A Covering Coward
spiritual faggots and dykes

by Dedric Hubbard
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As I slowly feel my anointing and assignment change I see the subtle decrease in revelations of which I have become so accustomed too, and as any good servant you bow out gracefully. It is here as mentioned on Sunday I reveal the revelation of a covering coward, twisted sissy, or whatever word/phrases that gets the biggest offense is what I am after. When God gives a person a vision to start a ministry, church, etc, it should reflect the heart of God for a specific area, location, and/or state; it should also include ways to build and bring that ministry into the fullness of God not the fullness of man. With that frame of thought the individual should go into prayer about the vision with the Bible as the guideline and foundation of any ministry but before this is done the mistake is made; they go into prayer as to who should "cover" their ministry. Although I reveal this from the Throne I make no room for error in knowledge but make room for error in understanding. For those who read, it will break the very foundation in which they have been raised to idol status. In the eyes of God it's a modern day tower of Babel for every "church" now is speaking the same language and only through the eyes of Elijah's finest is the deceit noticed for it is subtle in nature but huge in power and authority.

God gave man dominion and a woman as helpmate. In this many have underestimated  the value of their wife in ministry. You don't pray for who is to cover the ministry, you pray for who is the strongest vessel spiritually to led the ministry. It's usually the one to whom God gave the vision for the ministry, be it a man or a woman. They enter into prayer as couple for God to reveal which gifts each possesses and then you build the ministry around the missing gifts. A successful ministry must be built upon the word of God. Eph. 2:20 states an apostle and prophet are the solid foundation of any ministry. Eph. 4:11 speaks "and he gave some apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastor, and teachers." Herein is the wisdom of God. When God gets ready to equip a ministry he sends the best fit for that ministry and he loans his prized possessions to help build the church vision. This means God will send a prophet/apostle for a season to a church and based on your response to God's gift you will either build ministry or hinder ministry. If you don't respect God's gift he will instruct them to leave and where do these apostle/prophets come from? 1Cor. 12:28 "And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues." Notice what's missing? a pastor and evangelist, because when you come across a foundational gift they are walking foundations and operate in all five foundational gifts. They sit in the presence of God only going where God sends them because they are obedient and powerful and can shape a whole church in 2 or 3 years if the spiritual authority is humble enough to sit and be taught as well as the congregation of the master's finest.

In this season who is God's finest? The Elijah prophets, for they are walking churches in the flesh. If people do not hearken to the spirit in which they speak rather than the words they speak, God will instruct them to assemble and start their own Bride. In this, every gift will submit itself to whatever is needed by the unction of the Holy Spirit. From my own personal experience (and other prophets have shared the same), God has sent me to a few which have confused themselves by trying to build me into their vision when we are in fact sent to teach you your vision. The church has confused foundations with titles and they think that when a prophet enters they wish to take over the church, this can be true in some cases if the prophet is untrained and want to be noticed. The prophet should submit himself as a teacher for they will be equipping and training but if the spiritual authority is intimidated (and mostly they are even if they say they aren't) the transfer will never fully take place for they have to recognize spiritual authority, not title challenge. With that being said, a churches covering is no more than the five foundational gifts that God states in the Bible. A person who looks to another man outside of the ministry that God gave him for answers, counsel, etc., has told God, "I can't handle the vision you have given me," and they instead submit their vision under another's man's vision. Your vision is now tailored to match another man's and parts of what God has given you are included. You have just become this man's wife and the language is you are a sissy.

1st Tim. 3:5 has become your sword in which you have went outside of your house and committed adultery in the spirit for your help and advice is the woman he gave you and if you are not evenly yoked then that really wasn't the woman he wanted you to have.  Although I operate in the spirit of revelation I subject myself to the flesh for commentary purposes. Many are submitting to a man the way a woman submits to a man. In this the spirit of perversion enters for they have twisted a vision from God for their lives and entered into a spirit of agreement with another man's vision, causing you to no longer have God's identity on your life but that of a man who has made you his @!%$#. Now you run and drop everything at his call like a dog hearing the dinner bell. You sit and lap his hands as he pets you into submission, you are a sick sissy.

When God speaks a vision it must be understood by the Bible in which God speaks the ending from the beginning and the vision a pastor gets is the end of the vision which is the work of the vision. The prophet has the second part of the vision which is the equipping, stripping, and instructing of the vision, the apostle has the beginning of the vision in which apostle/prophets set the order of the vision as the cornerstone (Jesus) instructs them in this until one comes they take turns teaching and equipping the church for the work of ministry. So a pastoral foundation that looks to another pastor for covering is a coward for not being willing to go through the warfare needed to understand the grace of God upon their lives in that they lose the identity that God gave them and take on someone else's identity. This introduces spiritual warfare upon the sheep in which they teach the gospel of looking like a man to preach instead of being disciplined like Jesus to preach. I just stopped by to tell you anyone who operates a ministry in the fashion, the man is a faggot and the woman is a dyke. The depth of your offense speaks to my defense. You are still of the world for this is worldly in nature and a sin in the spirit.

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