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Here comes the judge

by Dedric Hubbard
July 19, 2010

I was up all night getting the battle plans ready for the first group of Elijah's prophets while sitting around the throne getting taught among the elders. Elijah stood up and handed me a key and the other's followed in a line when they finished, for I had placed them in the grass. God came up and touched them and they all became one, he then said “follow me.” He led us through a hall under the place where the 12 tribes are located and as we got to the end, God stepped aside and motioned for me to open the door. As I open the door there were rubies hanging in mid-air like stars in the sky. As we enter into the room he said “behold a virtuous woman.” As we stepped under the rubies they came down and inside were names of churches and locations of his brides and as we admired he led us to a door on the right side of the room and he said “behold the sterile and bleeding woman,” and inside was another woman. Opening the door, he said “look, but don't stare. Behold the dead woman. If they don't heed my prophets or thy words, shake the dust;” and what God did amazed us all. As an illustration, if they don't heed the words of an Elijah prophets once they leave all the gifts, communication, and grace leaves and they become dead to God and their church is dressed in heaven as a coffin and the souls of the people who refused to listen are put inside of the person who was a stranger to God. Then the coffin is pushed out with the winds of God's breath and their eternity is in hell This means you had your religion so excellent you wouldn't allow God to touch it so no matter how you praise, pray, or preach if an Elijah prophet is not in place your church is out of place.

As we came out he said “the bleeding church is where leaders are wounding leaders and sheep, for they have been taught under man and not the inspiration of God.” If an Elijah prophet offered to help a church and they refuse their help, God allows them to suffer the wrath of the coming vengeance of an Elijah prophet for making a man an idol and refusing the help from a prophet of God. For as we looked to a window of time God opened, many are bypassing the prophet of God when trying to train and equip their church, for they seek honor among the people of positions they hold and it is not the right foundation. These people will see the woes of God through the vessel assigned to destroy the five foundations of falsehoods in ministry, which will be me. My battle plan which God gave is to begin with the pastor, for he has made (meaning the positions not the person) the gift flow out of him and not out of God. I will warn first before I shoot in the bride's church. The pastor position will not be a foundational position anymore, so for those that run with a title mindset to the prophet position, I will then start destruction there. When they try and run to the apostle position I start there. A person with a title mindset which is trying to control the church has nowhere to hide from the wrath of an Elijah prophet. It is in the position where we will release the traditional mindset and destroy and build on the right foundation. In the bridal church no man's name will appear on the front on any advertisement, only the name of the assembly or assemblies (we will reveal that revelation later on in the week).

The virtuous woman is the church that is making the changes necessary to prepare for their inheritance in God. They will be notified when the keys to the kingdom are hanging over their “church” for now (and “assembly” later). It takes an Elijah mantle to release the keys to the kingdom to the church, for they will have access to places in the heaven where your inheritance is kept for kingdom work. If a church doesn't have knowledge of an Elijah prophet, the prophet of the house will go in prayer and ask the Lord for guidance. When you send for them to make sure they are who God says they are, ask them to speak their origin (which means ‘you’ before you knew you). God will speak your formation in heaven for the Elijah prophets are king’s kids and they are sons of God in the flesh with unlimited anointing and access toward and past heaven. Most are kept behind the throne, in the secret place, or near the altar of sacrifice; either way they are behind the throne. And I hear God says he has released the indwelling Holy Spirit upon them and they are not to be considered as flesh for they are pure spirit in flesh.

If you try and bypass one of these prophets because of any what he called fleshy thoughts, intimidation, fear, etc., you are considered a robber and a thief because they are the door that leads you to your inheritance and then to the master pastor and that is why that position will be disposed of. When God tells me to say “no more pastor” anyone still partaking of that position is then a hireling and God will continue to let you preach, but without profit. He will use you to bring people in, but he will set up a bride near your church and allow the anointing to take his sheep and then he will purchase your church and it will become as desolate as the lot purchased for Judas.

Many are not getting their downloads, promotions, anointing and gifts, because you are still a slave to religion. After this first round of prophets release the real revival of the Lord, if you are still bound to a religious status you will become an enemy of the lord and be numbered among the transgressors. So who controls the Elijah prophets? God and each other, they are not allowed to take orders from people and churches who are out of order. They will only submit their gifts in one or two matters: to get the church in order, or to release their Elijah mantle upon that church to possess the city, neighborhood etc. It is then up to that prophet to submit to a church in the position that God says that will benefit the church the most. So do not be fooled by people telling you that God says you need to be under their leadership. If they say that, ask them a question only a person who has been before the throne knows: what is the name of the first and last elder before the throne. So the Alpha company will be taken off.

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