What is the Bride?
Beautiful Riches Internally Dominating Externally

by Dedric Hubbard
June 28, 2010

Earlier today while running my errands I found myself meditating on my position in God's kingdom. No matter what I reminded myself that nothing was in vain. This calls me to inquire of the bride. Although I had the experience to see this masterpiece and the knowledge to know what it takes to build this masterpiece, the only thing is missing is what makes the bride tick. So I ask God “what is the Bride” and he said “wait a min I’ll tell you,” so I continue my drive while waiting on God's response thinking to myself “this must be good, it's taking him a minute to answer” when out the blue the police car comes behind me with the lights on. In my human weakness I thought, "well I'll be......" Pulling over I said “God now I know I wasn't speeding” God states “be quiet and just listen.” So I sit and the officer comes over to the window and says “the bride of Christ is an individual or ministry that has come to know me by my heart, spirit, and my person through the knowledge of the foundations that I have put in their life to build unto me their own personal altar to me as individuals.” “And to you my son,” and then the officer pulls his glasses off and leans down in the car to make sure he made eye contact and said “your foundation is now to learn the person of who I am.” It was then I realized who was before me because the eyes gave him away; the reflection in his pupils was of me. When he finished that speech he just turned and walked away. Having encounters with God and/or Jesus in heaven you tend not to be as excited for you are in a spiritual state, but yet you are always aware of his greatness. It is with the earthly heavenly encounters that you realize how important you are to God when you find your purpose in him, knowing he is able to come and see about you but you have to be positioned in a posture of absolute humility before he arrives, not ‘when’ he arrives. So as I scramble for my notebook (for even though he spoke direct words to me I have been in his presence long enough to know when he comes in our image and likeness they left an awesome revelation in my spirit and that's what I was after). As I retrieve my notebook I realized the car never cranked nor passed me and yet it wasn't around me. I laughed because I remember telling God “if I get in ministry please don't let me become bored” and it looks like he is upholding his part of the promise. Thus I tapped into my first spiritual revelation he left in my spirit. If I asked the authority a question in authority and he came in the image of authority and gave me the revelation I was looking for and then some, as soon as I go inside myself and get it out through prayer and worship he must have also left spiritual authority in my spirit. I will figure it out, but for now I know he left the answer in my spirit to the question “what is the Bride.”

The Bride will be simple individuals who have the understanding that their foundational gifts were left so they can have something to build on when they realize that they have a purpose and destiny in God. They will have the heart for souls and will realize and see the importance of all five gifts operating in the church and will reap the power, knowledge, and blessings for allowing the Holy Spirit to dictate the movement of the church. No one sole person will be allowed to make decisions for an entire congregation but through the wisdom, knowledge, and power of the Holy Ghost will they be made. Most importantly, the individuals will have come to realize that the power they have internally is greater than anything they will come up against externally. They will not only possess the power of God but have the knowledge and access to understand how that power works in the heavenlies. These individuals will possess and know the inheritance of the saints because they will have found that earthen treasure that is inside them. They will have the power to speak a word and know without a doubt that it will come to pass because they will have access to the heavens to make it happen. They will come to understand the person of God, meaning they will walk, reign, and rule as him and thus he will dwell among us as one of us, constantly checking and examining us in our time of need. Because we will be his treasured workmanship finally coming into the knowledge of who he is and not based on what he can do for us, but based on knowing he just wishes to commune with us as us. One thing I learned from my experience today is that when my spirit usually warns me when I am in the presence of a spiritual being, it didn't. I only knew when I paid attention to the authority in which he spoke and then the eye contact. Meaning the world is in a place that you may not know who God will be, who will he come as, or who he will dwell in, except that person he wishes to use as his temple at that time. I don’t care if it's your worst enemy, it might be God's best friend; trying to equip you, warn you, and converse with with you and you are stuck on yourself thinking you know it all while you really know nothing. My suggestion is be real careful who you talk about or entertain, it might just be God himself and you are unaware, and thus your fate is sealed because of ignorance.

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