The 5 Foundations of God's Eternal Bride

God says:
My bride will have eyes

by Dedric Hubbard
Saturday, November 13, 2010

As I sat quietly amongst the prophets of Elijah in a clarion call of mercy, it was evident that many were having doubts about their assignments in God because they are fearful no one is listening. It was the subtle atmosphere of fear they have encountered that will cause many to lose focus. The church and those who are in a season of finding who they are in Christ must understand that these are not your average demons and will only be won as Jesus said through fasting and prayer. It is then a prophet asked the question "who has the plans for the Bride?" And as each prophet spoke, God used one to say "my Bride will have eyes," it was then I wrote down the words of this meeting. Many must understand that the church is in a rebellious state and the ones it has to allowed to be performing personal ministry are seeds of rebellion, from A to Z and all those in between. The foundation of the Bride and any church that is established must operate in order, starting no later than 2012. The foundations of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher was put in place by God for balance. Five gifts is a prophetic symbol of the grace God has given the church to equip the people. We understand the basic nature of these gifts but because of unbalanced teaching many do not understand the spiritual nature of these gifts:

The Prophets - Anytime God reveals or sees a threat upon his church it is revealed to the prophets first. True prophets always flow with the spirit of God. They are constantly downloading new revelations and words from God. This speaks to the intense warfare most prophets undergo, especially if they have a consistent relationship with God.

The Apostles - Because of the abundance of revelations a prophet receives, he relays this information to an apostle whose job is to inquire of the Lord the order in which God wishes to release the revelations, information, signs, wonders, etc.

The Pastor - The pastor's job is to feed the sheep the information as the apostle relays it to him in order to get the sheep ready for whatever God is releasing. This calms and prepares the sheep with the knowledge of the territory the sheep are about to enter.

The Evangelist - This is the public relations department of any church. This gift holds revivals, conferences, etc., as proof of what God is doing in their particular church. Those who may be called to that assigned place will be drawn by the anointing these vessels carry.

The Teacher - This gift is responsible for those who come in through evangelistic efforts, led by the spirit etc. They are taught the operation of 1. How to honor and reverence God. 2. The Mission that God has gave the pastor for that house (but will vary when an apostle/prophet comes into the house). 3. Any knowledge that is need for advancement in the kingdom.

What are the key elements of this picture? For one you do not teach people to honor just one gift. Therefore, shouldn't every gift be given a level of independent authority in the church? I don't care if a pastor went bankrupt starting the church, your reward is in heaven. No Bishops are to be considered as what you have called the 'authority over' churches. If they were holy God would have placed it in the Bible. If they were the foundation of the church he would have placed them among the five foundational gifts. 

In the Bride if you do not start with the eyes of God (ie. prophet/apostle) or at least one of them God does not and will not, honor anything you do nor any words you speak for you will have built your foundation upon traditions foundation's and not God's. What has happened is that men have released inaccurate revelations when it comes to coverings and submission. God does not give a man a vision for a house without equipping him with the power necessary to see the vision through. To take your vision and ministry but submit yourself to another for information, advice, etc., is disrespectful to God. He gave it to you so seek him. You can ask advice, but to submit yourself (especially men) lessens your authority in your own house. For a prophet, especially those Elijah quality, to not be in a church is now considered to be rebellion in the end-times.  Because says his Bride will have eyes. To those who think otherwise bend over because the belt is coming

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