Elijah Hears God Sing “Bride Awaken”

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awaken my Bride to my voice. Hear the trumpets blaring, announcing my triumphant return. O come forth my flowers that I have planted myself and watered with tears of expectation for a moment such as this. Awaken my Bride the enemy is near; I hear Elijah's voice warning you to arise and see the goodness of me. Arise Bride, has a stranger clothed you with wisdom of men? Have I not warned you of the shepherds who warm themselves with the wool of their own sheep? Arise my Bride, war is at hand. Come quick and meet Elijah my dressmaker; he has your size in the notes I have given him about what you need to weigh. For my Bride will be lifted up in chariots of 10, any extra weight and there will be no room within. Awaken to thee Bride who says I don't exist, they have laughed at my name and preached my Words for fun. Arise my Bride and avenge my name, for my son is coming with ring in hand and then you will be married and live in our house without fear. Arise my warrior, can this truly be time? Have you not tasted of the best wine saved for last? Is it to strong my Bride? Is your cup to full? Are thou an imposter taking my Bride's place? I see Elijah standing by the entrance guarding the Bride's room and none has entered to try on their gowns for they all fail to weigh-in to enter into the room. To come inside and see my gown you must wear a '0,' for emptying of your spirit is what Elijah needs to see, for my bride has to be empty to serve only me. For I am a God who provides for his family and I long to see the Bride when they come and enter into the rest of me. 

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