Elijah and Peter Throwing Rocks at the Church

by Dedric Hubbard
July 27, 2010

Had to report to my spiritual office today. God said there was a mess on my desk and as I entered the angels came with the prayers of the pastors, prophets, and ministries praying for me regarding my words; as if God wouldn't alert me to the situations. So I do to these what I was told to, cast them down into the lake of fire for a sweet smelling incense unto the Lord, for I am on my watch doing what I am assigned to do and that's to tear down the shaky foundation of what was once known as “church ” to build God a perfect bride. The winds are picking up and everything that is not of God is being shaken. So understand God hears your prayers and they are wasteful if you are not moving with the flow of God. We will preserve the prayer of a person considered a minister and with a sincere heart she asks God, is what she hearing true? But what caught God's heart is that she asked not for herself but for her friends and family sake and today God will bring liberation to your heart. This person has to realize that there are only five gifts that God sanctioned and mentioned as gifts he left to equip the church and being called a minister is not one of them. What has happened is man has made this a gift to allow a person of a unlearned nature to boost their position as a leader in the church. As I peer through the spirit and look to the right, there are numerous ministering angels that are equipped to work but have no employer. God's intentions are that when a person acknowledges they have a foundational call in God, the ‘minister’ position is where that person allows the ministering angels to come to them and lead them to where their call in God lies. This is the position where God brings trials and tribulations to the person to strip them of their self-worth so he can build himself into the vessel.

After this the angels come and make the person aware of the spiritual world while releasing power in their lives to develop the anointing, mantle, and platform in which to inform the world of God's goodness and God's messages. What has happened is an unlearned vessel has made this as a foundational gift and you have people trying to release perfection in an imperfect state. Thus you have people leading while bleeding and people are being hurt instead of helped, because they are allowed to speak in the flesh while they are being trained in the spirit. And many of you have been tricked by the enemy allowing a man to give you a license to preach, but it's a license to fail, humiliate, and degrade you. In a prophetic setting especially, most leaders already know what you are called to be, but because they think of God's gifts as titles and not foundations they give you “minister” and they take what they think is the higher of the rest. To confound the wise, gifts are weighted in the spirit and according to that person's family history in God, they are called according to the favor of God upon your family and not just you. A person who does not recognize your foundation not only insults you but your family and God for he sees and knew what you were able to handle in him. So when many of you stand to pray you can't come boldly because your foundation in God makes you bold and I don't care how loud and strong you pray, if you are not praying on your foundation when you know that God has a call on your life you are tossed to and fro. If you have not seen or have been ministered to by your personal angel then you will be in a sad state of shock when you try to access your anointing, because you can't release something where you have no knowledge or authority, which is the seal of God upon your life.

It's not about a title but your inheritance in God and a man that will steal your inheritance because of ignorance, intimidation, fear and power is not the man/woman of God that you have made them out to be. Because they want honor for their title which is supposed to be a foundation, but don't want to give you honor when you find out who you are in God. Jesus did not leave a pastor, prophet, or apostle in a leadership role in the church, he left the apostle and prophet as spiritual authority and five gifts to maintain order and equip the church for the work and if only one person is speaking there is no equipping nor work but that which is seen fit from the one who has called himself ruler of the people. God states that he doesn't care how many people you have, how much you have done, or where you have preached at. If his foundation was not in place it's all dung in his eyes and you are over in the “I never knew you” stack. Meaning you are not as saved as you thought you were for those who are still in a religious box so the reason many of you run from church to church and conference to conference is because many of you are in a ministering stage trying to preach a holy gospel and being taught by an unlearned ignorant vessel more than likely you refer to as your pastor. Well, your pastor is shafting you because they have confused you with their ignorance of spiritual matters and their commentary-based sermons, lined up with their bishop jakes quotes and all of it is wrong. There is no in-between and there is no running of pastors to the congregation telling them God is now calling you to be an apostle or a prophet just to stay on top. Because if you try the wrath not of Elijah will come down on you but the fury of the Lord himself because you are looking for honor and God is looking for souls to bring into the kingdom.

So if you are that intimidated by a man to let them call you a minister when they had no clue what it was, for I just revealed it, then you are no fit for the kingdom anyway, because the bride must have backbone and not be intimidated by anyone. If you are a person that has a foundational gift you demand that when you are called upon to speak in that capacity, that is the honor by which you wish to be called. You have these slick-back weak-kneed pastors that will tell you your gift in public but won't acknowledge you in the open for they want all eyes on them. It's not about one person, it's who has the spiritual authority to set the captives free in their season and every Sunday for 20 years is not one gift's season to speak; that's why he left five. A prophet’s job is never to come to a church and acknowledge a man as the head of a church, a prophet's job is to acknowledge Jesus as the head of the church and the gifts as the foundation. Anything less is flesh and the reason most churches can't grow as God intended is because you have to acknowledge the anointing of the house to release the gifts in the house. And that's why most churches are pastor-run churches, because that's the only anointing most pastor's have so they are intimidated by the other gifts. And now to make it worse because the church has failed at equipping the saints even though some are now trying to teach it you can't release the anointing for the gifts to work because God has put it on the Elijah prophets and the people on the outside and now the church has to find the prophet with their sound to release it. I don't care who you call in, if it ain't the one God assigned it won't work because every bridal church has to be covered under an Elijah anointing or a Moses anointing and because they work together you can call for the knowledge but the other one possesses the power to release it. So you can sit on your pews all you want and yell “preach pastor!” but when the tribulation hits full swing and the rapture begins to happen, you are going to wish you were under that anointing.

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