The Babylon Gospels

by Dedric Hubbard
March 23, 2010

In the Babylon empire there are 3 types of gospel that either one of the higher ups may preach or a combination of two because this is not of God all three can't be preached together yet because they are waiting on the antichrist spirit to really emerge. These three gospels that they teach heavily on are faith, submission, and obedience the fruit of these gospels are servitude, obedience, and humility which as we go on to expose these gospels the real fruit is obedience to a person, ministry, or things and not God. Let's elaborate on this Babylon gospel a little deeper so as you can get a better understanding.

The Faith of the Babylon - The Babylon gospel is master at the teaching of faith because the devil knows that faith is the strong point of any Christian believer so in the Babylonian empire many have come to world-wide recognition at teaching on faith. When a person is introduced to a seducing spirit planted by Jezebel the ultimate goal is to draw as many people under their control as they can. So they master the one area that they were weak in at one point or another, making them one-dimensional being afraid to step out and do other things. They only think you are bound by a spirit of fear and rejection, because you don't know how people will receive you if God used you in other areas. This means you have built a ministry on faith but have really shown no works, because all you have built is carbon-copy faith disciples without the works of individuality to prove that God has really blessed you in the area that people have come to know you far. You really have just surrounded yourself with people that make you what you are and have not allowed God to show you what you are. So what you really are is an idol of faith in the flesh and you will come tumbling down.

The Submission of Babylon - The submission gospel of Babylon is quite simple, after they have sowed their faith seed their next seed to sow is submission because it speaks to the authority of submitting in faith; it goes hand in hand. They have to sow this seed because when they get ready to do any type of project they want you to submit your money in faith because the devil knows the principals of the Bible and what you are actually doing is being manipulated into sowing into the devil’s kingdom. That is why some evil spirits allowed a person with one of the foundational gifts to think they were more than anyone else and they begin to rank and title the five ascension gifts; it's what happened to satan when he thought he was more than God. So to get someone to submit under a person with only one of these gifts without the others also in place is out of order, especially without the foundational gifts of apostle and prophet.

The Obedience of Babylon - This gospel of obedience that is preached by Babylon is quite simple. Also if you have a person's faith and have gotten them to submit, the seed of obedience is next. What this does is glorify the person at the top of the food chain. You heard the phrase “Pastor said,” “Prophet said,” “Apostle said,” they drill obedience according to titles and not according to the spirit. You never hear someone say “well I understood what pastor said but, the spirit showed me this or told me that.” The obedience of Babylon is to not question those in authority, but the Gospel says “study to show your own self approved” (paraphrase), or “be ready to give an answer” (paraphrase). In the Babylonian system people have given their complete spiritual maturity to one man and thus anything which is said or done contrary to what they have been taught is foreign because pastor or prophet or whoever didn't say it.

People must come to the understanding and knowledge that the devil's kingdom is not disorganized. It is a highly potent and well-structured kingdom that operates in levels of authority (and has been for years). Some may have come to realize either in a leadership position or on the pews you may be under demonic leadership either knowingly or unknowingly. So the fruit of this Babylonian system is quite simple: money and power in regard to their levels and ranks. What happens is God begins to bless them to test their heart but greed starts to take over and the seeds are planted and status and power becomes their goals. These people usually attract people of the same spirits which I will discuss later, but the fact of the matter remains, have you been taught under the gospel of the Babylonians?

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