Silence of the Sounds
You will be rejected
just know you are protected

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 12, 2012

While many begin to mourn, wail, and give honor to Whitney on that day because of what I have to do, say, and portray I release this one over the airwaves and yet the very day after this day of death I will post this note, Silence of the Sounds. As many of you know as I stated and released at the beginning of the year there will be balanced deaths in the kingdom and for many to pay attention to who dies first to make sure if you get a revelation that it will be balanced when you release it. So understanding that we saw the pastor drop dead behind the pulpit in a new article we look for her to become next symbolic of God telling us the ark is open and we must at all cost enter into that place of rest in which he we know his voice and walk his way, although most will be shocked. I will add onto the revelation after the prophecy come true because as I told you God will begin to send messages through death to give us life therefore make sure your sound is pure and untainted with the rhetoric of religion, jealousy, strife and hate because many are preaching the Gospel in contempt. As I was praying even I as God showed me is being lied on this very minute by people of the Faith so I go to another place under the cloak of darkness and continue my campaign against darkness in the church. Many religious people will try to silence your sounds in this season not because of what you will say but because of what you will expose. Corrupt leadership in the church must be stopped, addressed, and dealt with on their terms and as many who will read this message have already been talked about, black-balled, and disgraced in the religious circles, that’s why God has brought you outside of religion. Your messages will be rejected, your callings will be rejected, you will be denied. But the Gospel of individuality must be announced, preached and demonstrated without excuse as God has made a way for me he will make away for you if you don’t fall into the religious traditions of men, how can one man climb to the top of ministry and everything he does elevates him above others. Because there is no one above me but they are around me, thus the emptiest person rises and he takes the emptiest person with him.

Don't look at Whitney look at the death before Whitney and make the connection from that point. While the church and world mourn Whitney, our job is to warn the Church and although they won’t hear you say it anyway. When she dies it will represent the sound in the church; that’s why the Bishop dies first. Always think with this in mind the first last and the last first. Therefore, we listen to the message that he has given in excerpt: For warn my people that the songbird mocks the sound and the sound must be silenced for as he went first as an example she will go next as a star. The church does not sound like me, it sounds like the world. Therefore, many have come to the end of the reign. I will silence these leaders and their messages of hate because winning souls has become a game. Tell me son what do you hear? It’s the thump of lost souls hitting the ground. Warn them anyone who is taken in church will not make it through my gates for why would I take them in the midst of the congregation? It's because they lie in their hearts and their messages of hate are strong. Do I allow the sheep to be deceived or do I slaughter the shepherds until they scatter away? I will now awaken the sheep to fight the shepherds on their own Holy ground and I will protect them and watch them because the pastors are disgracing my sound. Her heart is broken because she thinks she will go back to what she had left. She will be a memorial of what happens to people who want to know me close. The church has failed her because she was not looked at as a wayward child, but a star with riches who should be responsible for herself. If my children cannot get in help in church I the lord might as well bring death. I will silence their sounds and break their hearts until only the remnant is left. I will be their God and they my sheep and we will live a life of peace. When she goes my son release this word. I thy God will go to war against the church and bring my people out to defend my name. Watch as I restore my honor and glory all across this land my people are held hostage in church which has become a wasteland. I will avenge my honor so go let them bury her hand.   

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