Countdown to the showdown
from distraction to destruction

by Dedric Hubbard
March 20, 2010

One can only imagine what the Lord is about to do concerning the church. An intimate personal relationship is so important in this season that some people should remain single until this season of transition is over. Any prophetic person who has been taught by and become intimate with God knows this is just symbolizing that he is drawing his church closer under his wings of protection for the wrath he is about to unleash on these bastard assemblies. Just as the walls of Jericho came down God is about to unleash an arsenal of revelation and power to those who are truly dead in Christ and they will come out with a shout. Because of the insight of those that function in the area of the prophetic they are given the revelation of what God is about to reveal to the world. Whether you know them or not it will be advisable for you to pay attention to the spirit of what they are saying. So as the world prepares for another major disaster in the natural it will coincide with the release of certain people in the spirit to start the process of reclaiming God's church; offense and confrontation is included in this process and in my opinion (which I am entitled to) this is very much needed. For a person to not acknowledge the gifts on his life because his congregation doesn’t teach it really bothers me as a Christian and as a human. With that said, that is proof enough that the doctrine of devils has been preached and recieved by unknowingly individuals who have been spiritual manipulated by the deceptive bastard spirits that have ran the church so long and those walls must come down. Anyone who stays current in the spirit should sense the building God is doing right under the devil's nose.

Those who are uninformed and really haven't entered behind the veil should know that God is building his church on the correct foundation without the split between races, denominations, and titles these are the main 3 strongholds that have to be broken (besides ignorance of course). These are the ones who don't study to show their own selves approved, they just believe whatever comes out of a preacher's mouth. To sit in a church and wonder if you have a gift or calling on your life is spiritual bondage which is caused by immature individuals who think that just because you have a title of a foundational gift that you are more important than the next. God never intended for those five gifts to be taken on as titles with rank, he meant them as gifts for foundational building of the church. To be looked at as titles this puts competition in the church, so we have adopted Chief this and that to show we are much higher than the next. Sit down you spirit of jezebel. As powerful as Paul was he did not once refer to himself as better than the others nor did he put himself to even think that so I ask those with titles of Chief and Master what part of the Bible did you write? Or are you better than Paul? These foundational gifts are for building people, not your own personal ministry (you know, the one with your name on it?). To separate your foundational gift from the body to promote you as the headliner does not represent the kingdom it represents you. Although you promote kingdom things, ideas, and function in kingdom authority, you are separated from the kingdom. Remember the phrase “Lord, Lord, we have done all these things in your name....” Therein again as powerful as the disciples were, I don't remember Apostle Paul ministries in there anywhere, Apostle Peter ministries etc... To represent yourself away from God promotes competition among those with your same gifting so when it's their time to shine for fear of losing your voice you misrepresent God because you aren't receiving the revelation that he is releasing at this hour.

Therein lies the label of someone being called “false” and the people don't know who to believe because you have used your influence to create a lifestyle of luxury without knowing there will come a season when you must sit down and let someone else shine. This leads to the slow demise of the megachurch structure. We have become accustomed to the competition among these individuals which is strictly numerical. To allow numerous people and ministers to sit in a church and there is no kingdom building taking place is ungodly as it gets you teach them how to serve, sing, usher, lick envelopes, but yet leave their own personal gifts and calling unrecognized. So now you have a people accustomed to the outer courts, but who never enter into their own destiny. You have over 10 ministers in your church but don't have the faith to commission one to go into another area (or even state) and plant a church. You choose to have people move to your state and uproot them, but you know you have the resources to send someone there to their location. You prefer to say you have three locations but you are the only Pastor that's preaching at them. Competition is destroying the church. Ignorance of the Bible is destroying peoples lives. Not reaching your destiny is destroying God. So the question remains, who is he talking to? This sounds personal. God wants you to know whoever is guilty of any of these things he is about to deal with you up close and personal. God states this is the season that he will perfect those things that concern him.

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