Elijah Sees Ahab in Naboth's Vineyard
spiritual molestation is being attacked
by Elijah and his prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 14, 2011

As God prepares his prophetic stormtroopers to engage in hand-to-hand combat, those who are not in a place of assignment will feel the fire of the revelations, taunts, and accusations of these end-time prophets. This is not from a state of hurt in which I am anti-pastor, church, religion or even beyond learning from those who may not operate in the level of authority I achieved, but you cannot teach people when you are unteachable yourself. As with Naboth’s Vineyard, Ahab wanted to use the vegetables and not the choice grapes in the vineyard. Elijah wants to know are you a vegetable sitting in a vineyard thinking you are a grape? If so you have been molested by the leader that you sit and worship and they are pouring into you and you cannot pour anything into them, because you just walked in the church. God never addresses a person based on the years or length they have been in ministry for, nor what you have achieved. The only thing God acknowledges is spiritual authority which does not have length and power in years, but in relationship with God. The deeper and more intimate the revelation the closer the relationship. If the only thing your leaders know is “show me in the Bible,” there is no spiritual relationship. If all they know is revelation but it is not detailed, this is a torn relationship. And because the equipping ministry is not in the church you are flesh-led by a spirit of religion that denies you truth because they would have to submit to spiritual authority and not foundational authority. Thus a pastor knows in their hearts they are out of order, but because of the spirit of pride they sit in they do not want to submit to the natural authority in the Bible, let alone the spiritual authority.

So in comes those of the spiritual police and have to forcefully evict these leaders out of position and if being called rogue, rebellious, unlearned, and ignorant comes with the territory we consider it part of war. But you had best believe that if you are wrong judgment quickly comes to your house in the form of hidden warnings and descriptions in revelation. I see the emerging of a tithe-free church where your gifts, love, and relationship in God is not gauged by money but by the speaking of God to your heart. As these leaders who will build these bridal facilities understand the need to use that which God placed inside of you. I see many pastors with harden hearts and flesh driven sermons with no spiritual significance falling dead in the pulpit because they would not submit to God's chosen leaders in this season; most of them with heart attacks some as young as 27 years of age, because they were taught in religion and could never change their ways. I see the mass deliverance of singles who will team-up and preach marriage to married people and deliverance to their kids. I see mass deliverance of homosexuals and they will be healed instantly of any STD. Even aids will leave because it’s just a crime in the spirit that manifested in the natural. I see the mass deliverance of every ailment that has been known to mankind and that will happen in this year because of its time. I see church doors closing because Elijah and his prophets have set up tents yielding instant deliverance for all who come to her the new wine. I see 501c3's being revoked and the government closing the churches that are left, all because of a loop hole in scripture no one bothered to check. Am I not amazed that my teaching CD's of end-time revelations of these things are selling better than Martha Stewart’s cookbooks? Of course, because I operate out of time. And the newness of revelation brings things to a halt at a drop of a dime. Am I amazed that the magazine is being bought like an Ebony? Because everyone understands every time God does something that’s new, someone understands the whole plan.

I see the power prophets that are sitting under the tree and just as their spiritual father Elijah they are wondering what has happen to their zeal? “Where is this power that I hear the prophets talking about? My leader is stagnating my anointing. He told me not to talk to the only prophet that understands what I need in this season.” And yet many that have carried this spirit of Elijah are power prophets sitting in religion and don't know what to do. Your spiritual brothers have been released and they are coming to wake you up and thus you will understand God says this year Elijah prophets report to no man. Religion is coming down fast and swift, I hear the cry called “freedom!” coming from the southeast. When you hear the Holy Spirit growling please do not be afraid; this time it's Elijah. He has killed Ahab before Jezebel even knew. Tell these pastors to leave the doors open, because it's time to see the violence that has been building for years, the Elijah Prophets vs the Pastoral foundation. And we all know what’s written in the Book, Elijah can't fail because he has to restore all things so the word backs these prophets as well as God's wrath. You should have equipped these churches according to the book and for those who are on my team, I have already given the word. I don’t care if it's my son, destroy him too because heaven is closer than you think. When you are sold out to God family comes last; making it through those doors come first. Violent shaking on the earth; pick your prophet, pick your side, and watch kingdom work. 

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