The Pentecostal Papers
The Gospel of Enclosed Worship

by Dedric Hubbard
Friday, November 26, 2010

Moving right along we uncover the worship of non-denominational ministries. They teach a gospel of enclosed worship in which just as their faith once again you can go no higher than their pastoral foundation allows or knows of. This has caused the pastors in these types of denomination to reach mogul status and become modern-day gods in the church. They operate unaccountable, only to the group of yes men/women they have aligned themselves with because of the quality, consistency, and amount of those persons tithes. The worship is time sensitive in which if the pastors don't feel like worship, it's cut short and when they do it goes until they stop it. Is this the manner of power God has left upon the earth? In which you allow one foundation to control the flow and length of one of the most sensitive attributes of serving Christ which is the worshipping of the creator? It is these hirelings that the Elijah prophets will expose and destroy if they don't come under subjection to the now move of God. It is here God told me not to dwell long on this revelation even though there is much to share. For he says it will symbolize just as his holy worship is short, all those who allow this to go on their time is short as well as the foundation they have allowed to control his church. You would rather sit on a pew then to pastor a church in this season of God.

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