Time To Let My People Go
Elijah 2 Jezebel 0

by Dedric Hubbard
June 1, 2010

Isaiah 58:1 “Shout it aloud, do not hold back.
Raise your voice like a trumpet.
Declare to my people their rebellion
and to the house of Jacob their sins.”

Well another one bites the dust. We had a challenge in the spirit from a Nephilim demon and as always in this season we let them know who is the boss of this world. Says he got upset with my taunting and jokes so he says I was cutting people up. I told him to read the Bible, they cut themselves after Elijah asked where is their god? We’re on Mt. Carmel serving milk and honey so I told them when you come up here you get stuck for destruction so I ask the name; it was Azazel the fallen angel, that's all I need to know. When God appeared (for the battle is his) he came with cross in hand the shape of a sword. He called for the witnesses to show them the true form of the fallen angel that had beguiled them. Told everyone to turn their heads and the Lord said “according to your words will I do unto you” and then although I did not see I heard the sound of a slice and a crack. I guess the sword cut him asunder for when told us to turn around there was nothing left.

God says he made man and woman beautiful after his image. The fallen angel Azazel is responsible for most women’s cosmetics; that is why they are made up of animal by-products. The question is, did you ask God before you bought all those things you use to supposedly make yourself look good? How bout the skirt that rides half-way and past the milky way? You are being seduced and belittled by fallen angels because you do not know the origin of your heaven nor earth. And have been serving false gods and God, in this end-time kingdom there is only one God, so now you understand why many of you have trouble hearing God; it's a combination of your state of mind and state of attire. You are asking for the mind of Christ but wearing the armour of the fallen angels; that is why you are hypocritical and judgmental when you hear the truth, because you are double-minded carnal Christians, lusting after the things of this world and the things of God. This ought not be so. Can we kill some demons in your life? And then maybe you can war in the spirit for at least one hour with a Isaiah 58:8 mentality so you can find your anointing.

Azazel - works with Yeqon (perverted spirit), Asbel (gives false information), and Pineme. Pineme releases the perverted information causing Gaderel an angel of war to war with a messenger of God. He holds up the messenger long enough for Pineme to appear before you and whisper the false information in your ear. If you accepted it, Kasadya enters your spirit and cause you to abort your gift, calling, and destiny. This the flight of a false prophet. When the real one comes you will not receive them because they come with infallible proofs before they reach their destination and thus you end your ministry career because you believed a lie over the truth because it looked and sounded good. Truth in this end-time season is not going to sound good and as I look through my office everyone will be wounded by truths, for you have been deceived for so long by men who you thought sought the face of God for your life only to realize they have been listening to demonic spirits and fallen angels.

Many wonder why they can't access God like other people. One, you have to find your self and once you are comfortable in finding yourself, he shows you him slowly. Once you see God for who he is, then he shows you who you are in him, then he shows you what you are called to do, your trials are how bad do you want it? See, you got to come here empty. The world has nothing in me and I owe no man nothing! So when I come before the throne boldly we meet face to face and I make my petitions known. If I feel like I am being attacked I have sense enough to call someone who I know hears and God responds, not the prophet down the streets who feeds half and bits of information. The demons to kill in this three month cycle are horoscopes and any type of perverted information, friends, jokes, etc. Any prophet you have come in contact with and you know that something ain't quite right, any so-call bible-based religious organization. These are works of one fallen angel and his henchman. But it's your life, you live it your way but I can prophesy this: it won't get you in heaven because those are the works of a spirit. Hey, I am just the messenger; you'd better head into your closets and drawers and say “God, what do I need to get rid of?” And if he says all he means all. I did it so I know you can.

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