Know your Tribe - Know your Number - Know your Color
Know your High Priest- Know your Place
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by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 7, 2010

I had to enter into my priestly anointing to reveal the second part of the vision from yesterday and what has happened in the spirit realm is that God himself is revealing information to those who have a real relationship with him and those who have a specific assignment are those who have access to look behind the spiritual veil and the only you can see if you are holy in God's sight. To add to the revelation from yesterday God has transformed the southeast into the Middle East. There are two key names on two states: Florida in the spirit is now named Bethlehem, Birmingham is Samaria and the state is Jerusalem. Upon being in a priestly anointing there are only four truly sent apostle/prophets in Birmingham with two operating in both, but only one is fully awakened, meaning there are only 3 priestly robes left in Birmingham. Now the reason Jesus gave for touching Moses and his breastplate lights up is because the vessels that have this anointing are still trapped in themselves and God says they have been known to speak against the Elijah Vessels meaning many are still trapped in religion and false leadership. God states through the Holy Spirit that after October if the Moses vessels have not awakened he will shift that mantle over to Louisiana. And will cancel the covenant with the vessels in Birmingham along with their destiny for not keeping their vow to God and moving on his timing and for not doing his will. The sad part is, God will allow them to keep on working as if there is nothing wrong. If you can't see behind the veil and you know that you have a relationship with God then you either have to come up, move out, or go in.

The names of the tribes are a prophetic message to those who carry the Elijah Mantle and can operate in an Issachar anointing. There is a difference between a mantle and an anointing. There is one who carries both because of the grace of God, that carries the Elijah mantle by grace and was given the Moses mantle by favor (and God's says we forgot to say thanks to the vessel J.S. who released the mantle, so thanks). The reason for this is God already foresaw that the Moses Vessels in Birmingham will be bound and Elijah would have to go on without them. Now when I went into the hall of wisdom to research the names of the tribes they were listed and placed in the back of the hall and written how I will write them:

1. Issachar - Elijah - Jezebel - Jehu

I was instructed to put God before the names of specific names and read them as written in the book of life and it reads God is speaking through the earth to Issachar and Eli's sons have continued to bring strange fire into Jehovah’s house and have allowed Jezebel to control the flow of my house. I have anointed Jehu afresh through Elijah for he is a character for his God because he was found wandering and no man fed, homeless and no man housed, broke and no man supported, angry and no man comforted, thirsty and no prophet gave him cold water to drink. Therefore, Elijah has isolated and destroyed Jezebel like the whore she was, but her tentacles are still alive in her seeds.

Therefore, listen to the parable of the Lord. Jezebel likes to clothe Ahab and herself in purple thinking they are the ones. Their voice speaks of hurt and malice for they know they have now betrayed the one, for the seeds they sent out and she spoke disgrace will now be the seeds that she begs forgiveness from face to face. For anyone who has this spirit I the Lord now fight for you. I will close down any ministry that does not have the Christian standards that I wrote. All four gifts are now required for I have called the pastoral foundation home. I lead by the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost alone. If you humble yourselves pastoral foundation, and report to the High Priest of the South for Moses and Elijah carries all the assignments in my house. They will refer you to the place where you allowed the enemy to dwell. If you accept defeat they will cause you to become the position that you will carry according to the work you have done.

Be careful not to lie when the apostle dwells in your midst, it just may be the Lord thy God who you speak to in flesh. One wrong answer and you are sentenced to death. So who but God can appear on the scene, change the atmosphere where on the high priest sees. And who but God can write a love letter that only the Holy Spirit can read; is that not me or is it a man that speaks. And who but God can color an entire section of the earth where only the kings I have named can visit the place of Jesus birth for he came in a spirit in my place of choice he comes again now but in a different voice for there are not many gifts before my throne for I laid a strong foundation in that hour. And I come to see who is just that bold to deny the lord of his precious souls. Run hirelings run for the Master does appear. Church is over, you have equipped not one. Prepare as I release Elijah like a smoking gun and watch your mouths you filthy whores, you curse me every time you come before my throne with a man leading a whore house and he has sold all your souls back to the devil and you did not even know.

For my spirit dwells in the place of my homes those who chose to stay among real believers and have received their revelations from the throne. Come out of the caves my prophets, my remnant, my bride. If you believe the Lord thy God, pray with the fury and the intent "Lord show me your face" and the priest will know. For I will send you your color and number by the High Priest of the South and be quiet do not open your mouths, for when I sneak you up to the second heaven and redo your gifts they will know I thy Lord God am not a fool for words. I will show you your inheritance before you leave this world, for one day soon overnight when you sleep I will judge everything while they sleep and if they are no longer there do not mourn for lost souls. They had their chance. They wanted their rewards early so to hell they will go.

2. Judah - David - Uriah - Jonathan

Now this message is a warning. God says you have to start with David and read right to left. David worshipped God; God worshipped David. David left God to worship Uriah's wife; God left David. David killed Uriah and Jonathan and yet Jonathan killed himself for worshipping David like he was a God. David sent Uriah a message to go home, but yet he slept at the door. David sent Uriah to the front of the battle and Uriah was killed in battle. Now the warning many of you are serving men like they are kings and god's and none of these people have the heart of God, no not one. Anyone who serves a man as an armourbearer is not in the will of God. You serve and be served, not just serve. When your number is called, I the lord God will kill anyone who serves a man consistently and can't tell the difference between when I speak and when the enemy speaks. So you and your master of flesh will die in battle together when I call you up before the throne for sending my servants to the frontlines to fight your battles of pride. Selah

3. Asher - Canaan - Captivity - Surrender

Warring messages. God states that many of your leaders, friends, and family have sold you out into captivity and have spoken secrets, gossip, and mysteries of you behind your back. They were merely using their priestly knowledge to find your true friends and see who you need around you, but many of you have sold them out to the enemy because you were in bondage to religion and held captive by rebellion. When the High Priest comes and reveals their robes of many colors, they will have 40 days until I release them as sons. They will know all and see all. If you fall into that above category, you have spoken against chosen people behind the throne and your warfare wont come from the devil; God says it will come purely from him until you present yourself to the priest with a sin offering. Selah

4. Gad - Jacob - Isreal - Ishmel - Black

; God's says a troop is coming that will release you from the curse of religion meaning many have sold their souls to the bible and not to God, which means you have connected with the knowledge of the bible and have not perfected the living of the bible. You fail to watch Jesus when he said "follow me." As a result you have no foundation because you have not found your gifts because they have taught you the inside of the book and not the outside of it. Many have preached the front of the cross and above the cross, but have missed the back and the sides. Watch as my prophets release end-time revelations in one word.

5. Dan - Daniel - Solomon - God

God says the mantle of Elijah is equipped with a spirit of judgment using the wisdom of Daniel, Solomon, and God. Any questions should be referred to the next number on the list.

6. Naphtali - Rachel - God - Leah

God says the only one with trouble is the one who is still struggling and you are in sin. The only one who judges a word is the one who is upset that their relationship with God was built on being led by a man while the others who receive revelations are led by God. You do not receive the word or end-time revelations with gladness because you have no foundation on which to stand. Meaning if you doubt your foundation or are scared to recognize your foundation, then you are a slave to a man. If you know your foundation and are connected to others but yet feel uncomfortable about other persons because you don't understand them, this is because you don't understand God's heart and you want what they have but are scared to ask, learn, or question their motives. If you have to find another to do your job whether it be through a scripture, spiritual gossiping with a friend, or avoiding them all together, then you don't know God like you think you do. God says with that being said if you have so much faith that he doesn't speak through different vessels the way he chooses, instead of emailing your friends, calling them and spiritual gossiping on the phone, come ask him yourself. God states he is right in between Rachel and Leah and his throne will be sitting over Florida until the 10th when he watches his sons and daughters be birthed out in the spirit.

You can come before then and walk on water to his throne and he will behold you just as your foundation is on sinking sand. I don't need speaking engagements to the ones that think I don't hear. I have one right now watching all non-believers and casual Christians who don't know God get ready to burn in hell following a man. In the priestly anointing you have to become all spirit and no man. Now this the fun part. When you don't hear your number called and you don't know where your tribe is, when the rapture happens and you are not in place... then you are what they call "left behind." Now who says favor isn’t fair and with this note Elijah is going underground with his Issachar anointing and will only speak through creation and if you grow up you might understand it.

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