The Anatomy of who I am

by Dedric Hubbard
May 12, 2010

Many would like to know son who I am to them. Shall I take them on a journey as we get to the bottom of this mess? Before the world comes to a close there are some things which need to be put to bed.

The anatomy of who I am is not seen in work and dress, the color of your skin or the smoothness of your face. It is not in how long you spend on your knees in prayer or determined by the scriptures you memorize. The anatomy of who I am is: do I see my son working through you?

The anatomy of who I am is not in the words you speak, the people who you have won to church and not to Christ; this has nothing to do with me. The anatomy of who I am is not how much tithes you pay in order to be allowed to make decisions in a house that I do not own, based on the amount you pay. The anatomy of who I am is not the names you drop, who you are connected to, or the people you have on your side. The anatomy of who I am is: do I see my Son's power in you?

The anatomy of who I am is not in the members you have, the following you maintain, or the books that you written or read while continuing to defame my name. The anatomy of who I am is not the pride you hold, the grudges you keep, the broken heart you feel when your mate leaves your life. It is not the power you say you hold, nor the sermons that you preach. The anatomy of who I am is: do I see my Holy Spirit in thee?

Yes, my son, who do man say I am? What you have written above is what I see down below. The earth has become cruel, selfish, vengeful and many have created a world of their own. They have built their cities and kingdoms to place themselves on high. You know the word I am looking for, type it it's fine. They have made human idols and they are hiding behind metal bars and domes they say in my name. I the Lord build kingdom, not churches for them to hide inside.

The anatomy of who I am has been compromised as they continue to divide my name through divisions, traditions, religion, and theology notes. The mislead my people through vain words and thoughts. They have manipulated my people according to their rule. They have failed to heed the words and signs of the previous times. Now once again I shall make it known from heaven to earth who is in charge.

The anatomy of who I am is unity, order, and my Holy Spirit power working through each one of my children. I ask you, can this task be done? Of course, there is nothing too hard for I the Lord if obedience is in place. You pray my words for healing, deliverance, comfort and the such but your life is out of order and that is why it takes time. Align with the life I have for you and time will be a thing of the past. To walk in spiritual authority is to walk in everything heaven has.

So what is a father to do when he has a wayward child? Bring discipline and order to guide his path. The anatomy of who I am will soon be released. I will send my rod of correction upon this earth to correct the paths of my wayward children. I don't care how old you are, the ministries and churches you have been packing are out of order from head to toe. I will send my prophets to talk to you. Turn at my reproof and everything will be fine. TO DENY MY WORD THROUGH MY VESSELS IS NOT AN OPTION THIS TIME. READ THE WORD. I THE LORD WILL LAUGH WHEN DESTRUCTION STARTS TO TAKE PLACE.

The anatomy of the Lord is the unity that you must reach before you are allowed to be a bride and all five of the bridal gifts must be worn around the bride's garments as well. Now the question must be asked, who is coming to heaven? For sure no one knows the time. You have been warned. Get it together or be forced to see the Lord's other side.

Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center
Dedric Hubbard 2010

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