Elijah Meets Moses
Elijah anointing positioned over churches in the south

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 17, 2010

Being obedient and following the voice of the Lord to help a fellow prophet I have now found the last piece of the puzzle for the dispensing of God’s Elijah anointing upon his remnant, end-time ministries, and for the end-time harvest. As I came in from today’s assignment, my spirit was immediately summoned before the throne-room of God, as I may relay that which has been confirmed in my spirit be confirmed from the mouth of God. It was then God allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal the complete plan of God to me and as such I reveal it to the earth and yet this plan will only be received by those who are following the Spirit of God and not the mouth of man. And what I have seen is a simple but carefully laid out plan of God that has his presence in select locations spread throughout my nice little quiet town. The only thing these ministries have left to do is submit to the authority of a prophet with an Elijah mantle and this city will shake the foundations of the world. In the spiritual quest to find the treasure I was led by the spirit to visit and fellowship with different ministries and what I saw in the spirit were attributes of God mixed with theology, mindsets, pride, religion and no solid foundation upon to build the Glory of God.

We have Revelation Knowledge in Pinson, Alabama where we have Pastor Larry and Tracy Russell in which the strong foundation of love radiates through this ministry. We have Cross Generation in Odenville where they have a strong foundation of obedience that radiates through this ministry. We have Healing Waters in Alabaster where Pastor Dennis Arnold releases a strong presence of Glory that radiates throughout this ministry. We have Life Changing Worship Center in Birmingham where the Eph. 2:20 foundation is evident toward the Glory of God. We have Rich and Robin’s 22 is 22 Ministries in which I see being rolling command posts for the moves and mandates of God. And last but not least we enter into the heart of God the worship at Abundant Harvest Church where Pastor Baldwin‘s presence illuminates worship and it is here that I elaborate on my assignment to show support and love to Prophet Atrice Hubbard as she released a glory word into this pastor life. I was shocked, in awe, and outdone with the worship. This place thrive on what God has put a mandate on for pure worship in my entire life in ministry I only teared up once and yet this worship today caused me to wipe the tears from my eyes continuously. The worship along with the prophetic word that Prophet Hubbard released added fuel to the prophetic word that Pastor Baldwin released, causing them to enter into another of level of worship that sent the church into self-deliverance and as such many where delivered into true repentance in the worship of the Lord. Not to forget the strong leading of the spirit by Pastor Oscar that kept the people in the presence of God.

Now as I sat and God said “this is the final piece to the puzzle.” It was revealed as I heard Abundant Harvest use a word that only is spoken by those who are truly in tune with the spirit of God. They mentioned the word “tribe” and as my spiritual radar went up, it was then I understood the nature in which God wishes to showcase his Elijah anointing. Those who are able to operate in a priestly anointing understand that God is after three specific tribes this season: Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon. There are also seven gates that are open to these three tribes as I mentioned in a previous revelation. As I ascend to another level to release the end-time prophecy it will not speak to the natural mind but those who hunger for a move of Elijah will receive a refreshing in their spirit. And with this thought I see Abundant Harvest leading the way for the tribe of Judah, ushering in the end-time worship that God desires; for as I looked at those carefully who sang and danced praises unto God there was not a sinner on-board (and those that had issues, you have to enter into a priestly anointing to see their doings that are hid by the Glory of God for their greater purpose in him and thus they are allowed to sing out of their live for God and not their love for man). I see Life Changing Worship Center leading the way for the tribe of Issachar for their biblical foundation will only be surpassed by their spiritual knowledge and thus they will lead people right into the glory of God. I see Healing Waters leading the way for the tribe of Zebulon to become dispensers of the glory of God.

So we recap for confirmation and acknowledgement: we have love, obedience, glory, foundation, worship and mandate. In the Spirit of God when you have love it causes obedience which causes the glory of God to show upon your life, then people will know you have a strong foundation in God; this causes people to worship the God of the heavens and fulfill the mandate to go and make disciples in the world. Now these five churches in the spirit represent the five-foundational gifts of God, each one of these is a training ground for a specific foundational gift. Those in spiritual authority must recognize that God is moving not through vessels of old, but those of new. Each church needs to have an Elijah prophet who holds the mantle to release the anointing upon their ministry, according to the standards of God that will be given to that prophet. This will be the seal that has to be upon any end-time ministry and/or church because this seal comes with instructions and to hear the instructions and then determine if you want the seal is spiritual death for the instructions are the foundation for these seals. The one end-time ministry will be considered the voice of God once they become aware of the authority they will possess once they come into the fullness of their destiny. The 22 is 22 ministry will become the wind that will release the end-time plan and word of the Lord for the bride of Christ and as such connection will be crucial as we near 2013 because rebellion will be at an all-time high.

There are number of prophetic movements that must take place and it will show the Bride forming when God leads Abundant Harvest to institute 24 hr worship this will cause the Elijah mantle to release revelation concerning how God wants his end-time worship to be presented to him if it’s for him. He states he demands respect in worship in this end-time season (just a hint leading people into worship and you are filthy will be punishable by death, he wants real worship).

When Cross Generation holds an Elijah revival this will release end-time revelation, anointing, power, and authority. Be careful, this conference will be full of rebuke as well as encouragement. This will be a sign that the Elijah anointing is in full operation in the south

When Life Changing Worship Center begins its equipping ministry this will be a sign that God is about to move mightily upon the earth for many will be taught the spiritual knowledge of the heavens and earth and will be opened up to another dimension in God.

When 22 is 22 begins to set up individual ministries in separate churches this will be a sign that God will be bringing his bride under one accord and thus it will signal a massive troop movement that will align all spirits to the one voice of God.

All these signs may happen together or at once but once they do God will issue a prophetic decree in the spirit to either get right or get left behind. The key to all these events is the invisible gate that is only seen behind the veil, although some have already passed through the gate unknowingly. God is releasing a special anointing to see this gate that is in your midst and therefore, when your name has been checked off at the gate you will enter into a rest of the Lord that has never been seen before the foundation of this world. But if you pass through the gate, you must always pay attention to the invisible gatekeeper and as such when you find the gatekeeper you find the gate and the Bible will become a living walking word once more. And with that I move to an unknown place, in an unknown anointing, with a known God where a pick up another duty as a scribe for God.  

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