Elijah Speaks
Know Your Job And Leave What You Don't Know Alone

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 2, 2010

As the Elijah company makes a power move to establish their spiritual presence upon the Earth it is now time that many understand the nature in which prophetic vessels are called and used of God. To use censorship, filters, or anything which hinders the word these prophets speak should be carefully prayed over by the human authority who may have no idea what God is doing. Proverbs 6:16 -19 speaks an arsenal of wealth concerning the call and voices of Elijah. They are called according to the nature of things the Lord hates, but which his people partake of. The degree of the sin is the depth the prophet will speak to bring you into a state of mind that you are going the wrong way. The reason people don't understand prophetic ministry and most prophets don't understand themselves is that they don't know what their mandate is for being a voice for the Lord so instead you find most of them releasing prophecies and holding conferences. Prophets should be enforcers of God's words and protectors for God's people, but the only thing that most have in common is to protect themselves from being called false prophets. Prophets are called to an area, a church, a city, state, region where God wants the injustices exposed, revealed, and dealt with according to his standards not man's thoughts.

Elijah prophets speak past man thoughts with spiritual intensity, knowledge, authority, and power. Before they release a word they already know the target they wish to hit, the degree of the damage, even the person(s) the word is meant for. Therefore, being offended in reading an Elijah revelation is common because the way Christians, act, think, and demonstrating a Christian lifestyle offends God for there is no pure power, worship, or even revelations from God everything is based on natural knowledge handed down and no spiritual knowledge or revelation of who God is personally to the individual. And those who sit among the sidelines with knowledge of Elijah's coming but no inside revelations of what God tends to do through this anointing leaves them speechless in the natural and yet judgmental in the spirit. They have been caught in the spirit in which they operate double-minded, meaning their prophecies are biased and their anointing is tainted. Elijah prophets as well as most have no business releasing prophecy until they know their mandate in God in which the assignments he gave you don't waver according to the anointing God releases. Now we watch as the heathen prophets of old wait until the anointing hits full-scale and then they begin to prophecy “I have Elijah this and that” and we watch as they die in their falsehoods for trying to be a part of something ordained by God to keep men listening to your voice. Many have been given the pink slips but continue to prophesy that which is not of their seasons. And as Elijah changes his voice from announcement of the coming to preparing for the coming we sit aside the voice of John crying in the wilderness to that of the foundation of a teacher as we prepare for those chosen few to receive the Glory that is due in this season.

So it is of importance that many understand and/or judge an Elijah prophet in the knowledge of old you must come up to the spirit of the new for they are pouring wine that many can't drink because you have to be holy to understand what they do. The standards of being an Elijah prophet are not based on prophets of old who have increased in knowledge but possess no power. The Elijah prophets increase in power then they receive the knowledge, for their faith in “God can do it” outweighs the “how will he do it” and as a result if you are an Elijah prophet and you have not released a prophecy that manifested itself in 12 to 24 hours then your anointing, faith, and or relationship has not been tested or approved by God. For this speaks of the Governmental Authority that God has given you because he wants his presence and power shown now in this season. And any prophet who doubts this can happen has already answered your question of why you have been shut out of Elijah's House.

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