that happen inside every church. It's this rotating cycle that John saw which cripples the church from being what it's called to be so these are growing pains of all churches at some point. These are seven spirits that come to churches and occupy at some point which leaves them stagnant, although they think they are moving in God; the church is trapped in this cycle as I write. As I speak in the spirit and yet reveal in the flesh there are seven churches in Birmingham that were visited by the Spirit of Elijah in which he sought rest for his anointing. Traveling with this spirit of Elijah was the spirit of Jesus which was covered by the spirit of God dwelling in flesh. These seven churches turned away God and yet one repented after the fact in which the anointing is resting in two of these churches one in the natural and one in the spirit. The spiritual church is about to evolve into two and thus it will be open 24 hours. The purpose of the Elijah prophet in this season is to be led by the spirit, find the cycle and redeem the time. If by chance you become overlooked like the one in Birmingham, follow your first-love and wait for the bell to ring for class to get started. You then (if God leads you) go to the closest battle and partake of the Glory. In the dispensing of God's Glory there is always order. There are only 8 cornerstone prophets/apostles which are situated in the four corners of the world and thus they are covenant prophets in which they will never expose their identity. Because on that day they will be judges of the world from their four corners in which God will expose their true identity on his time. If you meet one you will tell because they are unique in their spirit and conform to anything they surround. Never underestimate the anointing of Elijah in this season. 

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