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Where is the power?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 19, 2010

Most of us eagerly await this year’s Pentecost because its significance has been mentioned by many. Many are awaiting a power surge of anointing, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and a specific word of direction from the Lord. I speak out of wisdom concerning this blessed event, not from pride or from a uplifted sprit, but from a low place of humility and sadness. Humility because I now understand the place of surrender you must have to walk in kingdom authority and sadness because the Lord states many will not hear the sound that he will release on Pentecost. As I relay his message from heaven to earth in wisdom, revelation, and testimony I pray someone will hear the language of The Holy Spirit. It is with today's experience that the lord spoke which led to me penning the revelation. I awoke this morning and turned my laptop on, but to no avail; there was no power. As I changed batteries, plugged it in, shook it, and of course hit it there was still no power. I began to think of everything I had in the laptop which was important so I decided I will take it to the shop, they will diagnose it for free and would provide me with the repair cost. I left to run errands and make a few dollars, then arrived back home. I tried the laptop again, no power. This time I went online and googled the symptoms and found the problem was common with the Sony brand. I tried the suggested fixes, no power.

My spirit alerts me to go see my probation officer to pay on my traffic fine, so I leave and go see her. We enter into her office. I have the payment, but I tell her "next time," we laugh and make small talk (considering she's attractive) and I leave. Immediately in the car I pick up the phone and call a person to collect a debt which I am due to pick up. As I arrive home and sit and wonder I look at the laptop again the first time I told it work and it didn't. This time I took the battery out, look at it turned it on, no power; so I hit, bang, and wiggle. I then realized this time I didn't plug it back in. I looked again and remembered all the info and revelations God has given me, it was then the Holy Spirit prompted me and told me what to say. So before I plugged it in I said "Lord if it be your will," I plugged it in and there was power at last. I immediately went to the last revelation God had given me, sent it to my email address and then turned the laptop off. Nothing else mattered. All the other things I thought and named didn't matter. It is with that experience God started revealing this revelation.

Many who are waiting on Pentecost are not waiting on instructions, they are waiting on introduction. You have been connected to a power source that has been running you for years, pouring information into you based on their plans for your life and not God's plan. You have been paying for information and access to places where you have the power to access it yourself for free. There are people, places, and things that God has for you that you have not accessed yet, not because it wasn't there all the time, but because he has kept them from you unto this present time. You have relied on people, places, and things to get you somewhere in God that you could have done yourself if you were in his will. I hear the Lord says this isn't for everybody but about 30 of you in different states will receive this and move into another level of grace, according to his word I will release the revelation at the end. As you wait on Pentecost God wants you to add up the cost; are you willing to pay the cost to bring his kingdom to earth? Is it hard? Depends on how long you resist obedience to his word. Can you stand the hatred, rejection, gossip, and troubles that will come with it? Will you respond to the criticism or will you rise above the critics? Do those who say they love you show God's love or church love? Will you still be brother or sister so and so, minister, prophet, apostle or will you be the passing associate. There is a cost and ridicule that comes with hearing and following the voice of God.

I remember attending a church while listening to God and he instructed me to go admit myself to an institution, not because of mental issues but spiritual ones. He said "let me show you what you are around, let me show you what you can do, and let me show you who I trust." Doing as instructed signing myself in I was shocked to know my mom had already beaten me to it, so as I asked the question "what did she say." She said "God said he was sending you here," that wouldn't work so she had to put "mental issues." As I arrived on the floor it was a shock to see everyone on the floor claim to be prophets, see angels, spirits, etc. I realized I was different when everyone had one doctor and I was assigned seven (the number of spiritual perfection), I was being perfect in the crazy house. "So where are your church folks" the Lord asked? Only 2 visited with just 1 conversation, one cared and a whole lot of gossiping. After Pentecost are you willing to stand alone for what God tells you to do, even if nobody else believes in you? If God reveals his plans for you, do we discuss our plans with them? If your faith is tried, how much more will their faith increase. Not in words but in deeds, for who is a man that hears God's plans and succeeds? He is then cast down again so that he may rise again.

For what man hears God's word and does not move? He is then set aside to be cast away because his faith has been tried according to the grace he was given. His faith is consistantly low and he could not be trusted with the more. Your faith will be tried according to your level of authority that you have claimed to possess, for the church is in judgement and you will be tested according to what you have claimed to be thus far. If through faith you pass in faith what you thought you had in faith, your faith will be increased. If not you faith will be decreased according to the level of authority you have, for what is a man that moves at his own authority and faith? He has become his own God and will be released to operate in his own way until he comes to the level of operating in the authority in which God has allowed according to his faith. I remember attending another church and God instructed me to leave. I remember the conversation vividly. I heard God as the man was speaking and God said "that ain't me." I realized the spirit behind what was happening as I explained my case and was told,
"This is the last time, it ain't coming back."
"So if I make a mistake can I come back?"
"It ain't coming back."
God wants to know can you leave your place of comfort to go into the unknown with just one word from the Lord? I hear the Lord say there are 10 women who would forward this to men they know just because of this next sentence. There are prophetic women, some single (address that later) and some married. Women and men who God wants to use mightily but you don't want to leave the nest. God wants to pull you to new levels of experiences with him.

But the pride of life has hold of you. God needs for you to understand what struggle is but your materialistic mentality has you bound. Abram come! For what is a man who is a man that can't handle a man's gift. For how can a man be a man in another man's house? For what rule do you have under another man's roof? There all people who must leave their parents roof because if you don't, destiny will come crashing on you; God will destroy another man's house just to get to you. For what is a man with destiny on his life hiding behind his father's gift. Shall God not destroy what the father has to get you to come outside? Come out! Come out! Before God comes inside. Many of you have other people life, jobs, and families in line for destruction because you won't leave them alone, or you want leave the job, state, etc. Your destiny is by design and God will move everything to get to you.

So where is the power? For I speak not from a need to know, but I will know for what is a man who hears God and moves as he commands but a candidate for the power given by the King. For power is not in power but the words that bring power, for in words the heavens were built. In words demons tremble, in words lives are changed. It was a word spoken on Pentecost that spoke and power was released from the word spoken through the Holy Ghost. So what about the 30? Some understand that God is changing the church. Some understand the structure God wants in his church. Some understand who they are connected to. Some understand what they are called to operate in. Some understand they need training, assistance, and guidance. Some have the keys to apostolic/prophetic authority. Some understand what Godly power is. So where is the power? The power is in the spirit of agreement ("and they all were on one accord"). God states there are 30 of you that have had a spiritual connection since you met (connect). 30 represents you have been redeemed from the law, sprinkled with the blood separate, together you are covered because you have passed the test together you have spiritual authority. After you converse, delegate. After you delegate, illuminate. After you illuminate, communicate ("noised abroad"). These 30 will draw 120. After 120 days, the Lord will empower you to go forth in the fullness of the Holy Ghost (120 represents a period of probation and testing).

This is the way God will bring the kingdom to earth. Distance, religion, and race shouldn't stop you because you will all speak kingdom. The only hinderance is pride will you be too high-minded to come down or will you be so intimidated that you can't come up? Can you ask for help and can you offer help? For what is a man who has knowledge of the kingdom and does not share. Shall he partake of the benefits or shall he just sit and wish? Or what is a man who has questions but yet does not speak? Does he hold his peace and hope that that will be enough to get him through the gate?

Yes, my friend you are right but shall wisdom not speak? For here is the answer for I want you all to eat for what the prophet speaks is true. Intimidation has many bound and the fear of man has many scared to speak. For what is wisdom that doesn't answer questions when they appear? For it started in the garden during the feast of the Lord, competition against the brother trying to bring the best; they did not speak. For they were so busy preparing trying to surprise their God that they forget to ask me. I would have told them how to prepare for the feast. Here a little and there, precept upon precept is how I the Lord speak. If it is offered in humility then you are acceptable to me. If they would have conversed I would have told them what to do, one would prepare the firstling and the other the fruit. And approached me equally and the competition would have been through. In order to bring heaven to earth everyone in agreement must assist and converse with another to get the full plan, but if you fail I still have found people who wish to sit at the feast. If at my will only eight will be saved again when Jesus leaves the throne so be it. I will start over again with eight righteous people in my kingdom that will not end.

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