A Season of Adam, Moses, Elijah, Noah
amen to spiritual alignment

by Dedric Hubbard
May 30, 2010

God says: That I have just moved in the spirit and my Elijah prophets are in tune they understand that the world is headed to a place that must be addressed, you will be entering into a season of Marriage trials and Leadership tests, to see who will walk with me to that ark that I am preparing for safety. For you around the river of Hiddekel of where I have hid secrets from you that were prepared for my end-time army that are ready to move, I will deal with the hidden iniquities in your life that I have observed up close for I am roaming the earth in all human forms for I bring my staff with me as well as my blessings. I have instructed my angels to find my remnant among the hireling's nest. For I will shake the foundations of earth with heaven revelations; to speak to my people that time is short and my son is ready to move for we have a place prepared just for you. Adam will speak marriage wisdom that he has been taught and if my seal of approval is on your covenant you will pass the test; if not the man has to leave the nest. For I built women with the wisdom of my head. Did I not take time while my son was asleep to perfect his gift? For it is this season that I proclaim my name. For any man to hit wisdom I will respond, for I have the death angel near to put you to sleep and then you will awaken on the other side of the light. For my church is in trouble and my prophets bring light, they are the women unto my church for they can constantly give and that is their foundation: to give light into the mist, for you have destroyed my gift with your lies, now I will speak out of my prophets eyes. For their spirit brings judgment among those who desire to misuse my people while proclaiming my name.

Moses will speak for those who are held by the Pharoah today, which is religion that has marred my sons blood upon the mercy seat. For them I will require twice that they preach, for they make my people build bricks without straw; no foundations for the traditions they uphold, all while proclaiming my name in false. They have used witchcraft over my people for profit and fame. I have instructed my prophets to destroy it all, leave nothing in sight. Release my people so they can take flight. For there are those who say they were called but when my prophets speak they will bring fire and give them a space to repent, but that does not mean I the Lord will accept it. For your treachery in words and your deeds on this earth you will wait to see me face to face.

For Elijah my dearest son never mind. Elijah prophets are just a ball of fire and laughter at it's best. Their job is easy, just make the snake show his head and cut it on sight, for they are the beast that I will release in sessions. The ability to understand Enoch rests in their hearts; my double portion blessing for a job well done in spite of the fight. They will expose the sins of life that the letter has brought to keep my sheep down, for they are a clown for the world to see. But the witnesses around my throne are relieved for they know that the time has come and they will release a firestorm. For who can compare to Elijah in his days? He left at my command for a job well done for these are the prophets who will walk in with me when the job is done. For run you hirelings and make mention of his name, for the dreaded one has come in twice the authority in which he left. All sins will be exposed and all foundations destroyed, for the whirlwind will start at half past four.

For Noah prepares the ark for those who are assigned, we have your place already in line. When you hear the trumpet blow and Elijah pierces your heart, run to the place of safety for the rain is about to start. For your spirit has need of fresh meat and wine. I have a wealth of information to release just in time, but if you resist you will burn in the rain, for I have reached my heart out to you to come inside my house. Where are my prophet's and apostles who govern my house? If there is not one they will die in the drought for Elijah holds the key to hold the rain and Enoch has the authority to turn back the hands of time.

For I will not be mocked among the heathens of this world. I the Lord will destroy you in the invisible midst. Wisdom and Holy Ghost fire have been mixed and I dipped my prophets twice so they can see the burning of your soul. All because you failed to listen to knowledge about the lies you have been told. For this reason I will bring my kingdom ahead. Any thing that is not like me will die for I have come to judge my house. Smile for I have caught you unprepared for you fail to use the light that I have placed before you. Before you leave this place the world will know that when I set a foundation it stays in place. For a church to not have my foundation, how do they speak? For the cornerstone only speaks in order. Prepare yourself for the shower; Holy Ghost rain starts in heaven and ends on the earth.

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