The Marriage Principles

by Dedric Hubbard
May 30, 2010

As we rotate into next month we enter a cycle of heat for it will be summer. It is during this time that most sexual encounters led into pregnancy as some will start to birth their seed. A month of heat, it is during this month God will prepare the seed for the birthing of his kingdom if they don't abort the mission and the gift. We must search the scriptures for the answer to some of our darkest question as the demon Marduk wants to pass some of us unto the flames. It is with this season of birthing for God's endtime vessels that he would want to either have the prophet abort or carry to full term the gift of God for his own use. The emerging prophet must be careful because the sun is aligned with the river Hiddekel which stands for “that which is hidden.” There are hidden revelations that God is releasing through his end-time prophets but the enemy has hidden traps also. God is trying to align his power and knowledge with the correct vessels and the devil wants confusion to control said vessels. The Apostles and Prophets for the end-time are being birthed in this season by God, not man. Be mindful of anyone saying they are your covering, mid-wife or whatever term they may use. God speaks to each one of us and if you need help he will guide you to the resource, person, or information you need. Do not take help from someone who offers help. Do not offer yourself to anyone for the devil is getting crafty for he knows his time is short. If you do not follow God's orders you will not receive all he has because this is a hidden season he has hidden people with all you need. We must also realize God is judging the church in this season. I don't care how you feel about a place, person, or whatever, they will either lead you to the water or give it to you but they can't make you drink.

With that advice that is why God introduced the marriage principals. The man represents God's authority on the earth and the wisdom is represented by the woman. The prophet are the receivers and the apostles are the givers. With that thought, when God told the woman the man will have rule over her we must understand the trickery that has taken place and the woman was deceived. Therefore because they should have been as one he was speaking to the woman but talking to the man. That is why men are not emotional because in God's wisdom he understood the serpent was listening so in order to protect authority he spoke to the woman. But later when God said “give honor to the woman for she is the weaker vessel” he was talking to the man to protect the woman for man had not lost authority but confidence to speak to that which he had authority to speak to. So behind the scenes God was speaking to confidence and emotions. We must realize that is why women are so emotional, because they are also protectors by nature for they were created together. Meaning if God ordained the marriage it should be ruled by God's wisdom according to the nature of the task. Being submissive is not the woman's or man's job but wisdom that is ordained by God. If a prophet sees and relays the information and it is not received then the receiver is not at fault for they gave. If the giver does not release it is not his fault for he did listen then who's fault is it? It's wisdom fault which means both parties are to blame for not reaching an agreement in the spirit of wisdom. In natural marriage if one is always at odds then chances are you did not use wisdom when marrying or you are not using wisdom when dealing with your mate.

For what I have put together let no man put asunder. Man meaning (moving according to nature) which means the curse was when one cannot come to a conclusion they resort to their original sin. Women become deceitful and manipulative and the man becomes authoritative and holds silent anger. “This is my house, you're my wife, you do what I say or you sleep on the sofa, don't touch me, I am going out.” So it is with the church's failure to build on God's foundation. It returns back into the bondage before Jesus came uninformed of the power they have or the ability to reproduce God and not man. This is the season in which those in a marriage not ordained of God in the spirit will return to their nature before they marry. The wife going out with single women, messing around, deceitful, and flirty. The man sleeping with everything he can and being selfish, hanging out with guys. Symbolizing the church flirting with danger and failure to submit to the Holy Spirit. The warning signs will be these in particular: you associate your membership with which speaks of denomination and non which have become a denomination unto themselves. The ones that are God ordained will see the smoke and head for the hills for they will start home ministries by themselves or with others of the remnant therefore watch and pray for God is judging his house.

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