Saving Earth's Leaders for Anointed Heirs

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 11, 2010

There is a brewing battle taking place in the heavens and those who have not pressed in like never before will need to arrive to that point, for if not many will be left behind and/or destroyed for lack of knowledge of spiritual time limits, connection, ignorance, and religion. It bothers me that as much as God is doing to reveal himself to this current generation their hardened hearts grows deeper into what they know, for they are afraid that this final conflict will cause those that are hungry for a move of God to die spiritually according to God's principal and not man's man-made theology of being spiritually dead. So as I walked into a spiritual atmosphere I could only notice that the Lord is building his kingdom as we speak and those that are self-proclaimed watchmen, prophets, apostles, and history specialists are not relying these major moves that are being seen by those of what many consider no value to the world. So I write this revelation not of bragging heritage but out of concern that only those who are dead in Christ in this season have the honor to speak the mind of Christ. It is in this mind that God says it's time to build a city for Selah; a name that is only mentioned 78 times in the bible and yet many have come to teach from earthly wisdom of what it means. With that we trace the history of Selah for those of unlearned learned knowledge of man can understand the depths at which God will go to communicate and the fury that he is about to release upon this world. We must understand the bible is a spiritual book and if taught and read in the dimension it was created then God's plans are open before the eyes of his chosen vessels. It is with this knowledge that we understand that 70 stands for 'universal' or 'worldwide' and 8 stands for new birth and/or new creation. Knowing this, we must understand that what God is about to do will be of such a magnitude of power that once started it will automatically destroy the heathens and the rebellious and immediately release the new creation that he intended from the foundation of the earth. Although we know that Selah is mentioned 78 times in the Bible we will only deal with the alpha and omega of this word's origin, because it is now we will bring an end to certain myths and revelation.

We understand that Selah is first mentioned in 2nd Kings 14:7 when King Amaziah defeated a massive number of the Edomites there in which the victory was so massive that he knew it was God and changed the city name to Joktheel, which means “the blessedness of God.” It is with this intrigue that one with a connection of end-time revelation may notice why would God take a city name that was changed and allow it to be penned among other bible books? Quite simple, the battle was not over for they killed many but not all. We have to understand that the Edomites were of Esau’s descendants and thus God had to save some to make himself known mighty upon the earth in this season. So Selah was actually a city God lead the Edomites to so he could destroy them under his terms in his city which he established. We then go to the omega of the word. The last time it was used is in Hab. 3:13 in which it says "Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, [even] for salvation with thine anointed; thou woundedst the head out of the house of the wicked, by discovering the foundation unto the neck." Selah. What God is saying is that this judgment of the church is for God's remnant and his anointed that are being held in a religious fortress by a foundational gift that has exalted itself above the others; those who occupy this position have said the buck starts and stops with them. If a church gave me a pastor position paying a million a year from what I see (wait, back up; too far fetched) if they offer me 70,000 a year I wouldn't take it if the foundation is not set like that in the Bible. That familiar passage that every pastor knows and yet never puts it into effect is about to be the death of every pastor worldwide who does not adhere to it, for it says apostles and prophets are holy; makes no mention of the others. So they have instilled their own governmental rules as to have people honor them and fear them and yet God does not think of them enough to call them the foundation of his church nor holy and yet many jump through hoops for these people.

So we must understand when God uses Selah, it's for a purpose. He is saying to those that don't fear him, you'd better pause and see who you are fighting against, for that person may be in the city of God. Which means when David added Selah to particular Psalms what he was saying to God is that “my enemies don't see that you are protecting me. Make yourself known to them before you destroy them for not knowing the place my spirit and soul resides.” Which means some of you may have access to the secret place and other areas around the throne, but when one is appointed for a season to destroy foundation and no guile is found in his heart, you are not speaking mysteries with your sly scriptures and your so-called spirit-led revelations to a man/woman who sits and watches your soul, you are speaking into the fortress of God and commanding death upon yourself for allowing the devil to access your spiritual atmosphere. Which comes to this: any pastor in a city the Habakkuk scripture is saying if you do not conform to God's way of ministry, when he builds his bride he will allow you to be shown before the city as if you were a superstar and he will destroy you himself while people watch and it will be a mystery unto them who can't see spiritually, but unto those who can they will see the Lord stripping you from the inside out until your flesh bleeds without a cause and many will think it's demonic but it will be the hand of judgement from directly the throne of God and then your body will lay there as an example before he sends the angels to gather the scraps. It will be unto those a mystery how your body will leave in plain sight. God is forewarning that many of you are being taught by descendants of Esau which is why God wants you to know your tribal heritage, for many have married into this lineage also and yet you go around without a care. There is judgment coming to the church starting next year in the year of disorder so you can fast, pray, cry out, and stomp your feet but if God's foundation is not being put in place and the day of your visitation of judgement comes upon you like a thief in the night, God will not hear prayers because he was trying to warn you now. So your buildings of bricks will become your grave of dust when God backs you into a Selah wall. Selah 

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