Walk into the Darkness to Come to the Light
The Rainbow Room

by Dedric Hubbard
July 28, 2010

I was awakened last night by an angel of the Lord for the Lord had summoned my spirit. In the upper room as we approached the hallway that led to the throne there was immense light that was seen before we even entered the room. As I approached the room there was a table in the room and seated around the table were eight of the 24 elders that sat around the throne of the God-head as they appeared when I noticed them in the flesh. And God spoke and said son “They that are those who are to us no more” and when God stood up the bright lights that I saw from the hallway appeared and they were all connected to doors that were the colors of the rainbow that appears in the sky. And God said “behold you stand in the room to the doors of times, seasons, miracles and every good work that I do for man.” Jesus smiled and stood up and said “father I release time upon my bride and power upon their life” and immediately I saw angels fly through these doors glowing with the color of anointing they are to release upon Jesus bride. As I stood in awe of the magnitude of the power that I was receiving in my spirit from standing before them I felt a sense of awareness of evil around me. God looked and smiled at me and said “son of flesh, I summoned you as a witness for this day I fulfilled the covenant to my son never to destroy the earth by water, but by fire.” And the Holy Spirit stood up and his body turned to flames and he walked toward the left side of the room and his presence put light upon that room and there appeared 12 doors and a table similar to the one in which I stood in front of.

And God said “The earth is filled with the hate of man. This day I destroy them by fire.” Then the Holy Spirit walked past each door and threw fire in them and the doors burned. Jesus came behind and touched each door and it left a blood stained handprint. The angels which followed threw blood in each door and the color of the fire turned black. God came behind and blew in each door and then smoke came from the doors but the smoke never came from the fire for it was separated in mid-air. And God shut six of the doors and two angels came and stood on each side of the shut doors with flaming swords. It was then the eight elders passed by the doors and they took off their cloaks and they stood at the open doors by two and threw their cloaks on the floor. And Jesus looked and said “go throw them in the door” and there came a boldness in my spirit as I walk toward the other side of the room and when I picked them up together God said “throw them in two at a time” and when I threw them in toward the fire they hung in mid-air between the fire and the smoke and yet they never burned. Then God said “come and let's go deeper into the side of evil” and the Holy Spirit walked in front. Jesus was to my right speaking in a language I never heard and in my spirit I heard him say “in time you will understand,” and God walked behind and I could feel a gentle breeze upon my neck.

As we walked I could see a faint light at the end and I heard God say “come on in” and yet I could still feel the breeze behind my neck so we get halfway down the hall and God said “don't say a word, just stand before the altar and we will be in shortly.” So as I went in the room I saw what I thought was the God-head but yet I could feel no presence in my spirit so I walked toward the altar and stood as God instructed. Then one spoke “tell me son, what has thou learned since your encounter in the heavens” and my mouth moved but it wasn't me speaking it was the voice of God and they exchanged conversation and when they finished I heard the voice of the Lord say “they are fallen angels my son. Watch their rotation in heaven and you will learn their rotation on earth.” And as he spoke, God appeared in the room and the fallen angels left their thrones in human forms screaming “it's time.” And God said “come son, let us show you your adversary” and we walked back through the hall and God placed his hands over my eyes and when he removed them we were standing on nothing and he said “behold your enemy.” It was then I understood that the nature of my anointing was more than what I ever expected. I saw four of what God said were fallen angels thrones and they were positioned exactly like a pyramid as they sat back-to-back one facing in each of the four directions of the earth. The three that were playing the God-head were conversating with the ones that sit on the thrones and I could see the terror that came before their eyes as they spoke. And they stood up and moved their chairs in a clockwise formation and one throne was vacant for the fallen angel on the south moved the throne on the east toward the east. And God put his hands upon my eyes and when he removed them this time we were back in the upper room.

And God called an angel and he repeated the word I released and stopped at “the time,” and God said “I will explain time” and he said that 12 afternoon tomorrow will be light on earth but on the face of evil it will be dark for it is always dark upon sinners and since the earth is in it's darkest hour of deception I will bring light into revelation of their understanding. For you I talk with face-to-face and others I speak in dark sayings. For we have forewarned the prince of darkness that time is at hand for his destruction and yet you have defeated a fallen angel in the flesh with the words of my mouth to yours. Therefore, the demonic stronghold has been weakened and the rest are already destroyed for those that have brought fear now fear the worst that is to come. For we have warned them to come out, those that are a part of my bride, and now you in the flesh of the spirit have sealed flesh in the natural and now they that have deceived will be deceived for I have sat their house ablaze. And those that would come but wouldn't come as the cloaks touch the fire they will feel the heat in the natural for I am burning their anointing alive and those that are lost as to who they are in Christ will never know who they are in me.

For son you have stepped out of time into eternity for I have invited you in our room and there are the angels of the bride for which you belong. Pick a door so we can send you back home and the angels will follow and release the bridal gifts upon the earth. But only those with Elijah's heart can turn the key of time and activate the anointing that will cause the bride to leave time and operate in eternity as the harvest grows near. And yet many proclaim my name; all falsehoods will be exposed for every bride Elijah touches will walk the streets of gold. And Jesus stood up and said “father I claim him as a brother for he has many souls attached to the throne. Show him your glory and let them escort him home.” And God told me to close my eyes and I did what I was told and when he said open them God was dressed in a robe of many colors like the one of a rainbow. And standing beside him were two angels dressed just like him and said “grace and mercy open the door” and God turned around and the angels took my hand and they walked me toward the door and the colors of the rainbows all proceeded out of this one door and you could see the rainbow go down toward the earth. I hear Jesus say “tell the bride the rainbow is my ring” and as they brought me to the door to lead me home God raised the hem of his robe and I remember God said tell them to walk into their blessed place and God showed his feet and I was out like a light.

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