The Return of Ruth

by Dedric Hubbard
Jan 7, 2010

As I awoke this morning feeling the glory move through the house and being full of the Issachar anointing God says it is time for the return of Ruth. For most congregations if they are really moving in the things of God and if they are being fine-tuned to the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit they should have realized already that this year is not church as usual. God has the church in a Ruth season looking for a Boaz anointing this is a very key and pivotal point in the life and death of a church this season because just as God gives individuals assignments if you are in the right place at the right time the assignment of your church must change because everything you need is in place to do what God has called your church to do. Pay attention as we glean a few scriptures for answers:

The church is in a season when there is really a famine for the things of God. Most preachers however talented, gifted, and/or anointed they are have tainted and compromised the gospel for memberships, cash, prestige, bigger buildings with padded pews and crystal chandeliers. The gospel has been turned into a hoop fest to awaken a person's flesh instead of his integrity. There is no piercing life-changing gospel that Jesus preached to challenge a person in sin. It’s overlooked because the sinners just happen to be the biggest tithes-payers and givers in the church. We don’t want to run them off because it may cause my Benz payments to decrease. There is a famine for God-ordained and sent prophets to speak the mind and will of the Lord instead of being flown in from across the states to release a word and stuff their pockets, split it with the pastor and off to their next miracle side-show. When will they stir up the gifts and release a people into their kingdom-mandated assignment instead of holding them hostage with prosperity promises and a homosexual lifestyle? But hold on, Ruth will return.

There is a people who didn’t know God but just as Ruth she heard about him and was willing to try him and those who hung on to every promise that God ever gave yes they rocked and they cried and cried again and again and again blew their nose and cried again. Isn’t it funny the one that introduced you to God is still at the same place and the same level and you have moved on closer to your destiny? Isn’t it funny they can see the fault in you but can’t see the blessing? Oh how they laughed and talked about you? How they gossiped about you and scandalized your name not at home but in church. Isn’t it funny the place that you should go for love, healing, and deliverance is the place where you are cursed, victimized, and scandalized? But you know a friend who had a friend that moved you out of that mess. But hold on, Ruth will return.

There has been a kinsman redeemer spotted and he’s not on the forefront, he’s on the storefront. That little ole church that nobody pays attention to has a redeemer and his name is Jesus. Inside that building are people who are willing to do whatever it takes. There assignments have been changed and God has given them an identity, it’s called kingdom manifestation. Every member walking around in and outside of church glowing in the glory of God, not for who they are but for what they have become: examples of Jesus, their love unconditional, their gospel transparent, and their anointing unique. Yes, God is revealing himself again through signs and wonders. God is sending the church back to the altar, not the people because a church is no stronger than the people inside so just as Ruth let's go back to the foot of our kinsman redeemer.

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