Elijah sees Prophetic Warfare
are you drinking into the wrath of God?

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 11, 2010

Jeremiah 25:16, “When they drink from it, they will stagger; crazed by the warfare I will send against them.”


As I sat in prayer I saw a vision in which an Eagle was drinking at a water hole and behold more eagles came unto the hole to drink, and I saw how the first eagle was bigger and larger among others. And the eagle stopped drinking and the other started pausing and I notice they were among the same size. The other eagles kept drinking while the larger watched and then the larger eagles flew toward the sky. I watched as the smaller eagles stopped drinking and some when they tried to fly, instead fell straightway to the ground; some flew in the sky and after 5 minutes they fell to the ground; others as they stopped drinking just fell all dead. As I exited the vision I asked the Lord what does this mean? The Lord said “I am declaring war on those prophets” and he explained the nature of each eagle that fell which were those of a thirsty nature. They run to every watering hole of prophetic word or revelation that is new to them to gather a thirst for the newness of God, but yet fail to embrace it and thus they criticize the manna when they are tired of eating. The ignorant eagle symbolizes the prophets that drink from a hole and yet don’t understand the source from which the water flows. Then there was the deceitful eagle who comes in to drink and leaves all the while waiting on a chance to expose his true nature and that is to remain in a position of authority. Then you had the surviving eagle the Eagles that soared above and saw the nature of the others, for they were warning that the water was not for those with uneasy stomachs. So as they watched as they drank they were communicating fear to warn them you had no business in this place.

God states that he himself is releasing his fury in the spirit upon the prophets who operate in fear, rebellion, deception, etc.; these prophets will contain mostly those who have been taught by man. Those prophets who have been in caves and/or directed to come out of institutionalize religion are those in protected status and are considered firepower for the coming days ahead. God states there are many who are just realizing their call and/or God is just activating their gifts who have taken upon themselves to operate in unfamiliar territory and release emotion-based prophecies and revelations and because of their connections to God’s future plans this has introduced unwanted warfare in the prophetic stream of Elijah prophets. With this act God states he is blocking access to end-time revelations outside of a prophet’s growth; in other words, there has been a prophetic block issued in the stream of the prophetic. With this God states he will make known who will be the vessel that will speak for him as well as those he considers his prophet. Contrary to popular belief a prophet’s lifestyle cannot be imitated. You must be completely stripped of every self-worth before you even enter the training atmosphere of God’s prophet. A prophet that has passed God’s class and not man’s must pass the following to be considered a mouthpiece for God:

7 Levels of Servitude

7 Levels of Humility

7 Levels of Obedience

7 Levels of Faith

7 Levels of Accountability

7 Levels of Responsibility   

When you have passed these then you will be a real SHOFAR for God. Why is this important? Because a real prophet understands that Jesus came through 42 generations to break a cycle and the number of these trials equal to 42, meaning you are a prophet/apostle sent from God. It is these trials a prophet goes through that allows a real one to read unseen messages, hear secret conversations, read the intent of a person’s heart, hear deceptive conversational overtones, and able to access anything God has because they have been tried and proven. The length of your trials hinges on your obedience in a trial in which that is how God raises up prophets so quickly because he sees they understand authority and they are allowed to speak in his authority. Many prophets have considered themselves to hold the office and yet have no knowledge of the revelation I just released because they are too consumed in prophesying and not knowing God beyond their last prophecy, revelation and/or confirmation. Meaning they are just working in the outer courts for to come behind the veil you have to be stripped and only a true prophet of god understands what level and what trial you are going through. Therefore, those who have ran to man to be trained in a gift that only God can show you, consider yourselves bastard prophets unless you return back into your caves and receive the training of the spirit that only comes through the spirit of God. If you are not sure if you have passed the trials, if you are not sure where your anointing comes from, if you are not sure of how another prophet anointing operates, if you are not sure what you are called to do, if you are not sure that the words you may release are emotional, if you are not sure that you have been completely stripped, and if you are not sure who you are speaking for.... this is a season you keep your eyes open and mouth closed. Because one thing I have learned from Elijah prophets, anything they release they are sure because they have passed the trials.

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