The Pentecostal Papers
The Prophetic Address

by Dedric Hubbard
May 21, 2010

As we head into a Pentecostal weekend, many of us who are prophets must find our way into a place of acceptance. It is with the burden of acceptance that God has called some of you forth. Many of our brothers and sisters of the faith have somehow lost focus and are operating in error in training, doctrine, equipping etc., and many have gone the way of Balaam and the pride of life has become their God. As I pray that they awaken to their error and turn from the spirit of deception it saddens me to know some of our brothers may not awaken in time as many of us may shine as bright as the morning star. We must be aware that time is short and their is not much room for error. Many will come to realize that they are being deceived, manipulated, and spiritual drained. Some are spiritists, soothsayers, and new-agers all designed to stop the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As I pen this revelation not for the sake of building myself but for comfort, consider that you do have access and with that access is a responsibility. I reveal this address, not from the heart of Jesus for which I speak frequently, but from the heart of God. My desk has been arranged in such a way that it doesn't face the world but his heart.

For you may know when you enter his heart and he reveals his face, he again moves his face to avoid allowing you to become common with his glory. For a man to be common with the glory of God is worse than a man headed for hell. As I enter to expect a peace of mind he has moved his throne and left this note of revelation to reveal to the coming prophetic army. I do not know what I did to enter into this place in his heart. Now I must work all the more to keep what I have accomplished and I seek him the more to remain in connection with him lest pride defeats what has already been released to me. Although I feel his glory I don't see his face, but at last he writes at the top of this revelation there is much work to be done. For to hold any office in the kingdom of God it is God who must place you at your station and it is not determined by miracles and power for that is accessible to the believer. God's seal of approval is determined by the abundance of revelation you will receive for the false apostles and prophets do miracles and deeds but to understand his will from the foundation of the earth is power.

Although I am sad in the flesh I am joyful in my spirit for in a little while we who have finished our course will be able to go home. It is with that assurance he has allowed me to share the keys to access his heart for you shall access the kingdom. God states that for a prophet to understand the nature of the office there are certain qualifications or keys you need to hold to enter this office his apostolic keys allow you to speak the heart and will of God not from the traditions of man but the throne room of God. The elders who sit before the throne are the judges of the level of authority that God grants you according to God's will. In the first 12 chapters of Genesis are the 12 dimensions of creation; the mindset in which you were created. You have to understand heaven's creation before you are able to rule earth. Below they are posted in order:

1. Vision

2. Identification

3. Reproduction

4. Production - Faith

5. Compassion - Love

6. Communication - Peace

7. Authority - Joy

8. Movement - Longsuffering

9. Seperation - Gentleness

10. Preparation - Goodness

11. Limitations - Meekness

12. Connection - Temperance

The corresponding are 12 trials we all go through to access God's presence. When you pass a trial you gain a key to a fruit of the spirit which prepares you for another trial to enter another dimension; the rounds go higher and higher. Although I could explain this in its entirety, for the sake of false apostles and prophets I elect not to reveal it, for this revelation is reserved for those who desire strong meat; to understand why and how they function in the earth. For God states there are those who need reminding that there are no chiefs, masters, and fathers on earth, only in heaven. For what is a man who accepted a job because of pay and not the work involved? For he fails to read the whole contract which simply states the Lord God is God. Therefore, he elevates himself because of his ability to hire employees but yet no work is getting done. The owner of the company comes in, checks the progress report and fires that man on the spot.

God states that any prophet who calls themself a prophet and is not equipped and trained in his office is subject to...... God left it blank with a side note that said judgement belongs to the Lord. So as I speak as man to you, the spirit is happy for you, for you will no longer be tossed in the wind by every prophet who passes for once again God is giving us a chance to possess the land. Playtime is over, the kingdom has touched down.

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