What is the Gospel?
It's God’s Spell

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, September 16, 2010

There are times at which I am amazed at the wisdom of God and the nature in which he speaks in order to bring clarity unto his remnant, end-time army and harvest. Sitting in a position of honor, God showed me one of his most treasured rooms; in it contains his words for man according to his thoughts. When an angel of the Lord or the Holy Spirit moves upon a human to share these revelations, it is God entrusting to, despite our shortcomings, write, preach, or reveal the word as he intended for when you are among his throne and are summoned by him, you are holy in his sight which means he reveals unto you his holy kingdom. It was one of these moments that I was summoned for the angel said “come let's go see the words of Life” and in this room there were Holy Angels being instructed by the Holy Spirit how to instruct the prophets to release end-time revelations. It was then I understood that many have been preaching not from God's mind but from the subtle wisdom of man. In as such I saw them walk into the room as the elders followed behind and God said “sit” and there appeared chairs of revelation (chairs which were made of glass and you could see words, verses, and phrases moving through the chairs in random sequence) and the elders sat in their assigned places and I stood (since their was not a seat for me) and then I heard God say “sit” and then a chair similar to a baby's high chair appeared among the others and I climbed like a ladder to sit in this seat and then the elders formed a semicircle around me and everyone's attention was on God. As my heart raced for I felt power but yet it was calmness and I said aloud but unto myself a quiet storm in heaven. The Holy Spirit came forth with a book that was handed to him by Jesus and said to me “read” so I read but didn't understand the language and symbols, so I lifted my head and looked at God. He smiled and said “read” and when I looked again I understood and as I read aloud the elders smiled, laughed, and even shouted aloud. But everyone was not happy as Jesus had a distant look and God spoke and then he rejoiced. I don't know if I read for 10 mins or 10 hours, I wasn't concerned about time, but I found myself shaking as if I was coming out of a pool of water.

So I repeat not all of what I read but I reveal some for we have preached the gospel according to the teachings of men and yet no one as I say again bothered to ask God so we teach a living word with living principals and yet it calls for death to access the living word because it has to be taught the spirit of death to understand the principals needed to live unto life everlasting. The Bible is written in spiritual encoded principals in which you have to understand the fullness of each Godhead's responsibilities in the creation of the world to really understand the Word. The Bible must be read in width, height, breadth and length for this is the love in which was shown to create us according to their image and likeness. We serve an unlimited God so the Word is unlimited as long as it's in written form, and to have the foolishness to attend these demonically taught theology schools to try and pinpoint certain patterns and words of the Bible is foolish human wisdom. The Bible starts with a pattern to get you aroused but if accessed in the fullness of which is was written it is unlimited in revelation and power. The Bible says “for God so loved the world that he gave his only son....” Many have said that to interpret that God loves us, the Bible says “the world.” What's the revelation? In the spirit it reads “For God so loved the Withholding Of Revelation until Learned Discipline that he gave his Self Obedient Nature. Son and world are the two key words in that phrase. God has so much that we can imagine and that I am finding out, that he won’t even reveal himself fully in revelations, power, authority, miracles etc until you really learn his obedience which is his ten commandments. They can't teach you revelations like that in theology, religion, denominations, or any of the other man-made garbage; you have to go before him to find him for yourself. “He's changing scripture to fit his own agenda” sit down you man-made bastard, I change nothing. The problem is that you have to know there is more to God than what you have allowed man to teach you and thus they control what you read, see, and hear. And I rather matter of fact will challenge you that I will read from the spirit of God's throne in his presence and know I am right, rather than hold it. If I held back, he would release nothing new because I was afraid to release the last revelation he gave me.

The Bible is written in spiritual tongues as you speak it in the spiritual and you may say many words, but it may be only two sentences when it is revealed for interpretation, so the Bible is; it is limited in book form but before the throne in that room it is a continuous flow of words in the context in which God said it because he is an ever speaking God. We are just selective listeners because sometimes it's not our season to say anything. The gospel is not the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, that is the picture of us if we don't conform to the standards of which Jesus was sent. This means many as we live and even those who preach the gospel are dead in sin, and must bury our sin nature, and rise into our new life until we access the fullness of God in which through our learned obedience he reveals himself more, gives more revelations, provides greater power, and then we receive more of his presence. Many of you are just existing and not living for you have leaders that have limited your access to God based on their relationship with God so many of you are held back, overlooked, unequipped, and stagnant because of some leader that you have given your spiritual authority to. Read in the spirit unless there is a set foundation there is no authority in the house and to be a man after God's own heart you have to read from his heart and if you have not been equipped in your foundation in God then you and your leaders are not operating according to the standards in the Bible. So the Gospel is God's spell on an individual when he chose you to realize who you are and what you possess in him; many of you respond to it as having a call on your life. He then takes you through the process and once completed he sends you into an area to make a difference but you can't be afraid of man and comments to really understand the fullness of his power. To have God's spell (gospel) upon your life and let a man, leaders, or traditions hold you back is punishable by death because to start the process and not finish it means you have turned your back on the kingdom and those who God has already assigned you to. Thus you cause God to increase the workload of another who will be obedient unto death; what would have happened is Paul stopped to make sure that everyone knows he was who God said he was. In the scripture he said he confirmed with no man, which means he heard God's voice, went where he said, and wrote almost the entire Gospel. When you have the approval of God, why would you stop to check with a man? Paul didn't care about what Peter and the rest thought, he cared about what God thought. I don't care about what people think, I care about what would happen if I don't move, say, or do what God says.

Many of you will be left behind waiting on man to approve you and Jesus already showed you, then Paul came back and confirmed it by showing you again in human form. You would rather be separated by yourself then continue to go in a building that is not equipping or is only equipping according to human ways, then to learn from God by yourself in your own home and believe me there are plenty others like you so when the time comes you will not have to forsake the assembly of other believers. Don't let God raise you and you stay behind because another man won't bathe you and that's the Gospel.

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