Is your ministry, people, and 'you' rapture ready?

by Dedric Hubbard
September 8, 2010

As I continue to release the destruction that will happen in 2011, the Lord provoked a question within me and said: "ask them are they rapture ready?" As many continue to go into their buildings of stone, out of religion, traditions, friendship, and ignorance many are missing the subtle yet powerful messages God is releasing through his creation as well as his prophets. They that do hear still continue to turn to that which is familiar and never embrace that which is of the now. Many who have no connections and/or revelations concerning God's plan and pattern for this end-time season are doubting and yet trying to judge end-time words based on knowledge of man's views of prophets of old and not of new. The Elijah prophets always follow the spirit, for they are a well contained, disciplined, and obedient group. They speak with clarity, specifics, and power that many will conceive as prideful, but yet this is their boldness. It is in this case they are speaking only two things: warnings and revelations. Any who claim they are a part of this group of prophets are merely fame driven prophets whose days are marked for the iniquity in their heart. Many are claiming mantles and forming mantles they say are of Elijah and asking for seed-offerings. I regret to inform you that this is not of God for the mantle is self-contained and is only spread as the main generals of the army are connected, for they operate as individuals in equality and not the one-man leadership criteria. Some are even so bold as to claim they are an apostle and are doing this for your protection. The apostles for the Elijah anointing will not show on the scene until late 2012 and even then there will be few that God actually demonstrate his power and voice through. The church, ministry, prophets, and apostles of old have to realize that to jump on the end-times bandwagon and claim a serious spiritual power that has been bestowed on certain individuals which you have no knowledge of... you speak death upon yourself for using it to further your ministry or fame and fortune.

Might I add that being one who has actually fellowshipped with and was taught in the spirit by my spiritual father Elijah, if by any means you cross my path my question will be what seat does Elijah sit among the throne of the elders? Which instructors among the elders does he use to release revelations? What access does he have to point in which he allows another elder to teach you? What tribe is he from? So to not have knowledge and or answer to these questions makes you just a false prophet for in eternity each tribe knows their leaders and has access to their knowledge from days of old to release end-times revelation today. Many will be stricken with disease, death, and famine for claiming a biblical end-time move for profit and personal gain. Therefore, in order to even gain access to this anointing many will have to submit. The best thing about this mantle is the new wine anointing only releases in fullness according to the level of your submission to the individual and thus it cannot be faked for it comes with end-times revelation and power directly from the throne room of God. That in itself makes it fool-proof for every time I see, spot, or sense an imposter I will make it known with simplicity.

In order for you and your ministry to be rapture ready, the ministry has to possess an Elijah prophet among the foundational gifts and it must operate in accordance with Eph. 2:20 standards. The exception is if you are among the chosen that God has taken out of the buildings and sat at home to wait on the bride to arrive so that you can operate effectively. God doesn’t care how many members you have, who your leaders are, how many souls you saved, or how much Bible you know. If your church doesn't conform to the submission of the ministry gifts with the apostle and prophet leading the way, then by no means should you consider that just because you preach the gospel that you or your congregation is going to heaven, for obedience is better than sacrifice. To disobey something that is clearly stated in scripture that many have failed to reveal because then pastor wants be in charge, is disrespectful to God. The people that sit and listen to them are foolish within themselves so as you follow your leaders if not in God's foundation they are leading you all to hell.

And yet I have already seen and heard the conversation of the future that many will self-nominate themselves to a position of prophet and/or apostle, but God has a trick. These foundational gifts will only work in foundational setting and if a true Elijah prophet doesn’t release it you are just a foundation by name and no power. The exceptional wisdom and power of God is portrayed in the Elijah prophets who are operating in a priestly anointing and yet they will never release the informatio,n for the cleverness of God in his fury is to destroy those who have allowed man to raise them to position of honor that has taken on idol status in God's eyes. Many of your idols will fall as God removes the veil that has been covering their sin. The rapture will then begin to happen on this wise: God will remove the spirit of certain individuals and allow you to see the heavens and the operation therein and he will test you with that knowledge. Upon passing he will move you to stage 2 where he removes your soul and places it with your spirit. In this you begin to operate in two-dimensions and your voice becomes greater as you will begin to see the eternity that God has for you. It is in this place that you can no longer give heavenly information for now they have to believe you by faith. To release heavenly information to a corrupt world (which includes family, friends, husbands, wife), kills your spiritual connection and you become again as the ones you must save. The last stage is when you leave in a twinkling of an eye in which he takes your flesh and places it with your spirit, soul, body in eternity and you are now glorified in his image and likeness.

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