Elijah thou art loosed!!
God says let's build a Bride!
Enoch Laughs- Elijah Cries – God Decides

by Dedric Hubbard
November 8, 2010

As I slept I heard a voice say "come up." As I awaken I saw the cherubim Haniel and Camael standing beside me. They talked about our experience yesterday and stated how God was well-pleased. In Camael's hands he had a book and was laughing as he begin to talk. God says the saints in heaven are already reading your life on earth for they are amazed at the boldest of some of their kinsman redeemers and many are waiting for you to shake your hand. Especially since yesterday God states that from this moment on, your life will never be the same. For your obedience he would like to show you something for what you are about to see you don’t see, yet you can explain what you see. I felt my sprit as it left and stood alongside the angels for I was eager to go. It must be something of tremendous value. Then Haniel spoke "we are not going to take you, the chariot awaits you" and they let out a sound that was musical in tone and yet it was a language all of it’s own. It was then that I understood the meaning of "tongues of angels." As I stood by the cherubs, the most brilliant light I have ever seen came floating from above and the chariot parked in front of me. I looked at the Cherubs for I have never seen this presence that stood in front of me. They laughed as they looked; one introduced itself as Oriphiel and the other as Bodiel. Haniel spoke "they are Ophanim from God sent to take you to the last step of a person’s spiritual journey." It was then Enoch appeared and laughed, "you have found balance my son for I yearned for the Lord day and night and one day God sent the cherubs to get me for my hunger of his presence." It was then Elijah appeared with tears in his eyes and said "son you have become stable in the things of God. As I was temperamental and fearful, you have boldness and control in all areas of your life." It was these two who came and took me into the face of God counseling me all the way for my mistakes, for if you leave and decide not to come back who will champion my cause? Who will inform the people? Who will offend the religious without warning or merit? It was then I thought about the apostle who wanted to be with God but yet it was needful that he stay in the flesh. It was then I ask God "what shall I do?" It was then God spoke:

"You have chosen wisely my son never base your decisions on emotional appeals with overtones of that you are the only one. Elijah's sin is what brought him home, thinking he was the only one and for that you have sealed earth’s fate. Everyone rides for today is a showing of my Glory in full."

It was then two more chariots appeared one each of us and the Lord said:

"Prepare for a tour of Glory of which you my son will be the first in this year to witness my Glory on top of my Holy Hill as the rest go forth into eternity’s rest. As Moses wanted to see my Glory I placed him in the rock, but as for you I will set you on top. And watch the chariots as far as you can, for there is a Glory Enoch and Elijah must enter into that you are not ready for yet. For I will allow all that seek me with their whole hearts to walk into my Glory in that day of rest that I have assigned to my people for their inheritance sake."

It was then my spirit entered into the Ophanim chariots and Elijah and Enoch led the way, for following the call of spirits was how I came to know that God is eternal and holy. No man could have escorted me into the presence of God, and yet people depend on pastors and prophets to show them the way. God is looking for people who have his mind. "Show me Lord!" was my war cry. It was then I acknowledged that God is Lord of my life.

We are now passing by mansions, hills, and lakes. I looked to the north and out in a field I see my old dog Bear wagging his tail (I had ran over him by mistake and was very sad for he protected me in situations only he knew). The chariot comes down and walks me through a place. Every door is transparent and everyone waves. They hold up scrolls of my life. I then understand the messages of "we are living epistles read by men." God responded, "everything people do on Earth is watched by these saints of old, for they are your cloud of witness hoping you don’t make the choices they have done. Not all will see eternity but they will see my word and work being fulfilled." The chariot turns down a road and the streets turn to gold. It is here the saints who live according to God's word reside. I looked to the left and saw a familiar face; it was my aunt waving happily. My thoughts wandered and I asked God why they don’t speak. "Because you are in transition and if you understood what they said it would void your destiny for faith is the children’s bread. For your spirit is connected to the throne, that is why the Ophanim had to come escort you because you have not yet activated the Glory that’s upon your life, but in my presence it shines and you will understand all things of day and night." The chariot makes a left and Enoch stopped and asked God the question, "Why is the street so dark?" The Lord says, "this is the street of religion, where their souls are bound for hell unless their kinsman redeemer can convince them to come out." It is here I heard the strangest thing, instead of 'son' God called my name. "Dedric take the lead" and my chariot walked to the front and then the streets lit up. It was then I saw it was like the streets of gold and as I wonder God spoke and said "they don’t know they are bound by religion my son you are free and others like you are the only ones who can see what this tradition has done to my precious sheep." As I looked into the house I see the souls of people I know, churches and ministries who are bound by this curse. At the end of this road there is a crossroad and God says "go left" and a gate appears right when we turn left. I heard the Lord tell Enoch "you go first" and he and Elijah went through the gate. Elijah says "I will be back, but Enoch has entered into his rest." It was then my chariot rose in the air and went southward as if we were going down hill. God instructed me to get out and stand on what looked like a mole hill and I stood there. He then said "turn toward the east" and as I turned toward the east I saw Enoch and Elijah. They were walking with another man and they all turned around and I heard God say:

"You have faith like a mustard seed and with that faith you conquered the mountains in your life. You stand on the top of my Holy Hill which means you understand you are nothing without my spirit in your flesh. And now you see a mystery that not many will know, they will all change in a twinkling of an eye. For to acknowledge Elijah as your father took faith in which I always reward, to acknowledge Enoch as your kinsman is foolish even to the world. But to acknowledge all of you spiritual experiences from me requires you to see us walk Enoch home as he awaits the making of the Bride. He had to travel to the other side through human faith and your faith was the gate that has brought Enoch here and for your reward you may see the Glory son."

It was then a bright light appeared and a whole city, kingdom or whatever it was appeared and as I almost took a step off the mole hill I heard the lord say "don’t for you will become disobedient and obedience is what brought you here" and as they walked I heard the Lord say "that is me walking my sons into Eternity. Your gift for being a good and faithful servant is me showing you what will happen when it’s your turn to leave that place called Earth."

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