The Spirit and Authority of Judgement
out of the mouth of babes

by Dedric Hubbard
July 4, 2010

Sitting in my spiritual office while the angels continue to bring in prayers, complaints, and concerns.... if you don't pace yourself you can almost get burned out, but God always has the last word. So I have a new machine he gave me; it's a paper-shredder type machine called “judgmental fire,” The angels use it when I am not around. In goes complaints, concerns, prayers, and blessings that people pray which are not in God's will for the end-time because he has no time foolishness and I have no time for it so we streamline things as he says. So I may read one that comes from a person who has a ministry and they and the ministry are out of God's will. With that people have to understand I have a job to do and it may sound harsh, we are never after a particular person unless we know without a shadow of a doubt that person is demonically possessed. Any other times we are after the spirit within and you must shock the flesh to expose the spirit because they respond differently when their covers are blown. But the church and people associated with these ministries must understand as I look to the left the Godheads are aligned and sitting and wearing the priestly robes of judgment and with that the church has reached an hour of judgment so it is my job to release the revelation of judgment to quiet all concerns and false revelation, not out of a high-minded attitude but for the saving of souls because with this revelation also comes a burden that you must carry at the time when God assigns your direction. Most understand what a judge is so explanation is not necessary in that area. Most people claim they know the Bible and yet they judge that we understand that when you stand before a judge you admit or deny the claim and then your sentence is read. In God's court he tells you where you are short, explains to you how to fix it, and then the way you respond after he has spoken to you will determine your sentence. So this hour of judgement will be in love in which we will give you a space of time to repent. The next time it will be a judgement of rebuke. The next time after this will be a judgement of punishment, the last time and you may be out of here. And God doesn't care how old you are, how many children you have, or what prophecies someone may have spoken over you, he is looking for obedience. If you are not obedient it cancels your prophecies (just ask Moses). So please don't think because a prophet spoke it has to come to pass. Only through obedience to God does he work his word and then you have to be in the right position.

Which leads to the Elijah prophets. Their position in this end-time move is crucial and to turn a deaf ear, ignore, or not sit and learn from them automatically disqualifies you from your rightful place, for they speak from within the secret place. All end-time prophets do not automatically have this anointing, it must be taught or imparted from them or God directly because of the uniqueness and power associated with it and the spiritual authority that it carries, especially their authority to judge which is what we will deal with. Although we release the revelation in parts it will build the foundation from what we must establish. The Elijah prophets and those who are end-time vessels must know their gifts to the fullest. Anything less and they can be fooled and manipulated by false prophets who will try to ease their way in to partake of your anointing and thus a wounded or prideful prophet without deliverance will do more harm than good. Do not let your compassion for souls override the unction of the Holy Spirit. When God speaks for you to not do a thing there may be a demon pulling on your compassion and thus he enters your spiritual space. If you are not delivered and an Elijah prophet is trying to heal you that spirit may unction you and you think it’s the Holy Ghost; what do you do? Wait for the clear and sure voice of the lord and then and only then you proceed. The Elijah prophets are the very elect and thus they see directly out of the eyes of God and even though they are in human form because most of the remnant and bride are not moving God has sent angels in the form of humans with the Elijah anointing in this hour of loving judgment. Make sure that you don't think, say, or gossip about anything out of anger, ignorance, etc.. For you may be on your last judgement unknowingly and when they call for the fire your breath leaves you where you are standing.

The authority to judge is given to them to judge heavenly affairs because they operate in heaven and earth; they have the government of God on their shoulders. What is the government of God? Inside of heaven when or if you make it that far are 10 levels. At the end of this level sits the throne of David and he sits there. Once you pass David there are 5 seats (this is where you become a man after God's own heart). This is the first heaven. Once you pass this there are 10 levels; this is Jesus throne. After this are five thrones (this is where you have the Heart of the Father; this is the second heaven). Moving on you have 10 more levels, this is the Holy Spirit's throne and you have 5 thrones that are shaped in the form of eyes in strategic positions (the third heaven). After this you have 10 more levels, but 24 thrones in which your spiritual fathers/elders/coverings sit (this is a man of God), This is the fourth heaven. After this are 10 more levels and 5 thrones with one in the middle and two on each end. The larger one in the middle is God's and you turn and look at the base of his throne. It is where you only come up when he sits you in his lap and he shows and tells you the past, present, and future (a son of God). This is the secret place, right in the lap of the father. This is the authority that we who are called to judge the church as well as individuals but yet we judge out of the father's eyes in the flesh. Knowing the destruction that you will receive we suggest what you should do out of concern, we can tell you what you out to do out of compassion, and then we become quiet out of concern because you have sealed your own fate because of ignorance of spiritual authority. The 10 levels represent time, the 5 thrones represent grace, the 24 elders represent authority in heaven and earth (the government of God). You must understand that Jesus went to five judgement halls.

So what am I saying? A person in flesh can judge other people, ministries, gifts, callings, anointings if they are doing so out of the father's eyes and have the authority, knowledge, and the spirit of which to do it in. God is a God of order and if he doesn't or hasn't given you the order and nature of the structure of what he has called you to then you are operating illegally and it is now my job to find, warn, instruct, teach, and equip you and because of pride you don't accept us. We have the authority to look at the father and say “Daddy, they said who are we to tell them and then they said....” The fun part for me at least he already knows but for the sake of scripture it must come out of the mouth of babes because we have to sit in the lap of the father to talk and he hates it when his children are unhappy and people ridicule them. So yes, you may be young in ministry and don't know it all but to be a babe in the secret place speaks volumes of spiritual authority. hahahah

There is a person God is concerned with who is engulfed by the spirit of pride. She is wife by spirit, but a woman by nature. To articulate authority in the spirit you must understand that the Bible is condensed in earthly form for us as humans to read so in the spirit wife means wise-female and woman means wounded-man. She has to understand that she has been wounded by the nature of man and thus she is wounding the people whom God says he has left in her care. She must understand that she is not in her correct office which is that of an evangelist. In the spirit it reads in the book of life as even-angels-listen (evangelist is the condensed version). Because of your wounds, fear, rebellion, etc., you are speaking and releasing poison in the ears of the people he has selected for end-time work. You still speak and declare death over people because you have become intimidated by the words of my servant. We hear, see, and listen as one. Out of concern for you God says to humble yourself and seek the face of God for healing and direction. You cannot continue to say you are an end-time ministry and haven't received the anointing; you will not receive it with the spirit of pride devouring you. This is your second warning and with that since you like to predict instead of prophesy, because of your failure to repent for wounding the sheep and speaking evil against chosen vessels your anointing has been gone for 3 years and yet you to continue to deceive the people. You pride yourself on age and therefore, your judgment will be on age and according to the measure you put it out.

Hear ye the sentence of the Lord. You destroyed four vessels of grace sent to help you raise the fifth which you could not destroy because that was me the Lord inside. I watch you lie, tease, and shout, all while cursing my vessels with your spiritual mouth. You intimidate, manipulate, and drain my people dry, prophesying lies telling them it's to get the anointing inside. Since you like to predict, this is my message to you: There are four babes that you have. One will be pregnant in her teens; you will receive the punishment of kingdom for the sin that you committed for the first one. The next babe is dear and close to your heart. This is the one that will break your heart; consider yourself punished by my one and only son. The next one is sweet and it dare not lie, for he has been left you in 2008. He just asked me to release the revelation on this date to inform you your holy spirit has been gone when you started operating in manipulation and hate. You are on borrowed time and we are just waiting on your release date. Now this one is good, since you like to predict dates there are 24 elders which means you have 24 - seconds/minutes/days/hours/weeks/years? Well we will let you figure it out, but this is the authority that we have given the devil: authority over your house to destroy everything he has given you and then I will laugh because I will personally destroy your first-born for you trying to destroy mine. How dare you speak against a person that I hid inside? So you didn't lie and talk about him you did it to me, so now that you know how judgment goes and the authority that comes with it, because my son sits right here and we like how you respond this my last prophecy that you get from my mouth. When your last babe gets sick and you don't know the cause, don't worry about praying because my ears toward you are dead. Just blow like you usually do and see if it revives. If not, think of who you judge and pick up the phone. Gossip like you normally do until the name pops in your head, for that will be what you called for but are just to prideful to say. See if they can tell you how to help your babe; you know like you tell people about my son when you don't believe what he says? Scared now? I thought you see it my way, the fear of the Lord and you have never known me at all. You chase after money like a pig in a stall. The babe is giving you a space of time to repent and ask for help. Don't be prideful, he will be glad to teach you so you can learn. But if not and you fail to repent, for the last one that left your house in the spirit according to my call I will take the last one I brought in your house according to my call. And yes daughter we are talking to you.

Well my first judgment is out on the first Sunday and the firstfruits of the end-time so me and my daddy are going to relax. For we release this as a warning to an out-of-control person who is intimidated by a move of God where she thinks she controls the heavens but has no knowledge of it except in words. So to protect the integrity of God's plan she has to be warned according to the rules of spiritual warfare and the next time we hear her defaming a move of God she doesn't understand we will pay her a visit with no words, just eye contact and thus her time will be up. God states that he hates falsehoods in this season and I love my job to expose the hidden sins of the spirit.

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