Elijah Prophets....
Stay in the flow of God

by Dedric Hubbard (October 5, 2010)

As I sat in prayer for this morning's revelation it was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit to close the revelation of the rivers of God. With this, many will drown in the standards that have been given for operating in prophetic ministry. As the prophets have been warning the world about the judgment of the church it is of honor to God that I have seen many of the revelations God released through travel around the globe; some in the spirit of the Lord and some in the spirit of offense. Whatever the case may be, I understand and know the plan of God for my part in this puzzle of Bridal glory. With that being said, I once again erase the blood from my hands by closing the revelation of the rivers and releasing the waters that are being held for the end-time prophets who operate in an Elijah anointing. Many have not been into the presence of God and have shown the workings of heavens. It is essential that if you haven't you are not holy, have not died in Christ, and must begin to ask for the revelations (especially if you are a leader in the church).

As I mentioned in a previous revelation the anointing will flow out of only two rivers from the throne of God. Within these two rivers will be two spiritual fathers or elders whose thrones have been set over the rivers: Daniel and Joshua. Although I could mention on which river their thrones are placed, because of the false Elijah prophets I will save and reveal this only in a teaching and/or preaching setting where this anointing can be released upon a person life. This act of God was designed for those of us who carry the mantle to know the real from the fakes. Anytime God gets ready to build, he releases his people who talk in specifics, details, order, and authority; in other words, God is using his chosen for this hour for releasing the blueprints for his Bride. By Joshua and Daniel sitting over these rivers, this will release four streams of prophetic knowledge and understanding only. There will be no promises of prosperity by Elijah prophets, for these two spiritual fathers are part of the equipping ministry in an Elijah prophets' mantle. Any that come to you speaking monetary blessings are not of God in this hour. God's only concern is equipping the remnant, Bride, church and saints who want more of God. The first river is the Pison and the second is Gihon. In the spirit in God's hall of wisdom, people will begin to realize that the Bible is also written in spiritual tongues... but you have to understand who you are in God to access certain levels in heaven where the treasures of darkness (Isaiah 45:3) are kept to help bring the people into the harvest. The Pison river is read in the spirit as "Pieces of Honor." With the spiritual fathers throne on this river, it will divert two rivers and the second will be Places of Honor.

These rivers of revelation will be coming straight out of the mouth of God. The land it will cover is called Havilah in the spirit; God is saying through these prophets "Have I Laugh" (Proverbs 1:26) and there is Gold in that land (Proverbs 17:22). The gold is the confusion that God will loose through these prophets that will have God laughing as well as the prophets he will use. They will remove the bdellium to get the onyx stone which is what God is truly after. The onyx is one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest and as such, people who agree, connect, and/or looking for more of God: this is role call from the throne. Everyone who connects in this season will be from the Tribe of Issachar because God states this is their stone. These will operate in more than one gift and/or anointing.

The other spiritual father will be sitting upon the river Gihon (which is interpreted as Giving Honor). His seat position will be divided and the other river will be called Guided honor. This river covers Ethiopia and is located in a place called the "Horn of Africa," meaning God will use this season to allow the prophets to tell you that you are in spiritual bondage. They are sounding the alarm and when they stop sounding and the rivers change, many will be crushed by either the revelations, the fire of Elijah and/or the judgment of God (maybe all three), for to go against anyone with a mantle of Elijah is to go against God himself. 

God is using Joshua and Daniel because the Elijah prophets have wisdom and leadership skills that far exceed any human reasoning. These being the two greatest among the elders, they symbolize the strength, fearlessness, and power of the ones who will either be teaching, instructing, or releasing this power on the earth. They will be considered arrogant, prideful, false prophets, etc., because they will strip a prideful person down to the skeleton before they will release one word in an unbalanced atmosphere. They will be accused of not showing love, being judgmental, double-minded etc., but they will never respond until you say the magic word... to call an Elijah prophet "crazy" is considered blasphemy before the throne of God. This one word will destroy a person's spiritual makeup for they will unleash a ball of fire from your childhood to your adulthood and will then pronounce the judgment of God upon you and your house and as was told to Eli about his sons you will no longer be....

The Elijah prophets will use the fire of God to reveal a person's intent. The wisdom of the two elders over the rivers will attempt to connect with the people to use wisdom in the situation they are in concerning their life, spiritual walk, and their on earth. After this they will direct them to a place that has been ordained by God to equip them for the end-time battle ahead. God has sat up and is setting up equipping ministries that will be taught by Elijah prophets. The other river will be releasing wisdom about who you have been giving honor to, but they will be guiding you to the honor you should be receiving. In this, many after being equipped will be automatically pushed directly into destiny because of obedience and will be given the honor of God. 

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