What are Elijah’s tactics?
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by Dedric Hubbard
Monday, October 25, 2010

As I sat discussing this powerful anointing of God, something is beginning to become evident in the Christian culture. I was shocked and somewhat amazed when the Spirit of God asked us the question “what are Elijah's Tactics?” for many know of his coming and yet few if any understand his plans, revelations, tactics, and mindsets which he will be using to devour anything that resembles religion. And as such we all heard a laugh from heaven and then one quoted Psalms 2:4 and the other Proverbs 1:26. As such, God knows perfectly well that those whom he has called to operate in this season have full reign upon their mission. It was then the Holy Spirit released a powerful word of prophetic wisdom in which he stated “The eyes of God are positioned in the hands of God and Elijah sees God’s will.” I understood that Elijah will live up to his name and only those that have lived his life will understand the plan of God; it is then we begin to understand Elijah’ tactics.

Proverbs 29:9 (unbalanced balance) - Elijah speaks in what the Holy Spirit calls “unbalance balanced” prophecy in which they have no biblical records on Earth for what they will say, but yet they have visible spiritual proof of what they say and the power, authority and boldness in which they speak is only confirmed through the spirit of individuals. Thus they speak from a realm of holiness that is only accessed through the spirit of God and the prophecies they will release will always cause an unrest in your flesh because they challenge the people to seek the fullness of God. So they will without warning randomly release revelations, knowledge, wisdom, and information non-stop for they are speaking from an ever flowing stream, not for the sake of man's perfection but for becoming the children of God's election of grace for this end-time season. Never underestimate their knowledge for how it sounds. They were sent especially to knock every prophetic voice off-balance who has become comfortable in learning, living, and co-habituating with a spirit that they should have been destroying and that spirit is religion.

Matt. 15:27 (offensive) - Elijah’s offense is his defense and they will offend the mind to reveal the heart (which leads to deliverance). Elijah prophets are perfect in offense; to deliver their defense they will insult everything the world has to offer just to reveal what the world has in you. They defend God’s promises by offending man’s thought. If a person is offended by Elijah’s word then the world is still in them. Elijah prophets live a Christ-like atmosphere, meaning their thoughts are not their’s but God's. With all that was said and done to Jesus he never complained. So must all be who call themselves followers of Christ. The Elijah prophets offensive nature will expose your hidden nature and your need for deliverance, the God kind that is only taught through Elijah’s spirit. Many who have thought they knew God will be sadly mistaken when Elijah shows you God in his perfect will.

Acts 4:13 (coldness) - Elijah prophets live in an isolated environment in which they understand their entire surroundings always have a message from God; it speaks to their constant relationship with him. As such, many will have a sense of isolation that speaks to their boldness in which they will release a word and will not care if anyone believes them for they know God is speaking through them. When their revelations and prophecies begin to confirm themselves, many will rush to understand this peculiar anointing.

Although there are many more tactics Elijah will use, these are the three most common complaints that many have sent before the throne, by those trying to understand that which is only made known to those who seek the righteous revelations of God. And to those who complain God states that while he hears your cries for understanding and knowledge of the dreaded one, let it be known that many have been warned about this day and have failed to prepare for this transformation of reformation. The one most important principal of the Elijah prophets coming will be shown by the ones that have the ability to redeem God’s word in which many of their coded revelations will actually be fulfilling prophecies that will make way for the coming of Jesus Christ, so when they say “last call” prepare for the earth to fall. You can’t comprehend an Elijah prophet's job if you are connected to anything that resembles what they are going to destroy. This causes you to have a spiritual block by God in which you can never connect to their spirit unless you disconnect from people, places, and things that are bound for destruction. And because of their allegiance to God, many Elijah prophets will suffer loss in marriages, friends, ministries, and jobs, all for the gospel's sake and yet they won't miss a beat. They have seen their inheritance and all the things of this world do not compare to the better promises they are partaking of already in the air. 

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