Time To Set Sail For Destiny
catch the wave

by Dedric Hubbard
July 26, 2010

Sometimes I stand in awe of the revelations, visions, and encounters the Lord has allowed me to see, say, hear, and reveal and at times in the spirit it gets overwhelming, but yet I press on anyway. We as humans have reached a level on this earth that we start to take note of every word we hear whether it be good or bad. But we glean as Ruth did for what is ours or whatever we can understand and the rest we leave for others. It was this frame of mind that I understand my foundation in God as a prophet and established myself before his throne. Never establish what you are in front of men because they are not the God of this world. Nevertheless, I was about to inquire of a friend to God when he looked and pointed and water gushed from around the throne that drenched my spirit from head to toe but yet was gentle as a dove when it touched me. The Lord laughed and smiled saying, “look behind you.” As I turned the river the table sat upon was heading toward earth. God states, “I am now ready to set the table for the main course and guest.” What God has done was release a flood of prophetic anointing upon the earth for organic churches, end-time ministries, and individuals to release the end-time word of the Lord to bring in the end-time harvest. In this anointing will be provisions, instructions, connections, and obedience to move the bride into its next level stage of being birthed in the earth by the spirit of God. Because this is a prophetic anointing this will have to be explained in the will of God for it is in his will that you prosper. In the Spirit the anointing has been released now but because we live in time it will hit earth at exactly 12 in the afternoon on July 29th. To those who don't understand the prophetic I will try to make it easy to understand:

July is the seventh month and the number 7 stands for a cycle or completion of a cycle.

12 stands for governmental perfection.

29 stands for departure.

8 stands for new birth and/or creation.

What God will be saying in this wave of anointing is that he is about to destroy the cycle of religion to make a bride which will stand in full governmental authority on heaven and earth to prepare his remnant and end-time harvest for departure to live as a new creation in his kingdom.

Now for those who just dwell on earth it means some are about to go higher, he is tired of the cycle of religion and he is releasing anointing for you to build your platform according to his specifications so you can speak with his authority on what must leave in order to be part of the bridal creation.

In this anointing of provisions, instructions, connections, and obedience you will have to become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit like never before because this will be God's direct spirit of prophecy which is the key to opening doors no man can shut. God states that he will speak to some in foolish language and other wise according to your state of mind and the religion that you were taught under because he is trying to bring you out to enter into his presence to worship in the Spirit of truth.

God will start with obedience. If anybody's name comes across your mind no matter how you feel about them if it drops in your spirit for the next 3 days write them down. If you think that somebody has an anointing, word, or knowledge that you know is useful for this end-time season, make the connection for you and/or yourself or ministry. If God gives you instructions to do something for a person or people, do it no matter what it is. The instruction part of this anointing will only be based on 2 or 4 people because this will be an increase anointing based on faithfulness. The provision part of the anointing will deal with your heart and will make or break this destiny anointing. This means whatever God tells you to sow into a person's life, if you do it without doubt you are guaranteed a 100 percent increase but it dwindles as your faith lowers. Now during these 3 days God states don't do as the heathens, traditions, religion and leaders have taught you, meaning no fasting, special prayer times, etc., because when he comes for his bride many of you will be doing your day-to-day activities and will be caught up in his glory and leave this place. He will speak during your normal routine of life, all you need is a pen and paper. Beware of people who call you and all of a sudden try to talk about a person God has put on your heart; this is the enemy trying to find a way in and get you to miss the mark. Discuss no one unless you are married and then check the spirit behind what they are saying. If you want your destiny then you will have the chance to build it and God will provide the materials. Failure to obey cuts your connection to destiny short. If in fact you have a reasonable relationship with God by this being a now-anointing if you are in his plans you will receive this instantly and go to work on your destiny.

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