and then there were none . . .

by Dedric Hubbard
April 12, 2010

Watching an open heaven the Lord showed me things to come. We have to be mindful that this is the first time that Passover in America and Israel occur on almost the same day. This produced an open portal from heaven to earth. In exactly 50 days it will be Pentecost in Israel. Those who have been prepared for this end-time work must be mindful of what is about to take place. Many will be operating in an unlimited anointing without measure. The spirit of Basilisk will also come to the surface to plant seeds of deception. This is the spirit that will birth the false prophets and apostles. What makes a prophet and apostle false is not their words, lifestyle, and/or deeds, it's the spirit in which they operate. People have been killed prematurely because of people intimidated by one another's gifts, and crossing into an area they have no business in. They have been operating in spiritism. In the vision God said because of what he is accomplishing on the earth some will be operating in what he called drop-dead anointing, like Ananias and Sapphira. Which means those who have been operating without spiritual authority will be judged according to their words. God will allow you to prophesy to people who know you are out of order and when they leave you will too (on a stretcher). God is cleansing the earth of immoral prophets so if I were you I would be mindful in this season in who you judge and in what you say using a God-said.

The people God is raising up in this season have been released from heaven to Earth to deal with this deceit in the church. They will operate in an Elijah mantle which is confrontational, prophetic, and leadership equipped. In the vision, God showed me apostolic teams entering churches and giving them what the Lord requires with time lines. When they come back, if a church is not operating to God's standards as set forth in the Bible, judgement from God will proceed. I saw pastors just disappearing when they leave their churches if they were disobedient to God's word. God states a pastor was never meant to have control over a church; it was to be shared among the other gifts. I saw megachurches just burning from lighting strikes. So if you are who God says you are ‘do you’ and no one else, because the church has entered a season of judgement and obedience is a must.

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