Choose your God
Count the Cost
Know your Assignment
And Heal your Land

by Dedric Hubbard
July 8, 2010

In the first part of my 3-day journey into the abyss of the spirit of levithan; the glory of God has shown us the way. The depths of this false revelation of many waters is deep and complex but we have with us the Christ leading the way for Peter holds the rock and now fully understands his mission because he will crush the head of the serpent with his own weapon the rock of religion aimed directly at his head and I am just a witness along for a magnificent ride. The false prophet has already given up at 3,000 feet under the sea, but yet when he surrendered we did not pursue for it does no good killing the agent before we wrestle and destroy his boss yet I hold the plumbline so when the victory is won I mark the territory and head for the sky because then God will release his young prophets of old who have been waiting at a chance to serve the Lord with all their hearts and nothing less. With that these prophets have to choose their God; either the ones of the earth or the one true in heaven. Count the cost because there is no turning back although you have had some bad examples in your walk to God. If you have been healed to completion you should be knocking on destiny's door. The only way you aren't is if you have missed a step or two. Ask the Lord for guidance and he will tell you what and who to talk to. Know your assignment well, study to not be ashamed, there is a foundation in God that he is releasing and if you don't tap in you are to blame. For he is in a season of all-or-nothing, once you enter his gates no one has to pump you up for you stand at heaven's gate. They have to go and you know who they are, church, religion, people, places, and things for you have carry the dead weight of the snake.

Religion has taught you with limits and God wishes you to come out the box. The first wave of prophets are coming back down the hill right into the army of the Lord to do battle once again for we have seen the prophets run right into Elijah's trap right into their own filth of black magic we have their spirit's trapped right in the gulf where they looked out of their own eye's and when all of them had spoken Elijah came out and spoke to their surprise and snared them in their own foolish pride of speaking against the tide, for they choose to talk about a problem rather than to exercise spiritual authority on justice side. So we curse every media outlet they use to release an improper word and every person that listens to this filth for the Lord does not speak in halves, he speaks in the fullness of his authority which he has given to men on earth. We curse every hand that took time to write improper words without being released to give proper insight “for the Lord sees in the darkest places and my hands have grown weary of you so I redraw my authority over your life for I tried to raise you as sons, now if you don't repent and turn I will hand you over to your mom.” As I look in front of me Elijah has the mercy seat and shall use it to sit and stare as Peter plugs the devil head with his magnificent rock, signaling the return of the bride for he has gotten up.

Elijah must see his spirit come into the deep and he will use that power to stop the blood that has been shed by false and immature prophets who have been released by the hands of man and not the spirit of God, who invited them into his house only to see them spoil his goods and take his treasure of value and hold them in their hand, signing a decree that was cancelled by the son of man. Heal your land prophets and when you do just that remember that day in your spirit for that is where your books are kept for I will make a new covenant according to the souls you saved 10 to 1 anointing and all the riches I have to the first anointed vessels who have visited my house in honor and know the rules of my house, to touch the waters and say “peace be still” and tell satan goodnight. For the kingdom is here in flesh but your spirits must touch down to let the earth know that the sons of God are assembling and everything is about to be redeemed back to Eden and all my children are saved. As long as I make sure that our guest in the spirit doesn't cut the plumbline.

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