The Death of a Eulogy
Death to anyone who worships in non-denominational religion

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 20, 2010

Sitting before the Lord this time not for me but was summoned by Jesus as I sat in the position of the Office of an Intercessor between the fourth and fifth heaven I was instructed to wait and see and I what saw then startled me. It was just confirmation of the spiritual battle many Christians encounter for failure to understand God and the workings among his throne for if you speak it and don't see it, what faith have you obtained? All these years and haven't seen the kingdom of heaven, the throne room of God, and the majesty which is displayed. To have a relationship with God is the first step in communicating with him but to understand him is the first step in entering into eternity.

So as these two women came before God in prayer I learned two things: becoming common with God is death within itself, and to become common with man is death to your soul. As they petitioned God in prayer their prayers were never answered by God but were answered by the demonic angels attached to the religious spirit in which they are a part of. Although I could let loose a fireball of revelations about what's coming to the church when you are in the presence of Jesus I have to watch their feelings. Any end-time prophets (especially those who are connected with the Elijah anointing) know that the spiritual water has risen, for God is flooding out the church not with water but fire. The standards for church and gifts has risen since July, but because your church has prophets who have been operating illegally and/or without order they have no knowledge of the spirit world in which many are now accessing. Many prophets are not operating from the throne but from behind the throne in which God places them in their caves and when he turns them loose they come out a-blazing for to reach behind to get a prophet is a wonder in itself. For God to reach behind he is actually reaching forward for these prophets have seats in a kingdom not seen by man. Now when these two women had their prayers answered they went on and then their pastor came up and the demonic angels spoke unto him what he spoke to the women and thus confirmation took place.

I don't care about any person who sits in a pastoral foundation for many are at war with God and if God declared judgment and war on them whether they believe us or not I am one the winning side. As for the sheep that are caught in the crossfire Jesus wishes to protect you from the death that religion is offering and yet many are taking sides with their pastor. Let it be known that if you continue to stay in a religion that calls itself non-denominational then you are up for a display of power by God and his servants. Consider this a warning to vacate your demonically controlled structures and your self-made idols or face the fury of fire that will be released upon your heads. For many sheep have been encouraged, comforted, and released into their destiny and ministries by God and yet you continue to stay in a place where you have outgrown yourself spiritually because you have become comfortable and familiar with the spirits in that house. Many churches will be destroyed by individuals of this nature for giving an oath to God and now that it has come time to pay up you refuse to obey. All those emotional outbursts “whatever you want to do Lord...” “use me Lord...” “whereever you want me to go Lord...” were covenants with a living God and failure to keep your part of the bargain will bring undue punishment on the other sheep. Jonah needs to be thrown overboard for rebelling before judgment comes to your house sooner than it should.

If I was a pastor I would sooner kick some of you out, let you start your ministry and come and join yours than to be in a church under judgment from the Lord. These first two examples one will ask their husband to service her automobile, the other will ask a man about her automobile. As they talk in conversation the conversation will come up about their automobiles. God will be telling you both that if you don't leave the ministry that you are a part of then the death of those in leadership will be credited to your account for failure to answer the call of destiny own your life. One woman will need an oil-change representing the leader will have a heart-attack for every time God tells you to leave and start your own you let people, demons, and spirits change your mind. The other will have a noise under the hood representing you make a lot of noise about situations and yet you continue to allow those same spirits to feed you for you are well past your due date.

After the heart attack of your leader anyone that tries to stand in his position and you are still there will suffer similar what you may call “accidents of the devil” but this will be the curse over your house before the judgment starts. Many churches need to get themselves a God-sent prophet who can tell you the difference between the devil's works and God's judgment this season for many of you are rebuking the wrath of God and in doing so you will become an enemy of the kingdom. For speaking against a battle you can't see you'd rather keep your mouth closed and watch then to jump on a prayer wagon, fasting, etc., talking about the devil is attacking your church. Your failure for not having the correct foundation of God is destroying whatever foundation you have built your ministry on until you come to the standards of God. So the religion of non-denominational because of your practices you have been summoned in the spirit to the top of Mt. Carmel where you will be breathed upon by certain prophets of Elijah with the fire of God until you are extinguished and/or reformed to God's way or no way. For the thief is visiting your home and found items missing that he knows are there; either show him your valuables or the fire will fall from the air.

I will be your host, judge, jury, executioner, and perhaps your teacher of choice. Whatever God's says and/or whoever he says I talk this is your warning to all come Weds. Judgement starts in the church. Next up Baptist, AOH, Pentecostal, Holiness, etc., whoever does not come together as a group will be destroyed separately as a witness to the God of this world does not operate in division but wholeness.  

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