Elijah Unleashed
Rules of Engagement

by Dedric Hubbard
Dec 29, 2010

In a standing position of authority, not because of who I am nor what I am called to be but by the obedience in that which I was founded, I was summoned before the throne of God. In that I saw that which I dare not speak not because of who I am but what I am now capable of. If being followers of Christ we do not see Christ nor his kingdom are we following Christ or following men? For to follow Christ in his steps the kingdom is seen but to follow Christ through man we follows cycles. But yet I can't speak that what I saw for it is for a 1/2 time and in that I am confident we will be gone. I write this revelation out of concern for those who will not see their destiny in the time that has been allotted by God and thus I speak out of a language in which I know not what I say but he that sits by me in the spirit would like to relay the final piece of the revelation of this world. For as the Holy Spirit moved him to write without a cause but in knowledge, it is this individual who teaches and releases his mantle upon me for this present day season. As I see what I see it's the effect of now faith working for a now situation in which they come into the now of this revelation will be for then and as such they must use it now. For those who operate in a Spirit of Elijah must first see that there is a greater Glory than Elijah as to not worship the Spirit of Elijah but the God in that Spirit of Elijah and as most will not understand this frame of writing those who understand will come up and realize their is a greater glory past this season in which you will see the forefathers of old and the elders of those who knew you before you knew you. As such, although my view is blocked many are talking about the revelations some of you are releasing as you come into the knowledge of the revelations they are releasing. As such there is another place past heaven where preaching and teaching is as unlimited as the stars.

For though the spirit speaks as I type I see what I say because now I see what's in me and only through strict obedience do you see the heritage of the stars. As I see the Messianic Angels on the ground positioned around the Elijah Prophets there is a battle brewing in the spirit and only those chosen and equipped to fight will be able to understand the depths of what's happening. Although I have the mystery of the Blood and have become a steward of this revelation, it is scheduled to be released not in this season, but next season at a time of the outpouring of resurrection power. Those will be marked who are out of place and thus miss their destiny but may not lose the fight. For had it been known that 38% of this generation has the direct bloodline of Jesus, many would have considered ourselves more special than the others and as a result would have resisted to fellowship with others thereby not being able to minster the Gospel effectively. Howbeit that one preaches a divided Gospel because of the Blood thereby nullifying the spirit in which the Blood was slain to be able to attract that which belongs to that which it belongs, for not understanding the Spiritual meaning of the Blood many of us are depleted spiritually and yet active naturally; pure existence and not living; thus many of you are dead in the sight of God. You are not following Christ and many spiritual leaders are leading people over the cliff. As such, when Judas understood the revelation of who Jesus really was he tried to give the money back and as such when they would not receive the treasure he hung himself. As will it be in the tribulation many will begin to understand how anointed certain individuals were that came in their midst and because you were being tested you tried to test a vessel of God and not being clothed you were found naked. For this cause I have become naked so that I might know that which covers me is God and not a man that claims to be God, for in being covered by God what man sees is temporal but what I see is eternal. Is that not cause to be covered with the garment of God so that your nakedness is not exposed or that which is judge is bt the spirit of God and not the judge of man? For he who judges a spiritual man who is in the spirit is tormented unto the end for that which covers that man is spirit so howbeit flesh judges that which is spirit because the spirit judges not man but the spirit in that man and thus God calls that by name for that which is in him has put the spirit of God asleep so that it's not the flesh of man he is calling but the spirit of that man that controls the flesh. 

Thus when Jesus came did he not call the disciples by name and not out of order? Unless their order came about in which he then called Peter by name in which he says “get behind me satan,” howbeit that we of today can't call those by name who are not aware of that which has befallen them unless the deep calls unto those who have gone deep into themselves as the spirit controls that which they do. Does not a child molester understand the spirit that controls him unless he is called by name and does that spirit not molest the spirits it comes in contact with and thus starts a cycle until it has stopped or has the damage been done. For I write this as a command not out of traditions of man but as the voice of God. If there be a need call them by name to expose their wicked works and/or needs and if there be a prophet in the house of God lay the charge to my name by the grace of Jesus as so the blood cannot be on your hands but rather on mine. So how can a man speak boldness in the midst of transition for in knowing the heart of God a true intercessor must know the power of what they possess and as such the angels know me by name and the Lord knows my face and the grace bestowed unto me is by all means necessary. For how can one walk in the power and authority of God if they don't understand the power and authority that God has? For that is laying down your life so another can live. For I speak revelations out of needs and want for people need to hear what God wants from those who confess his son's name. Thus Elijah comes to clothe with wisdom, knowledge, revelation, power, and authority and howbeit those who are in charge are naked in which they must be clothed for they have covered themselves in filth of which many cannot see the porter opening the door for they have built them a tower unto God consisting of another man's works, foundations, revelation, prayers and praise. Did not our God made man to stand alone in authority? Howbeit that you give another man authority over that which God gave you? Unless that man was sent by God for there are many who have sought men for advice and I sent the advice to you and you rejected me for you have rejected that knowledge I have sent thee. Woe to the pastor that rejects my voice in a season of need. I count you double honor in that which men call “hell” and if there be a witness let them intercede and make that which was wrong right as to redeem the curse of the vessel in that house.

For that which rejects my foundation is not of mine but is yet a vessel of satan for pride is knocking at the door. The church in it present state has become an enemy of God and thus the Elijah Prophets have three targets in which you hammer, burn, insult, taunt and destroy at all cost and for that sake review revelations that were shared on my website and Facebook page. 1.Coverings 2. Lord's Supper 3. Foundations of God. If a church, ministry and people are operating in these traditions and are partaking and believing in this foolishness mark them as infidels, bastards, and dead men walking. Judgment has come in this season for these three beliefs. What are you guilty of?

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