What is the remnant?

by Dedric Hubbard
June 19, 2010

I am surprised sometimes at how people who call themselves Christians say, use, or repeat things where they have no earthly concept as to where it came from or how it evolved but they pass it off as revelation anyways because and mix flesh with it and have you all wound up when they release their punch line and to you this is revelation. Simple-minded Christians, and that is not meant to degrade anyone it's how simple a person you consider your spiritual leader can mislead you and some of you are like dogs on a collar; whatever they say it's the truth. So let me help somebody (especially the remnant). What is the remnant? These are the people God is looking for in this hour. Who are you? You are the ones who know there is more to God then sitting on the pews, more to God then hearing the same sermons with different titles, you have a passion to see people actually delivered, not just saved.God is waking up your gifts, talents, abilities, and you know this but there is no one in the church to help you, train you or mentor you. The ones that know it's time to move on, but don't have anywhere to go, are scared to move, or are being intimidated to remain in place. The ones who are now going to church and serving out of obligations and not because it is needed. They hear the voice in the wilderness but witchcraft has them too frightened to speak, see, or understand the magnitude of what God is doing. Ha! so what does God do in a situation like this? He speaks through another major destruction. After all, it's his world and people he can do what he wants, so before the summer is up be prepared for another major earthquake this time in the states, possibly in the south.

What is he speaking? “Let my remnant go” of course. You see some of you are being drained in the spirit by certain leaders and they won't tell you because then you will see them for who they really are. Many of you have to understand how the spirit world works. People are using words and speaking words that sound good over your life but if you can't see the spirit behind it then you may be deceived. Let me help you just a lil bit, it's called “spiritual dehydration” whereas a person (especially prophets) will prophesy to you, see your future, and covet it in the spirit which releases a demonic agent in your life. Then they will release a word and instead of telling you everything they scatter it with bits and pieces to make a whole. They then may end with “I can't tell you the rest.” Because prophecy operates in parts what they are saying is they got what they want till next time. Because they coveted committing spiritual adultery, you think you are connected to them and actually you are not, it's that spirit they have secretly implanted in you. So now you are in their ministry, in their circle, and under their covering meaning because of your lack of individuality in God they got your hands up, strong-arm robbery in the spirit and you are too blind to see it. There is no way in the world, especially if you are in a prophetic church or have a real God-ordained prophet in the house or associated with one, that you are not able to see in the spirit. The only reason that you can't is because the leadership you have in charge has a covetous spirit and won't release or impart that gift into you because you are being spiritually raped. If you can see spiritually (if God opens your eyes on his own), they will deny what you see to make you think that you are at one level when you are already passed it, because they are holding you hostage.

Some of you need to have some out of body experiences so you can see what is really going on and many of you will see that you are operating in a witchcraft environment because many of your leaders are wounded, intimidated, fearful, prideful, jealous etc. But you won't see this because they are good at their job which is to pull the wool over your eyes. See, they have frightened and intimidated the remnant with man-made rules, regulations, theology degrees, big dictionary words, and ivy-league alphabets behind their name, and if that isn't enough they go to “my pastor is so-so and his pastor is so-so and his pastor is bishop sweet-tooth.” We are in the end-times and Christians need to sit down with that mess, that's idolatry you simple-minded Christians building somebody up by names. THERE IS NO “COVERING” THEOLOGY IN THE END-TIMES BECAUSE THERE IS NONE IN HEAVEN BUT GOD HIMSELF. So if anyone thinks you are going to get to heaven using this method, can I tell you “try again.” They have you so simple that anyone who gets behind a pulpit is a man/woman of God. You need to read your Bible, God only used this phrase several times but man has put it on everyone with a revelation. Can a prophet ask a question to wound and heal at the same time? If you have all these men/women of God, where is the kingdom that they should be producing? Can we get fleshly and ask the question, “where do they do that at?” Talk something with no infallible proofs in the flesh of course which is where 98% of the people are in that you have labeled with this title. Every man of God in the Bible after he showed up nothing was the same, he didn't “wreck” a place; that is destructive and of the devil. They build foundations which are sound and secure, not flesh-induced words for profit.

So what you saying? The standards have been raised and the people who you have as so-called leaders can't tell you about it because the leader is not a man of God, but son of a man. A man of God when he comes brings direction, clarification, instructions, and healing from the throne room of God. Not bits and pieces of information, hopes, and “I believe” this and that, and to make you believe it they tell you it's going to happen in your congregation to get you to stay and it can be possible but you need a real man of God to release your anointing. That is why half of the prophets are still saying change and the other half are saying whatever. Can I tell you that the change has already come? The remnant has the anointing and the words, some are bound and some are not so what you are hearing are people trying to find their anointing and they can't until they undo the wrong they have done to certain people, ministries etc., because these are the ones who have the power to release your anointing and you can't get just anybody because God has people assigned by sections and it's a dangerous game to operate in something that you don't have the full knowledge of, you will continue to wound people or kill them spiritually thinking they are equipped to do something they are not because you are to prideful to ask for help. So what is a man of God's qualifications? Since we are operating in an Elijah anointing he sets the standards and if you read his story it was a high standard. Now if you want to get free we are going to help you but if after we release this you, your ministry or whatever want to stay bound it's up to you.

Elijah says if you have a man/woman of God the watch has changed; they should tell you what watch the church is in. They should tell you how and what God is doing in this season and be specific. They should tell you who you are, what you possess, and if nothing else equip you to see in the spirit. A man/woman of God should be operating in 3 dimensions heaven, earth, and you. That is why they are always right on time when they enter your life. They should tell you what is happening in heaven, how it will affect earth, and what is your assignment or position in this matter. They should tell you when God releases a river of anointing, which angel protects it, which fallen angel defends it, the warfare that you may have to go through to get it, which season it will be released in, and how long that season will last (just talking about what men/women of God do), how far you are from it, what obstacles (if any) will you have to go through to get it, which are from God, which are from the devil, and this is just for starters and this is only good if you have your own personal real relationship with God. So what's the catch? If you walk into your spiritual leader's office or call him and you have called them a man or woman of God and they can't answer the above question about you and you have been in their ministry for more than one and a half years, chances are they are just a son of man and haven't graduated to the positions that you hold them to be. For you to keep on saying these things you are in sin and Elijah has just snared you with the fruit of your lips. Ignorance of the Bible is no excuse just like ignorance of the law isn't, but when you know better you do better. Many of you are so manipulated you won't ask and therefore, you like being bound and held back or you are scared of destiny. Either way you have to answer for this. Well, the standard has been raised; the real remnant will understand. Catch us if you can.

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