That Ain't God!

by Dedric Hubbard
April 27, 2010

Earlier today while sitting in the park two strangers approached and begin to engage me in conversation as to what God is doing in this season and how will prophets play a part in it. So as I shared and they gave insights the rest of my friends arrived about an hour later. I looked as they just sat and watched as me and the strangers laughed and joked about certain issues that will have to changed. We shook hands and as they left the Lord said “look again” as the men walked away. I looked toward them and realized I had been talking with angels. So as my friends then got out to approach me one said, “who were you talking too? We thought you had gone crazy.” I responded, “nope I already have that certificate.” That's when I realized they didn't see them. Then the conversations I had with the strangers turned angels proved it's point when they said “how can we say that ain't God?” The phrase most Christians use when they can't explain what another person is doing and or going through. In this end-time season we must realize that God is about to turn the world upside down and there are three types of angel on earth and on assignment which I would rather not share at this time. Am I being selfish? Not at all. Am I being prideful? Not at all or better yet “that ain't God” which is most people’s response when a person releases or does something contrary to what they may think is right. How do you know that God only said share it with certain people?

But that is really not the issue the issue is as God begins to move and shake this thing people have been calling church, how do you know it's not God? Simple, you don't. The only people who will know are the ones he has been connecting and building for years for this final showdown. When they are introduced without an introduction it's not because you haven't seen or heard them, it is because you have underestimated them. The angel stated that the very ones you blackballed, talked about, gossiped about, and cursed with your words are the very ones that have the information, location, and access to get you to your next destination in God. The ones that you thought you never had to see, hear and or talk to again are the very ones that have to spoon-feed you what, where, how, and why God is doing what he is doing. It's simple, your ridicule has been the stepping stone for most of their ministry. The one you tried to lord yourself over and talked down to, now you must humble yourself to receive from. But that ain't God, he/she just was sitting in the front row listening to me! That ain't God! I just heard they sleeping around with such and such. That ain't God, he/she ain't got no license to preach! How do you know what ain't God? Quite simple because the very thing God is trying change is what's inside of you, but the spirit that is controlling you doesn't want to change. Say what you want, God has got some fire-baptized prophets that are about to released and if it ain't in the Word then it ain't gonna stand because the wind is coming to test everything you may think is right.

So as the angel put it, who do you expect to walk and have access to this type of anointing that God is releasing in this hour? Quite simple the obedient, reckoned dead Christians and your death will be tested by God, which means how bad do you want God or the world? And as the angels put it that car you just paid off, how about you go down to the Shell on third ave west and give it to the homeless guy standing outside and you start catching the bus. Won’t do it? Not dead yet! How about that nice five bedroom you just got, go down to the woman's shelter pick the girl in the third bed give it to her and you pay the note and move back into an apartment. Won’t do it? Not dead yet! How about you clean out your savings and give it all to the person who God puts on your heart. Won’t do it? Not dead yet! The first thing comes to some of our mind we shake our heads and say “that ain't God.” Why? Because it hits some of us where our real heart is at, our earthly treasures. Now the question remains some have already have done the things I have mentioned and then some because I realized during my conversations with the strangers turned angels they were telling my testimony right back to me so when you walk into what God has for you the only person you owe is God.

So what we have to be mindful of, every event that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, God has told some of you to do them and you all failed when you didn't carry them out. We all have fleshy nature when we think we can't do something the Lord has put before us. Even Jesus said “take this cup from me” but yet he went on because he got strength from the Holy Spirit to move on. For many this letter is your second chance to get it right before you are able to move because the very one that God may tell you to bless is not a question of whether they need or not. It is your obedience that God is wanting to have to release you into your blessed place. The question remains who have you held up because of your it ain't God and what is being held up for you because it ain't God? Just because it's not your season doesn’t mean it ain't God. Just because it ain't your favorite prophet, pastor and/or friend doesn’t mean it ain't God. Just because it ain't your church doesn’t mean it ain't God. Just because you don't like them doesn’t mean it ain't God. So then we have the human angels, God's angels, and the devil's angel. Each one comes from God and can be used for God's will but which one have you been listening to saying it ain't God? All of them have the ability to push you closer toward God but only one has the ability to keep you from God.

But for now in this season who is the angel God has put in your life that you have ignored, failed to bless, or talked about? It is the very angel that holds the keys to your future. But who am I? Just another nationally-known certified crazy bipolar person claiming to be a prophet, with frequent angelic visitations known and unknown, out of body experiences and trances etc. And no that ain't God that was me in the flesh because you have to be crazy to believe and experience what God is doing now. I just believe when strangers come and tell your testimony in the form of Gospel and then they become angels I do believe that someone in heaven is well pleased with your work and that was just an invitation to destiny. How do I know it ain't God?

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