The Faces of Elijah's Babes

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, December 16, 2010

As I sat in a place of worship, I understood while listening to the Holy Spirit that man and music does not dictate worship or words, it is dictated by the way God communicates with us and the form in which he wants us to communicate back to him. It was then the Holy Spirit released a revelation in which he explained to only know music as worship to God is a sin within itself. For you have narrowed God down to music in which you then try to contain an understanding of if and when God speaks. This insults the very presence of his Glory and thus the revelation of worship is following soon, but only after I have fed it to the children for this is the children’s bread; available for those who have wished to understand the true worship of God in this Elijah season. In my state of worship I sat amongst a river of water looking at a distance as the Glory of God settled on this ship. It was then God turned the ship around and on the front was the body of a young child smiling, which was carved as the nose of the ship. It was then I had a view on the ship in which the passengers and the deckhands were arguing with the captain but he was inside a glass box and smiling. Every now and then, he would go to the wheel, place his hand upon it as if he was steering the ship, check the compass, and then go back to the people. It was then I saw the Glory of God lift the boat and turn it and he gave me a vision that the compass and the wheel never moved. The Glory of God then took upon the shape of water and set the boat within himself. The water then started raging, the ship began to shake violently, and I heard the spirit of God then say, “watch this son.” The young child on the ship translated into human form and yet he was a spirit. He boarded the ship and walked past the captain and the deckhands and the passengers saw him. He started walking out through the middle of the crowd into the raging sea it was then that the sea calmed. Some of the passengers and deckhands followed the young child and another boat appeared, but it was on a dock. There the young child entered and took the hold of the wheel, turned and waited. It was then I got a full view of the ocean as I saw 12 other ships walking to this one ship in which some came and stepped into the water others stayed on the ship.

The church has reached a freezing point in which it has become cold and therefore it is unfit for the children and the sons of God to freely praise, worship, and operate as God intended for his church to operate. The pastoral foundation has become untouchable in a sense of the spirit of God knows the hirelings, store bought, theological and carbon copy pastors apart from God's truly called vessels. God has raised the standards of everything and people have come to realize as being “church” and everything associated with it, God has positioned various Elijah Generals in the four corners of the earth and in each corner there are only two that carry the mantle to maturity. The others are still in training, religion, or asleep. There is only one set that carries the wheels of God in that they will walk, speak, and/or released revelations that many will be afraid to speak, debate, and/or respond too. However, if you are connected to God, want to see a move of God and/or hungry for his presence in this season you will have to step into the unknown revelations of God in which you will understand the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. What the “church’ will begin to see happening is the Ezekiel wheel-within-wheel begin to form and move as to position the city of the Bride for building. The four creatures are the are the effects of 2nd Cor. 5:17 in which they have come to realize the weakness of man (man face) in that their worshipping of Jesus (Lion face) they have come to understand the burdens of human life as well as God’s plans for humans in which has created a burden (ox face). In that only the wisdom of truly God sent prophets (Elijah Prophets) (Eagle face) can interpret and comprehend for they were set before the foundation of the earth to bear the burden of building God’s bride. September 14th 2010 was a prophetic day in that those move and flow within the heartbeat of God felt a struggle and a release in the spirit realm. Those that struggle or are still part of religious denominations were covered with The Spirit of Ziz while those who are moving in the face of God were covered with the Spirit of Elijah in which carried the first out pouring of God’s Glory which is his wisdom. When it has come inside of an individual or ministry, it should have began immediately the revealing people, places, and ministry you must connect with for your soul’s sake. Inside these two releases of spirits is a spirit of unity in which it will separate the wheat from the tares. Those who are covered by Elijah will grow and those who stay with religion will become mired in stagnation as they continue the cycle of their ancestors. In addition, as such I reveal the rest of this revelation to those of Elijah quality for it is the children’s bread and my instructions clear: don't feed Elijah's meat to religion. So I end it here on a note: Selah has come to an end. Selah

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