The Inoperable Eye
God sees your work!

by Dedric Hubbard
April 20, 2011

Yep, the father says he's coming in for a closer view using the eagle eyes of his chosen prophets operating in the spirit of Elijah and the report they have been giving him has not been good. And as I laugh at the nature of the revelations that God has been releasing in this hour. I shudder to think of those who have no understanding of what's going on in this season and yet your jakes and longs are preaching there in-season messages of "Easter" while promoting resurrection before the throne you might as well say nothing at all. For the Glory of God is not defiled in your pagan holidays you are heathens says the spirit of the Lord. And just as the natural eye needs help when it is not working as God designed it we understand spiritual the church is not working properly as God designed and it's not because of man, but God people do not see the manifest presence of God in church because Jesus never stayed in church he stayed out in the marketplace and yet mega-minds want to build mega-churches so that you can mega-size their bank account as such the church eye is infected and inoperable in this season:

Eyelid imbrication - And yet this is a medical term but by reason of the revelation the Holy Spirit is releasing I forego the natural revelation for the spiritual revelation. In that the church is not growing and operating as God sees fit because the pastoral foundation is not willing to submit to their place in the body of Christ, but yet they want to place everyone in positions, boards, groups etc., according to their knowledge of that individual according to their written objectives and purpose. Your eyes are blinded pastors and yet many may read this in offense. Can I tell you now or later you can't put yourself above scripture? If so you put yourself in the big chair where the father sits and thus you have become a god. Now in this exercise you look up what eyelid imbrication means then you turn to Eph. 4:11 and see your place in the church and if you acknowledge anything that I release in this revelation means your eyes are operating as God intended yet why are you damaging his eyes in the church. Solution you best to find an eye of Elijah or God will cause your eyes to become inoperable and you will have to send for an Elijah prophet to restore your sight and even that if it's not the right prophet that's assigned to your church it want work.

Eyelash Sign - We see a lot of people coming to the altar with the same sickness, diseases, and infirmities but yet the pastor keeps making altar calls. Now is that a sign of a believer? Of course not, you can't be a believer without the foundation of God in place. So what's happening your pastor's are ear jocking you; they hit you with the flesh message get you all excited and then have an altar call. Sin cannot heal sin, thus if your church does not have all the gifts in place how can Jesus operate? Don't they teach you that Jesus operated in submissive authority? If your pastor is not submitted these are 90% false works of the flesh and not 100% signs of Jesus being seen because your church is out of order. Solution go to Eph. 4:11 and see who is preaching, teaching, and laying hands all the time. Thus it's a sign you can see because out of two or three witness even if it's the same scripture it means you didn't study to show yourself approved and thus you will be ashamed if you don't submit to the higher authority.

Eye Speculum - Now this is where the eye is separated. This is where Holy Ghost says how in the world can a pastor say they are preaching under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, listening to the Holy Ghost, and my favorite “the Holy Ghost showed up and showed out.” Hmm Holy Ghost says he does nothing out of order because he is submitted to the word that he wrote, the son walked out, and God spoke. Now you do know the Holy Ghost is about to show up and show out in the form of death? You do know for any person that is not in the correct foundation, with callings and elections uncertain, when you stand to speak your life can become a vapor like that scripture he wrote. Holy Ghost says to not be in your correct foundational position in this season and preaching the gospel is considered blasphemy, meaning Holy Ghost has decided to show himself mighty. Solution now you pastor need to separate that pride, find that Elijah prophet, be taught under the new wine anointing or stay in place and drop dead behind the pulpit. Now personally I pause for my opinion I like to see it happen just so somebody can be an example but hey I like seeing the prideful fall and yet somebody wants to be a pharaoh and you will be separated from God forever.

Eye piece - Now eyepiece is good; that means you are connected to a mouth-piece and that mouth is God which means this Palm Sunday will cap 3 days and 3 nights. If you were a good eyepiece for God watching and praying there were 3 major events that happened in the heavens and 2 major events that happened at night in the heavens. Jesus says the sign of Jonah (many translations the heathens read say whale; Aramaic and Jewish say big fish and/or sea monster) now prophetic understanding says there is only one creature big enough to fit this which is Leviathan thus because Jonah was prideful the Lord allowed Leviathan to swallow Jonah, meaning he was seeing the inside of himself because he had a false revelation that he can do what he wants. Thus we know even though Jonah did what God said he was still considered a false prophet with a mission and as such to search the scriptures when Jonah died he went to hell.

Any Pastoral foundation that does not submit or that places themselves or allows a person not lead by the spirit of God to place them in a position that is not rightfully theirs, God will let you work but you can believe that when you die you are already condemned to hell. For denying a move of the spirit is blasphemy of the Spirit and yet the last major event which will happen on this Palm Sunday is for anyone who worships combo-paganistically meaning your Easter Resurrection Sunday is offensive to the cross. To have Resurrection Sunday is offensive to the cross! Why? It's not biblical heathens! Whatever the Jewish call it and celebrate that's what Jesus recognizes, you can't celebrate a spirit’s death, burial, and resurrection heathens; spirits don't die. He came in the Spirit to symbolize the spirit that's in you and to celebrate you making a spirit human, denying the works of the cross. Everything that happened naturally was symbolic of what he was doing in the spirit. Thus to celebrate this time in this year it's his time of visitation completing the 3 days and 3 nights when people start revealing the false nature of the cross that was instituted by prideful men who didn't want to go the way Jesus left because they wanted to be covered by another man's ministry. So the church is out of order!

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