Elijah Reviews the Prophet's Resume'

Qualifications are being questioned

by Dedric Hubbard (November 9, 2010)

1st Enoch "Woe to those who build unrighteousness and oppression. And lay deceit as a foundation; For they shall be suddenly overthrown, And they shall have no peace."

As I sat among the angelic forces who are preparing themselves for a vicious battle in the spirit (in which they are bound to win anyway, for how can men of flesh fight in a battle they cannot see?), many have claimed positions and dominion over things they do not possess. Being a gracious God, many people have claimed to be prophets and as such many are not. Before Elijah wages war on those who occupy positions falsely, it is he through God's command who has to inform those who may have been misled what the qualifications actually are for being a prophet. Given this, inexperience need not apply at this time as training has been scheduled for a later date. Many have written books on how to tell the real prophets from the false and as such many false prophets are the ones who have written these books and manuals. What is a prophet many ask? And they have all come to similar or the same answer which I will not even address for it is history what man thinks a prophet is and what God says a prophet is. A prophet is no more than one assigned to protect God's assets on Earth. A prophet is a protector of the world and that's all Adam was supposed to be. To praise God for his glory in creating a place in which he could enjoy life and defend that which can't defend itself. We move to God speaking the world into being in which he stated it was good. In order for God to call it good he had to examine it and see no threats or violence in it and it was then deemed beautiful by the Master creator.

What constitutes a person being called into the prophetic? The nature in which God called you of course, and yet many forget the person that called you is responsible for you. Many run to men from prophetic counseling, classes etc not knowing if they themselves left the class to soon. They shell out thousands of dollars to become bastard prophets. Many claim the office and yet never show up for work. When they get a few words, they call a conference in which their main goal is to get paid; prophetic pan-handling using the word deceitfully. One being called to the Office of prophet should know there are only 21 levels for each of the seven tests which are based on the seven things God hates and if there were no end to this test, how do you think God calls someone into the office of an apostle? A prophet should know that person's calling is based on that person's bloodline and the nature of the call on their forefathers. They are promoted based on their ancestors response to the call that was on their life. A prophet should know that they cannot separate any part of their life from their ministry for it would contaminate their anointing. A prophet should know they can't lie about their life for they then become false, which contaminates their anointing. A prophet should know that their anointing comes from their life, not from an individual. Many are paying for what they don't even need. A prophet's inheritance should be traced all the way back to the biblical forefathers. A prophet should know what prompts them to prophesy, it's more than just feeling the urge.

Many have gone to pay the fees of men and in 6-12 weeks you get a certificate of sorts that certifies you as a prophet before men. And we now understand why the prophetic is so misunderstood... you can't pay someone to teach you what God gives for free! But I am a mere trouble-maker here to inform those that are lovers of men, if you cannot produce a 12 or 24 hour miracle, prophecy, or healing you were not taught by God but by men. When God speaks in this season it's immediate, not 5 years down the road! Prophet training is not instant, prophets are resistant. This means you have to be rejected at every level of your spiritual and natural life before the real training even starts (you get what you pay for, imposters in the flesh!)

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