The Revenge of the Prophet
The Master Potter is about to make Clay

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 25, 2010

I was awakened by a subtle touch on my feet and saw my warring angel. He said “come see” and immediately we were in the spirit and yet I was confused for this time we walked as he revealed the battles that I had personally up ahead. As we entered into this room I only seen a few times in which I call the ‘war room‘ for it has a 360 view of all screens that shows the events upon earth as God reveals it. In it I saw 5 more people and we sat to the right of God's throne in this room. It was then God replayed an event on earth that was broadcast on national tv and as we watched said event God said “stop” and pointed to a figure unseen by the natural eye but visible to those who see behind the veil. The demonic figure was so vivid that the act within itself should have raised red flags all over prophetville. Then God turned toward those of us who were sitting and said “reveal that man of sin so I can destroy the man of sin and yet all is lost and I will destroy them both.” With that angels appeared through the door and the Lord's eyes became an intense red and he said “the order of God shall be the order of the earth.” He also spoke more that is not for this present time, but I speak what he says in situations, circumstances, times and events for although I am bold in speech the Lord says name no names because people do not realize what they serve.

God states that a certain pastor who has established his throne in the great state of Texas has come to a point where he feels the wrath of the God who made him for overstepping his authority in the foundation of God. God says many have called him father when it also states in plain English in Holy scripture “call no man father.” God states this has caused many men to be drawn to this man of flesh in which they have sown into his life for they think to receive his anointing. In God's eyes the people who do this operate under a spirit of coveting meaning you are purchasing anointing and in doing so you have purchased his blood. God states that his spirit departed off this man on that day when he took it upon himself after coercing a prophet to humble herself on tv as he sat in the shadows with his belly tucked out and pride and arrogance in the air. 

God says this is an example of where people pay attention to gifts and not spirits, meaning you looked at a tree and yet you didn't see the tree was rotten; its ability to reproduce itself kept your eyes off the spiritual fruit for you only looked at the natural fruit. God says it is written in scripture that apostles and prophets are holy for they are sent from the throne of God. God says the pastor, evangelist, and teacher are not holy nor will they ever be holy in his sight, although they have authority in the foundation of the church. God says in scripture that the spirit of a prophet is subject to the prophet meaning a prophet is the only one that has the authority to rebuke a prophet and this is done behind closed doors. A pastor is not the prophet of the house. A pastor cannot hold dual-roles in the house; he is either one or the other and then that is according to spiritual authority in which it speaks through the individual. God says the events that have been unfolding the past month have not been the devil but him speaking in a language his Elijah prophets understand, that judgment has started in the church.

God also would like to inform this pastor that the explosion you received was not of the enemy, it was a warning that you have become too prideful, arrogant, and have built you a kingdom unto yourself. You have become an idol unto my sheep and as the tower of babel I am about to destroy and blow up your kingdom of babylon bastards for failure to seek the father and they have made themselves a human father. Your favorite son's exposure is not because that he is not perfect, it is my word that I am performing. You embarrass my favorite daughter by coercing her to humble herself before an unholy vessel. Now your favorite son must pay the price for your dealings and even as you lie in the darkness not coming out exposes the weakness of man for you speak highly when they are on top but what happens when they are out in the open? For I am a father who not only speaks in their hidden sins but when they are open sins also, so what kind of father are you? For to call no man of flesh father is because I God know the weakness of flesh. And as your favorite son lies open, naked, and wounded this speaks to the hidden healing needed for him for as his natural father rejected him so has his so-called spiritual father. For when a father sees his son in trouble just as the prodigal son he drops everything and rushes to his side, not hiding in the way of cowards who are afraid and yes I will expose you also pastor snake. For when people sow into your life and you have no earthly idea that you say it's for my work and you you clear all the cash you have made covenants with warlocks, witches, fallen angels and such all because of the filthy lucre that you have come to love so much. The Lord is shocked and plans to bring shame to your name; it puzzles me you have access to the plane and you fly near and far but your son is hurting and you didn't even fuel the jet. There is a storm coming to Texas and in which you pastor will reap the horror of being still alive as I destroy your honor just as you destroyed my daughter's faith because of an assignment I provided. No pastor will ever govern a prophet for my life is in their eyes.

You coerced a woman by using theology's door. Tell me pastor should I tell them how you really get your sermons and put them together times four to make what you call a “God said” and then you proceed to preach the house down? I have prophets who know your secrets and now I flush you out. You dishonored a prophet many years ago but I the lord do not forget. You crossed the line bishop, now see the horror unfold as I send a man in your house and tear your foundation down. Have you ever fought with God? Do you understand the tactics I use? This note is simple, it's just a warning tool that I am about to come to the potters house and melt the clay down and the same stage where you worked your manipulation on my prophet, that will be your crown. A prophet never apologizes or humbles themselves before a pastor's house for they were never meant to be in power; read the scripture aloud: “And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.” This is what Eph. 2:20 says. Have I changed my mind? Has the earth passed away? Your foundation is weak bishop and my prophets have no fear. The master potter has your building in sight. Prayers will do no good for you have wronged not a woman but me. The revenge of the prophets is the vengeance I have on you for making yourself her god and thinking she has to submit to you, a man of flesh who has no clue of heaven only in your frame of speech, prepare for destruction; get your house in order please. Don't worry about your finances for that all belongs to me. You are now about to be put on the altar of sacrifice for the world to see. Never let a demon tell you a prophet submits to you that should have been simple after all who prophesied your future to you? Now I the lord am a business man for I allowed them to gamble for my son's clothes. Get back on your stage and bring my daughter with you. Apologize before the world and hand her back her shoes, then take my ministry and divide among the world to my Elijah prophets and they will bring forth my bride. Take your family and go back to the hills and never preach again; I will allow the ravens to take care of you. Never again do you use witchcraft to humble a prophet before the world's eyes.

Now you can wait until my secret weapon gets healed and I will allow you to keep working, but your blessed assurance will be gone for you will not know where your eternity lies until you pass away and the weather in hell is sunny all-day. Prepare for the whirlwind, the dreaded-one is about to touch down.


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