Traveling Gypsys Are No Longer Allowed In The Kingdom Of God
self-named ministries: it's your time for judgement

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 26, 2010

 Acts 19:19 "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all [men]: and they counted the price of them, and found [it] fifty thousand [pieces] of silver."


As I slept I felt and saw a person staring at me. Although I never opened my eyes I felt a transference of something in my spirit because I felt as if something was lifted off of me and when I open my eyes 5-mins later I hear God say “don't forget the gypsys.” As I thought upon this the Holy Spirit begin to deal with the practice of self-named ministries and as a result that foundation too must be destroyed. The Holy Spirit says a person that names a ministry after themselves is prideful, rebellious, arrogant, and their ministry is always led by a spirit of deception, denial, and lust in which they find their spirits in crime: agreement, familiarity, and jealousy. God says that any ministry that is founded, named, and operated by an individual is not of God, for they are no more than traveling gypsys selling their wares. God states that the kingdom on earth will represent the kingdom of heaven and a person who builds an individual ministry and the people who follow them are not and will not have a place in God's kingdom. For even God has Jesus and the Holy Ghost in which they operate as a team, even Paul when he ministered had a team with him or when he got there, and he was more powerful then these gypsies that are operating today. Anyone who operates a self-named ministry is operating in witchcraft and/or forms of it and every book they write is considered a manual of magic. Anyone that preaches God's gospel must have a solid foundation in which if they have amassed a following of believers they are to build churches in that area and appoint and set-up the foundation of Eph. 2:20 in the Bible. Failure to do so will cause God to remove his grace off your works and take everything you have accomplished, for the vengeance of the Lord is fire and fury and no wicked thing will be hid from our eyes who have entered into covenant to help mold and build this kingdom. God states he did not deliver people to drive luxury automobiles, buy golden toilets, and fly on private jets for these are things the world does. Your increase is to build and strengthen God's kingdom, not pack out arenas with your manipulative words and for anyone to do this shows that you are not completely healed of the world.

God states those that have made themselves idols and have separated their own personal ministry from the one God told you to start have went astray, mainly because you have no foundation and any prophet that uses the same tactics and has not the foundation as stated in Eph. 2:20 is considered a renegade until they come under authority to the prophets of this season in which they all release the same sound in unison and on one accord. They are consider renegades and are held hostage to Balaam and the spirit of pride. God states a person who pushes himself to the forefront and sets himself before his established church, in God's eyes you are telling him that you are defecating in his face which means you set your ministry up before his and using his breath, gift, callings, and anointings to deceive and fleece the people. Any person that is associated with any ministry and has taken upon yourself to name classes and such after yourself you have become targets of the fire of Elijah and therefore repent, reorganize, and restructure your foundation before the fire falls without warning for the wrath of God is not what you need or want. Any person that has bought books by persons of self-induced status have been spiritually manipulated for God never works alone. These items were and should be studied as patterns to find out who you are, not to live your life according to books, for your life is lived through God and him alone. Many of you buy books on people who proclaim themselves experts on the subject and yet they are still being stripped. There is no expert but those in heaven for they have earned that status and I give honor to whom I will. There will be a major death in the world and then God says he will have a pair in heaven and it will represent the first worldly area that he will begin to work in and it will signify where those who have called themselves experts go for receiving your honor before time. But don't worry he will make it in, for he will be a sign unto the world what happens when you claim your inheritance before time.

Oh well, I can't name names this time but you know who you are. Any pastor with his name on a church and you are not conforming to the end-time structures, prepare to be entered and destroyed from the inside out for you too are counted among the guilty. Death and fire to the religious non-denominational structure. May your head pop with fear and disgrace for now your time of dismemberment has come.

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