Elijah eyes the prosperity of the prophets
Elijah’s Imminent Domain

by Dedric Hubbard (October 31, 2010)

Eminent Domain - The power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.

As I sat among my brethren in the Spirit I saw an angel ride up on a red horse and handed me a note with the word 'Zechariah,' and with that I opened up the Bible and was led of that same book to the 1st chapter, verses 1-17. It was then after reading this passage of scripture that the Holy Spirit spoke and stated the displeasure that God has seen from the prophets of somewhat established nature in that they have failed to protect God’s nature, his people, his earth, and his holy words. Their failure to display the power and authority was not because it wasn’t available, it’s because they didn’t have time for God. They have lured many away from the training of God to the training of man. Therefore, 98% of prophetic vessels have no spiritual authority in the offices and gifts that they have bewitched untrained vessels into believing they have. They have no knowledge of seasons, times, shifts, angels of governing status and those of seasonal status. They use prophetic words with no prophetic power and beyond prophecy the depths of the knowledge of God’s action has been hidden from their feeble minds. These vessels have provoked the wrath of God as they prophecy and train for their diviners fees and no one has come up beyond the throne to see what God has stored up for the righteous of these days.

It is for that reason that God has requested for this word to be released and the people that have been betrayed by prophetic vessels releasing words for cash and those who stand up and operate in prophetic pan-handling understand that this is not a nature of God that prophets and any minister of God’s gospel stand before the sheep and ask for amounts based on a corrupt prophetic spiritual atmosphere that is in covenant with a spirit of greed in the name of God. For just as the sheep believe in faith, those that administer the gospel must operate in faith. Any that do contrary to this call God a liar in which he states he is no respecter of persons and if those of spiritual authority and prophetic influence are allowed to operate, then in God’s eyes any vessel in need should be allowed to operate in the same manner. The manipulation of God’s sheep for money in his church is a sin for if the prophetic vessels who were taught by God and allowed to operate in a manner consistent with his nature, he would speak to that vessel who would come before the people to release the revelation of a need in God’s house. The tainting of this stream of prophetic gifting has allowed the prophets to stand before the sheep and fleece the people. This part of a prophet’s mantle was to establish to the unbelievers and believers that God takes care of his own. As such if the church was community minded this mantle will allow the prophet, through the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, to go to a person and tell them: "thus saith the Lord" in situations of need. But because the prophets have been trained by man and not God, they stand before the people and request provision for themselves which destroys the integrity of God’s word. This introduces a Balaam principle in which your main goal is to collect the filthy lucre.

In this season in order to gain the respect of God, many prophets of old will have to find and sow seeds of repentance into an Elijah prophet’s ministry for failure to operate in the character of God. In doing so, many prophets of old will understand their part in this Elijah movement in that they will be either reformers, enforcers, advisers, or connectors. This will cause the prophetic vessels who really have a heart for the things of God to move in a manner consistent with his nature and those that don’t.... prepare for Elijah’s imminent domain in which God allows an Elijah vessel of his choosing to decide which ministry small, medium, large (or a combination of all three) in which they will speak the demise of your ministry according to the nature of which it was built. This will cause you to lose everything you have built in your idolized status. God will then send the same vessel to purchase your self-made kingdom and distribute it among the Bride at no cost, for the lord giveth and he taketh.

For they rob my sheep of their money, silver and gold based on the lies their fathers of flesh have told and would I the Lord not speak upon this mischief that has enslaved my people to the spirits of old? Causing lies to come from their mouths saying "the Lord has said," and if I speak do not I speak sincere? Did I not seond my son to pay the price when he came near? And yet they build ministries of lies, exalting their names and words and inventions. I have called to life speaking on websites with their names in lights while all the time they are issuing a price. For the words I the Lord speak are free in this season. Did I not name Elijah to confront this treason? And who is that who says I instructed them to bring forth a price on a word they claimed I released? For do not they know the Lord is a Holy name and now I the Lord will give them their wish since their words are labeled with fees. The next prophet that says "the Lord says bring this price to the altar," and it’s not according to me, for I do it to meet the needs of my people who are walking dead in satan weeds. I will take their breath according to that price. I will drop them breathless as soon they accept the dead man’s fee for not understanding the rebellion a prophet has done. For they manipulate my people with falsehoods of truth for that the prophet will die in front of those they deceive and then everyone will know not to speak a holy name when you are filled with sin. Never will they take my sheep’s last while using my name. Elijah has come to avenge my people and my name for they have taken my grace in vain. Selah

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