Beware The Spirit Of Concentrated Coveting!

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 7, 2010

Had a vision last night in which I was at a gathering speaking and this one particular person seemed like I knew the woman and she came to me and I noticed her I then took her hands and was starting to prophesy. All of a sudden big globs of foam came out of my mouth every time I began to release a word. Finally I had a gap in which I spoke for about five minutes and when I finished the woman sat in a chair and just passed out to the right side of the chair and died. When I awoke and inquired to God about the vision he said “it's a spirit in which the devil will use people who are following you secretly without access to kingdom knowledge as you have. They will come to you and offer you speaking engagements in which you will think it's part of your destiny but it will be high-level demonic agents who wish to come into your spiritual atmosphere in the spirit of agreement. If you haven't been taught this the judgment falls on your spiritual leader.” This is where God shows the true meaning of a covering; you ask God not a man is this for you and if so he will tell you who you need to bring along. You then accept the invitation. What happens in the spirit is that when you humble yourself to ask for help from that individual their anointing then becomes part of your arsenal in that atmosphere. They would have submitted their spiritual authority to you because they like to see you succeed and in turn if they come to you it will work the same, everyone knowing their place and anointing in different situations as led by the Holy Spirit. There also will be times in which you may speak but allow the other to minister or vice-versa as the Lord leads. The danger of this is God will allow you to speak to them the desires of their heart for they may have come to you in deceit, coveting what you have and after you speak their desires the Glory they sought to obtain in deceit will be given to them in full measure of your life. Meaning what you have died in Christ to obtain they will die in the natural to be restrained, for this will be the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit or what Elijah calls “drop-dead anointing” if you think you can falsify your spiritual authority in this season!

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